Monthly Ship Summary: Operations

Monthly Ship Summary: Operations

The crew’s attention initially focused on the large anomaly which had been approached the StarBase. This anomaly, which has come to be known as “Ares”, engulfed the StarBase as he continued on it’s course. After the initial contact with the anomaly, events on the StarBase seemed to calm down as the Science department continued their analysis.

Elsewhere on the StarBase, the fugitive Zero struck out at the senior staff, first by posing as Lt. Redstone to attack and incapacitate Commander Waltas. Using the Waltas’ form and combadge, Zero gave unnecessary orders that moved the StarBase’s security and engineers from their key assignments before attempting to have the anomaly destroy a shuttle which Lt. Iswarya was on by ordering her to go deeper in to the anomaly.

These events caused Lt. Commander Garrett and Lt. Redstone to head to Commander Waltas’ office to get answers for the reassignment of their staff. Zero stuck out and captured Redstone using the form of Commander Waltas.

Redstone’s disappearance raised concerns in Security and Ensign D’Onofrio set about investigating. Ensign Anestri discovered the real Commander Waltas and set about healing his injuries. Zero, in the form of Redstone, the attacked Lt. Commander Garrett which eventually lead to Waltas being confronted in Sickbay by the Chief Engineer and the Chief Science officer. A confused Commander Waltas had no idea what they were referring to and quickly left Sickbay.

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