Monthly Ship Summary: Ops

Monthly Ship Summary: Ops

After the engineering staff worked extremely long hours, the Discovery launched on time and headed out to the Camelot system to undertake a planetary survey mission with particular interest in large deposits of rare resources. Without having time to complete the repairs to the ship, the trip out to the system was interesting for the crew who had to contest with a number of minor system failures.

Due to considerable interference from an unusual storm front, the crew was forced to consider undertaking the survey by beaming down. To this end the vast majority of the crew were mobilized and equipped to take part in the mission while leaving only a skeleton crew on the Discovery. For this reason the CO was to lead one of the away teams.

Before the beam down was authorized, Lt.Commander Garret, Lieutenant’s Collim and Iswarya investigated whether it would be safe for the crew to beam down through the storm. After a number of successful tests, the go ahead were given, however, during transport, something went wrong, and the crew found themselves in waking up in a medieval era world with no sign of the technology that they had beamed down with and no initial memories of their past lives.

Commander McCall awoke as the Lord of the Manor, whose sole purpose in life was to bring misery and hardship to the people of the kingdom. Other members of the crew found themselves in such diverse jobs as a healer in an abbey, a thief, a dancer and a blacksmith to name a few.

While going about they lives they had to put up with, the constant harassment of the Lord’s soldiers and taxes as well as the hardships of ordinary life in the medieval time. With time, brief memories of their past lives were recovered. Also with this time comes the plotting and planning of the Landlord’s wife in an effort to remove the Lord from power. Slowly but surely the plotting begins to draw in other members of the senior staff as well as the ordinary people of the kingdom. A bloody civil war was now on the cards.

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