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March for the USS Discovery-C

Discovery ThumbnailWhile securing a mysterious Preserver device in an abandoned weapons facility on Vador III, the crew of the Discovery is ambushed by the Breen, who steal the device. Apparently the device is one of two that has the ability to transport anything and anyone to any point in space and time in the universe, the other being on Discovery. Once used together, this potential temporal weapon will only spell the end of civilization as we know it. The Discovery’s paramount responsibility is to prevent the weapon being exploited by the enemy. After a brief skirmish, they follow the lead to the Breen homeworld, where they engage the enemy, taking heavy casualties and sustaining irreparable damage to the ship. When they are boarded by Breen soldiers, Lt. Cmdr. Blueheart orders the crew to abandon ship and initiates the self-destruct sequence!
Just then, the USS Discovery-F, led by Admiral Waltas and the survivors of the Discovery-C thawed back to life, arrives on the scene from the year 2576. The present-day crew learn that the temporal weapon had corrupted the timeline, causing the Discovery to be destroyed and crashed on the Breen planet, and Starfleet to become a socialist military state. The future crew had returned back in time to restore the timeline and save the crew from their tragic fate. Since time has been altered, all the crew has to remember the heroic rescue is a green crystal around Captain Waltas’s neck, which they will soon discover contains messages from their future selves.

October Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

After the heroic rescue of Captain Waltas, two other Starfleet officers, and Major Collim Denari of the Bajoran Intelligence from the evil clutches of the ruthless smuggler Rambling Rose and her nefarious thugs, the Discovery handed the crooks over to the Iotian authorities. During the stopover at Iotia, the Discovery also detected the emergency beacon of the downed shuttle D’ona, which was carrying Lt JG Tian and CPO Risette, and they were rescued from the frozen polar wasteland. Unfortunately, chief of security Lieutenant Nickels and his pet clee were critically injured and rendered comatose following the smugglers’ terrorist attacks on Iotia.

The Discovery is currently docked at Deep Space 285 for a refit and a well-deserved respite for the frazzled crew, while waiting for their next mission assignment. Many officers are dealing with inter- and intrapersonal conflicts, a few among them even desperately battling the demons inside them. Meanwhile, Captain Waltas has surprised the crew with an unprecedented shipwide inspection.

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September Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

While at Sigma Iotia II for shore leave as well as to assist Lt Nickels whose family has gotten itself in trouble with a band of ruthless smugglers, Captain Waltas was kidnapped, along with helms officer Lt JG Jorus Cogud and Ensign Amy Young, by the head of the smugglers, the nefarious Rambling Rose, aboard her vessel The Rover. Shore leave was immediately canceled and the crew recalled. The Discovery is currently in search of The Rover and is being aided by a Romulan warbird, the Q’kaleh, whose cloaking device was stolen by the smugglers and being used to elude her pursuers. While on The Rover, Captain Waltas and the two officers managed to escape their cells and are currently seeking a way to contact the Discovery undetected.

Meanwhile, Intel is still secretly searching for the tricorder inadvertently left behind by Dr Leonard McCoy in the 23rd century when the Enterprise encountered the pre-warp civilization of Sigma Iotia II. The tricorder contains sensitive information that could threaten the stability of the entire Federation.

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August Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The crew of the Discovery is officially on shore leave on Sigma Iotia II, where new crew relationships are being forged while old ones reinforced. Most of the crew is down on the planet exploring various regions; while some preferred visiting the Living Museum districts to immerse themselves in historical culture, others opted for more outdoorsy experience. Some senior officers even took to exorcising personal demons through less-than-admirable indulgences. However, the crew may be in for a surprise because lieutenant Nickels’ family situation involving illegal smuggling is about to entangle them when Captain Waltas is accosted by a ruthless smuggler in a bar.

Meanwhile, Intel is under a secret assignment from Starfleet to retrieve the tricorder inadvertently left behind by Dr Leonard McCoy in the 23rd century when the Enterprise encountered the pre-warp civilization of Sigma Iotia II. The tricorder contains sensitive information that could threaten the stability of the entire Federation.

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July Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

After uncovering the truth behind the bio weapon, the crew laid the body of the serial killer-turned-hero to rest, as they fired Zero’s body into the a star, ensuring that no one could ever use his biological makeup to create such a weapon again. The crew returned to DS-285 for a long-awaited shore leave, and the younger members of the crew chose to have a “night out” with plenty of alcohol and a bar fight to keep them busy. Captain Waltas, his heart heavy from his wife’s desertion, battled his own demons and resorted to the bottle as well, his indiscretions becoming the talk of the ship.

Lieutenant Nickels dealt with problems at home and approached Waltas for a way out, and the Ba’ku obliged by sending the Discovery on shore leave to Sigma Iotia II, allowing Nickels to deal with his personal issues and the crew to have a long-deserved vacation. Beginning their journey, most of the crews’ thoughts turned inward, each dealing with personal issues or relationships. Commander Valdivia and Ensign Frye are working on a prototype shuttle to replace the lost Romulan Scout nicknamed “Ace”, and no one knows what awaits them in the anachronistic culture that comprises Sigma Iotia II.

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June Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The crew finally dispelled the cloak of deception surrounding Commander Hawke, and his participation in the development and testing of a horrible bio-weapon that had actually caused the plague they were investigating. When Hawke escaped confinement using his telepathic powers and an amplification device, he was hunted down by none other than the serial killer Zero, whom Hawke had loosed on the Discovery to kill Captain Waltas and keep the Discovery crew off his trail. Remembering Hawke as one of the scientists who created him and tortured him, Zero recalled his past; how he had been developed and conditioned to be used as a weapon and, when that failed, his biology used to develop the bio-weapon.

Zero, Captain Waltas and Ensign Nickels tracked down Hawke and cornered him. With another telepathic wave Hawke was able to disable Waltas and Nickels, but Zero, in a final, heroic act, leaped in front of the phaser blast intended to kill the Captain, giving Nickels time to “go to bat” on Hawke’s body and eliminate him. The crew, still shaken but having rescued the USS Achilles, has returned to DS-285 for a long-needed rest and relaxation, and some promotions as well. Still, questions remain-how deep does the rabbit-hole go, and who knew about the bio-weapon?

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May Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The Achilles has disappeared without a trace. Their last transmission contained all of their data on the plague, showing a strange ability to adapt to all known treatments. Putting two and two together, the scientists have determined that the only person with the antibodies to develop a cure is the same person that has threatened the Discovery’s crew. In a bizarre and questionable decision, JAG has decided to allow Waltas one chance to make things right – he must convince Zero to help them end the plague, and in the meantime contain the plague and rescue the Achilles if possible. The Chief Tactical Officer, Commander Mitchell, crashed onto the surface of Vendra-3, where the Achilles is marooned, after encountering atmospheric disturbances, and was rescued by the remaining crew of the Achilles. Unfortunately, Mitchell is now infected with the plague virus.

The Discovery is still trying to establish contact with the Achilles and Mitchell. Meanwhile, Zero managed to escape and is now confronting the Captain on Deck 14 for a serious discussion. To complicate things even further, the plague virus has been detected within the transporter buffers of the Discovery and randomly infects those who use the transporters; at least two officers have been confirmed to have the plague.

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April Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The Discovery-C has been dispatched on a mission to search for the missing USS Achilles. The Achilles was on a research mission to Vendra 3 to study a plague outbreak and disappeared during the mission.  Commander Mitchell re-assumed his former post as Chief Tactical Officer, and has been working closely with Lt Rogg to modify a shuttle to survive in the dense atmosphere of Vendra 3.

Meanwhile, the Discovery has also taken aboard a JAG officer, and his special cargo. His special cargo is the comatose serial killer know to the Discovery crew as Zero. Zero had been left on a dead world by the crew of the Discovery years ago after his last attempt on the crew, especially the Captain. During the time the Discovery had been trapped in a Dyson Sphere, Zero had been found by the USS Valiant. Now tests have found Zero’s DNA to have a possible cure for the plague being studied by the Achilles.

The ship is to find the missing Achilles, while convincing Zero if he awakens, to help them in curing the plague.

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January Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

USS ChallengerDiscovery remains trapped within the Dyson Sphere. With Eriksen, the former Captain of the USS Melbourne, now in custody in Discovery’s brig, pending court martial, the crew of the Discovery begins to run food and medical supplies to other ships prioritized by greatest need. Meetings provide data accumulated over years by other crews and slowly, the crew begins to put together a picture of what’s going on.

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