New Captain’s Interview: Captain T’pen

New Captain’s Interview: Captain T’pen

As the fleet recently launched its newest captain, Captain T’Pen, on the new ship, the Challenger, many will be curious about the new captain.

Captain T’pen took the time from her busy schedule to talk with us. Who is this T’Pen, what is the ship, and what is the true meaning of Adn’ama? For the answers, read on. Commander Rhys Bejain: I’m talking today to the new appointed commanding officer of the USS Challenger. Thanks for meeting with us today, Captain T’Pen.

Captain T’Pen: Please call me Doc and it is agreeable to speak with you Commander Rhys.

Rhys: (Laughing) Fine, Doc it is. I guess in regard to the ship, we can reasonably ask, “What’s up, Doc?”

(T’Pen arches her left eyebrow)

T’Pen: Humour. Fascinating. The USS Challenger is a fine ship with a strong and able crew aboard her. She was launched on January 28, 2006, the 20th anniversary of her namesakes tragic destruction. Now it is our turn, aboard the USS Challenger, to set out among the stars. Our mission is to inspire, to teach and to learn. Our Motto, well you’ll find out about that soon enough…

The Crew, eight members at the present time, have been together through four ships. The USS Isannah, then the USS Steadfast, which saw a refit the middle of her tour, our temporary assignment aboard the Walton and now our permanent home aboard the Challenger. We

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