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Top Sims Contest Update

The Top Sims Contest continues to showcase some of the great sims written by our group. But your crewmates can’t get the recognition they deserve without your help. They need you to nominate their sims for the contest.  All it takes is a few easy steps:

  1. Visit the Top Sims Contest page.
  2. Check the calendar to confirm the round.
  3. Copy and paste the sim into the message field and submit.

And while you’re out there, be sure to congratulate the winners of the previous rounds:

  • Round 13: Captain Diego Herrera, “Super Brother
  • Round 14: LtCol Whale & LtCmdr Weston, “Namesake
  • Round 15: Captain Tyr Waltas, “Lost Time

These sims, and more, will all be going on to the third run-off round in August. So get out there and nominate today.

Top Sims Contest Run-off Round 2

The second Run-off Round of the Top Sims Contest is now open. This is an open poll, all members are eligible to vote, and your votes will determine which of the six sims will go on to the final round of the Top Sims Contest at the end of the year.

So head over the Top Sims Contest and vote today.

And while you’re at it, be sure to congratulate the winners of the previous rounds:

Round 9: LtCmdr Jalana Laxyn and Commander Tal Tel-ar (USS Apollo)

Round 10: LtCmdr Ethan Brice (USS Apollo)

Rounds 11 and 12: LtCmdr Katy Orman (Starbase 118 Ops)

Vote for the Top Sim of the Year Today

Top Sims LogoThroughout the year this year, the best sims, as submitted by you, have gone through various judging rounds and have been voted on. Now, at the end of the year, we are down to the top three sims from the entire fleet. Now, we ask you one more time to head over to the Top Sims contest thread to put in your final vote.

With only three sims to read over and judge, the task is simple, and you get the added bonus of being able to walk away having read the communities chosen ‘best of the best’. Each of the sims are out of this world, and they only take a few minutes to read.

This time of year and this event only happens once every twelve months! Be a part of Starbase 118 history and help choose the very best Top Sim for the year of 2012 by casting your vote here today!

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