From Lower Decks: Ltjg Joran Tavex

Today, we talk to Ltjg Joran Tavex from the USS Wallace. If you’ve ever thought of what it’s like to sim a Trill, read on…

Rhys Bejain: How did you become interested in Star Trek?

Joran Tavex: I’ve *always* been interested in it. I just didn’t become a Trekkie until the summer before fifth grade.

RB: Gargh! A Trekkie. I hate that label! To me it conjures up images of people who own star trek uniforms and pointed ears. I’ve always told my friends that they have permission to shoot me if I ever don a Star Trek uniform. (Apologies to any in the group who *do* own uniforms and pointed ears 😉 ). What defines “Trekkie” for you?

JT: That I’m just plain obsessed with it. : )

RB: How did you find out about UFoP?

JT: I was looking for specs on a starship class, I found a page about it (good info might I add), to the left of the screen there was a toolbar one of the options was “JOIN”, I clicked on it, and the rest is history. Though, sadly, I later found out that the ship was decommissioned.

RB: How long ago was that? What was the ship, do you remember?

JT: It was a year or so ago. I’ve looked, but I can’t find the ship…maybe it was on another website and that started me looking for ST RPGs…? Oh, well, at least I found SB 118. : )

RB: Tell me about Tavex.

JT: Tavex is a 368 year old symbiont, housed by the host: Joran Brelkor. Joran Tavex is a counselor aboard the starship Wallace . Though, when I originally created him, which was almost on the spot, he was a science officer.

RB: Do you find it hard simming for a character who is older than you by three centuries? There is, after all, a lot more to simming a Trill than simply keeping track of who their previous hosts were. How do you make simming like that believable?

JT: It’s hard and I’m not even sure if I make it believable. Right now I don’t really mention any of the past hosts in my SIMs.

RB: Why did you decide to make Tavex as he is?

JT: I first started to make him like me, but recently I have done some changing (mostly superficial). His personality has changed a little. I have started SIMming him more reserved and serious, less sarcastic and “WHAAA”. Not that his personality was bad, but just that it wasn’t befitting of a Starfleet Officer.

RB: Unbecoming a Starfleet Officer. Hmmm… give me some examples.

JT: Maybe not quite “unbecoming”, but I played him arrogant at first. Right now I’m in the process of making him more less of an extrovert.

RB: What were your initial impressions of the Wallace?

JT: I loved her from the start. She has a wonderful crew and her design is wonderful. I couldn’t ask for a better assignment. I’ve even made a new best friend (IC and OOC), along with many other good ones.

RB: I’ve gotten to know Captain Kare’en of the Wallace fairly well over the years. Well, as well as one can living on other sides of the world. What’s the command style of Kare’en and Devar. (Don’t worry, I’m sure they won’t read this!)

JT: They run the ship with understanding, kindness, and firmness. The best way anyone can. : )

RB: What’s happening on board now?

JT: Promotions, leave, and a Famous Kirov Party. But, I do look forward to the next mission.

RB: Is there one mission that’s stood out for you as very special? What was it about that mission?

JT: It would have to be my first mission, when we were going to DS17 for the first time. We met a Dyson’s Sphere, a Gorn ship, and some entities that we have no idea what they were.

RB: What advice would you give a new ensign arriving on a new ship?

JT: Not to focus on promotion, but to focus on bettering his or her character, SIMming technique, and to just enjoy himself!

RB: What are your future plans for Tavex?

JT: Currently Joran is involved with a Medical Technician aboard DS17, though they say they are just friends and they may just stay friends…Who knows? ; ). His zhian’tara is coming up soon which will show more of his past, I intend to show more of his past/personal life in my SIMming, and just to grow him as a character. I am hoping that being counselor will give him the opportunities he needs to do the latter.

RB: Is the technician a PC or an NPC?

JT: Well, she is an NPC that I play.

RB: Choose three words to sum up Joran Tavex’s approach to life, Starfleet and the universe.

JT: Enthusiastically, Cautiously, and Openly

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