Dear Doctor: Delusional Paranoia!

Question: We have an officer suffering from mental disorientation in the form of delusional paranoia and hallucinations. What is the best way to deal with this situation? Answer: An interesting predictament. Treatment should be done in stages of course. You should begin by treating the symptoms you mentioned. Merfadon or Rexlin can be used as a general Sedative. This will render the patient calm and make further medical investigation safer for yourself and the patient. Depending on how agitated the individual had been before treatment, isolation may also be recommended.

Now on to the possibly more sinister stage. It is of the utmost importance to determine the cause of the condition. It could be of a biological nature, either drugs, poison, or hormonal. It could be psycological in nature as well. A complete family history will aid in determining the cause.

Once the final determination is made as to the cause the final treatment can begin. It may be as simple as removing the individual from a specific area which is affecting them. Or it could be as extreme as long-term medical care and hospitalization.

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