Monthly Ship Summary: Titan

During escort duty of cargo convoy to a remote outpost, Titan and her crew have been deterred by one ominous turn of events after another. It all begun with Astrometrics detecting unusual subspace anomalies forming directly on convoy’s course. A strange distress signal began to emanate from one of the anomalies. Captain Draigon decided to send an away team to investigate the vessel. Titan was struck with sudden power failure. With transporters down, away team departed in one of the shuttles. Ilic made decision to avoid docking with it.

The away team beamed in wearing full protection suits. Initial scans and exploration of the immediate ship’s area revealed nothing of interest, no sign of life anywhere. The command chamber was the site of the most gruesome death scene as mutilated corpses laid across the floor, consoles and chairs and everything being covered in reddish hue of dried blood. Counselor Skylar went into a full-blown panic attack. Lt. Ilic was forced to pull her out of the mission. The mutilated corpses turned out to belong to twelve officers of the USS FIRE FOX, a Starfleet science vessel which was destroyed in Hades Expanse three years ago. An alien entity was discovered trapped within the ship as well.

On Titan, the crew struggled to regain power. Chief Engineer Vorobijev determined that problem was in the computer system. However, Captain Draigon suspected this was more than just accidental technical issue. He was sure there were saboteurs on Titan, and he appointed newly arrived CTO Lt.Cmdr. Meanwhile, on derelict vessel’s bridge, Lt.Cmdr. T’Preen finally managed to access ship’s internal sensors. After detailed scans, she came across a faint life sign deep in the bowels of the ship. As Lt. Ilic was about to take his team to investigate, he received disturbing report from Ensign Donaldson, a Security Officer who escorted Skylar, informing him that Counselor attacked her escort and ran away screaming. Witnessing his away mission slipping into chaos, Ilic was left with no choice but to split his team once more.

However, the alien entity, which earlier trapped the Fire Fox’s crew, was still very present on derelict vessel and had plans of its own. It had taken special interest in Counselor Skylar. By communicating telepathically with it she learned that entity was once a part of the original crew of the derelict vessel, and that its consciousness somehow became bound in strange symbiotic relationship with the ship. The alien entity yearned to be freed of this bond. It asked Skylar to destroy this vessel, which imprisoned him, by activating ship’s self-destruct mechanism. As Skylar resisted and refused to help, sensing she was being lied to, entity confessed to be responsible for slaughter among the Fire Fox’s crew. Apparently, it tapped into their minds and activated their paranoid and aggressive impulses, and was now threatening to do the same to members of Titan’s away team. It led Skylar to the heart of the ship and forced her to activate the self-destruct sequence. As her hand touched the controls initiating the sequence, entity fulfilled the final stage of its plan of escape. As self-destruct alarm began to sound, entity crawled out of ship’s computer core and occupied Skylar’s mind, sending her into a neural shock in the process. With communications and sensors finally restored, Titan’s crew hails the convoy ships. They receive nothing but static as a response.

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