Monthly Ship Summary: Aurora

The newly commissioned Aurora set sail from Starbase 118 on its shakedown cruise with the simple purpose of evaluating the ship and making her mission ready. Within hours of her departure, Starfleet sent orders for the new ship and crew to investigate the loss of contact with the scientific survey team on Calaban II. The survey team was a standard duck blind operation, observing the pre-warp society of the system. The last report stated that two members had gone missing. The message was cut short, and attempts to reestablish the connection found only static. Aurora arrived in the system and while hiding behind the moon, took reading via a probe. No life signs could be detected from within the blind. Two teams were prepared and a late night transport put them on the planet. LtCmdr Beta’s team was ordered to evaluate the blind, reestablish communications and recover data from her computers. LtCmdr Solan’s team was disguised as natives and ordered to locate the missing survey team.