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March Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

With the Freighter Tenacity held tightly in the containment sphere of the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A, and its crew locked tight in the Brig, the crew of the Darwin was free to investigate and get to the bottom of the allegations of their illegal cargo contents. With the away teams on-board the Tenacity, it didn’t take long to bring down the suspicious containment field to discover a concerning amount of Federation Weaponry in their cargo hold. Amongst the Federation weaponry was a vast quantity of a clear liquid, its contents unknown to the crew.

Meanwhile on the Darwin, Captain Reinard and his team questioned the Captain and the First Officer in an attempt to discern the contents of their Cargo and their intended destination. Conversations all but stalled until Lieutenant Commander Thomas’ team returned to provide evidence of the weapons and the mysterious clear substance found in their holds.

All the while Lieutenant Commander James and his team worked diligently on ascertaining the qualities of the Clear Liquid. Unbeknownst to them they were about to get a live specimen of the drug in the form of the Captain. As the interview spiraled out of control the Captain was infected with the mysterious liquid sending him into a rage. As the crew confined him to sickbay a communication from a Tellarite man was intercepted on its way for the freighter. Seemingly angry with their late delivery, the Bridge team worked quickly to attempt to discover his location and perhaps his purpose.

A Moment with Commander Reinard

After rounding up a bushel of awards at the 2013 ceremony Commander Greir Reinard is also commanding a brand new vessel in the fleet, the Horizon class USS Darwin-A. Lets see what we can learn from the following interview conducted by Newsies Reporter, and Darwin crewmember, Jansen Orrey.

Jansen: First off Congratulations on the Awards.

Greir: Thanks very much!

Jansen: So what made you choose the Horizon class as your ship?

Greir: I wanted to use a class of ship that wasn’t currently being used in the fleet. I’ve never been massively into combat oriented missions; I prefer science, exploration and poking my nose in where it doesn’t belong. The Horizon class appealed to me because it has a very distinct look and the spherical containment section is quite different to almost all other classes of ship. I thought we could have a lot of fun with it and that it would add something distinctive and unique to the fleet.

Jansen: How does it feel to be the winner of the Top Sim contest for 2013?

Greir: It’s feels pretty great! It’s the second time I’ve won the top sim competition and I couldn’t be more proud. The sim was part of one of Greir’s major plot arcs for the year, Ed and I really enjoyed writing it. There was some pretty difficult and tense moments in there and we wanted to get it just right. I’m just really pleased that so many other people in the fleet read it and enjoyed it – that’s the best reward of all as far as I’m concerned.
Jansen: Let’s talk about Grier for a moment. What makes Grier so unique of a character to write for?

Greir: One of the most unique features about him is his fielding ability, which allows him to sense all manner of energy. It’s a sense no other species has and I’ve had a lot of fun exploring it. He’s great because he has a lot of personality. Before I started writing for him I did a lot of research about the Laudeans and their home planet Til’Ahn/Duronis II. Because I had a strong backstory for him and had an opportunity shortly after starting writing for him to do some great character development with him I was able to create a much richer character than I’d ever done previously. He has certain characteristics which work in his favor in some circumstances but which can hold him back in others.

Jansen: Grier has also had a meteoric rise to this current stop on his career path based on your own hard work. Can you talk a bit about what you most enjoy about working Out Of Character within the fleet?

Greir: What I like about doing OOC work is that it’s my opportunity to give something back. I’ve had a lot more fun playing this game than many MMORPG’s which I’ve subscribed to. I’ve met a lot of really great people and made a lot of friends. I want the group to continue being as successful and I want everyone else to have as much fun here as I do – so I roll up my sleeves and help! Not only that, but helping with different groups and projects lets me meet even more people from around the fleet that I maybe don’t get to write with regularly.

Jansen: Part of that was evidence by your Rising Star award. Much of which shows your fellow members faith and trust in you as a leader. How does it feel to receive that award?

Greir: I couldn’t be happier really. It’s a real honour to receive that award.

Jansen: You also received, The Order of the Valiant Heart, The Strange Medallion, and The Locutus Award. What drives you as a writer?

Greir: I’m always looking for ways to improve as a writer. I think that there’s always more to learn whether you’ve been writing for weeks or years. Other than that it’s the characters. I really enjoy writing for my different characters, particularly Greir and I usually have some idea or concept I want to explore with them. I also love getting to know the other characters in the fleet and seeing how they’re similar or different to mine, finding out how they interact with others and deal with events eyc.

Jansen: Can you give us some outlook into the future? Both for Greir and yourself within the fleet?

Greir: I want to carry on giving it my best really. As for Greir, I have plenty of ideas and plans for him in the works. no spoilers though. You’ll have to read along to find out what’s in store for him.

Jansen: And tell us a little about your experience within our group so far.

Grier: It’s been a very positive experience. I’ve really enjoyed all the adventures and developing my writing ability. I love that i’ve got to the point where I feel able to pass on what I’ve learned in the last two years to others. I’ve developed leadership ability too but by far the best thing about this groups is the people. I’ve met so many great people and made many friends, so I couldn’t be happier.

Jansen: Thank you very much taking the time to talk with me today.

Grier: No problem. It’s great to talk to you too.

February Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

With the planet of Talvath armed with the tools they needed to begin their restoration, the crew of the USS Darwin, NCC 99312-A headed to Deep Space 6 for some much needed rest and relaxation. Wasting zero time of their first shore leave together they began forging strong social and professional relationships right up until the Commander signalled an official end to shore leave.

As the Darwin prepared to leave, Commander Reinard presented the crew with service ribbons and promotions for the excellent work on the last mission. As the crew dispersed, Captain Hallum briefed Commander Reinard about the suspected contents of the just departed Freighter Tenacity. Armed with the knowledge that this Freighter was believed to be carrying weapons illegally the Darwin set out from Deep Space 6 at high warp.

Working diligently the crew of the Darwin successfully followed the path left by Tenacity despite the freighters attempts to shake them. Shrugging off the dated weaponry on the Tenacity, the crew disabled and brought the Freighter into the Containment sphere to hold, pending their investigation.

As away teams beamed over to the contained Freighter the task of trawling through the the contents of the Freighter became a quick priority. Back on the Darwin, Commander Reinard and his team began to ask questions of the two Laudean officers, accused by Deep Space 6 of transporting weapons illegally. Their claims to innocence were soon to be tested as the away team begins to uncover the true nature of their cargo.

January Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

The crew of the newly commissioned USS Darwin NCC99312-A have hit the ground running answering a distress call to the planet Talvath on the outskirts of the Romulan Empire. Prior to their arrival a freighter suffering a catastrophic explosion deposited a large amount of toxic Trilithium Resin into the atmosphere. Responding to the emergent situation Commander Greir Reinard dispatches away teams led by Lt Commander Kael Thomas to get to the surface and provide humanitarian aid to the already suffering Romulan residents.

On the Surface Ensign Taybrim and Lieutenant James worked quickly to restore water supply to the colony while Lt Commander Malcolm and her team did their best to heal the wounded and bring order to the chaos at the local Triage site. Carrying a few injuries the teams headed back to the Darwin.

Arriving on the Darwin they found Commander Reinard’s team aboard the Darwin had worked to remove the Trilithium Resin using the unique qualities of the containment sphere attached to the forward section of their ship. With some clever piloting from Lt Kaitlyn Falcon the team were able to successfully start removing the resin from the atmosphere and keep it contained in the sphere.

Meanwhile, unbeknown to the crew Governor D’Nal’s entourage took down several security officers and attempted to take the Darwin by force. With their plan thwarted and placed in the Brig the Governor must convince the crew that he is innocent of blame in order to get his people the help they need.

December Plot Summary for the USS Darwin

The crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A had to quickly assemble for an early departure because StarFleet Command needed them to respond to a distress call from D’Nal Hheinia, the Governor of the Romulan World Talvath.

A Nybarite freighter collecting a dilithium shipment from the planet had a fatal and unexpected malfunction in the warp core sending it plummeting into the planet’s atmosphere. The resulting explosion showered the populace with debris and caused massive damage to one of their largest population centres.

Emergency response agencies and government officials on Talvath realised that trilithium resin was dispersing through the atmosphere from the freighter’s badly kept engines. The chemical is lethal to humanoids and colony leaders quickly realised that the resin would mean the end of all life on Talvath; it would have spread too far before an evacuation attempt could be mounted and they did not have the means or resources to scrub the resin from the air in time!

The crew of the USS Darwin are tasked with finding a way to avert a planetary holocaust while keeping their eyes peeled for trouble of misdirection by the Romulans. As if the planet wide disaster wasn’t a big enough concern on its own, the crew are aware that success or failure here could have far reaching consequences and either sway or deter other Romulan colonies from joining the Federation.

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