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SDC Spotlight: The Zora Fel

“Glory in your enemies strength. It makes victory even sweeter.” – a Zora Fel proverb.

The Zora Fel are a species of unusual contradictions. The men are all warriors who exist for battle and conflict, living in harsh, spartan barracks outside of their communities while the females live apart inside their communities with all the comforts of modern living. They were one of the first species to fight the Klingons and for 86 years their war raged across their section of the Beta Quadrant. Finally they were defeated, driven almost to oblivion. It has taken them almost 200 years but they did it. Rebuilt all that they lost and they even gained glory during the Dominion War fighting as elite infantry for the Klingons. Now they survive as a subjugated people, still thirsting for glory and maybe even revenge.

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