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Officer’s Guide: I Want to Feel It

What we write here at UFOP:SB118 is by and large fiction. Works of creative fiction are what move and motor our past, present and future, and keeps us all interested in the creative writing process as a whole. There are times however, when you may realize that the spark that was once there may not be anymore.  We need to feel just where your character comes from.That’s right. The key to reigniting that spark is that, as readers, we all want to… feel

Even from the time you filled out your application with the community, you’ve been drilled on character creation, and the importance of being able to create a plausible and detailed work of fiction, mostly because it’s going to be the basis for everything you do during your tour of duty. The character you create is the avatar in which your ideas come to life, the vessel that brings your creative writing to print. This is where you begin to learn about one of the first lessons in this line of work… separation between real life (RL), and in character (IC).

Officer’s Guide: Top Sims Contest for Beginners

This week’s topic is on the Top Sims Contest, what it takes to win, and how to go about doing that. While the “Writing Challenge” is more of a personal contest, the “Top Sim Contest” shows pride in your ship and it’s writers, She’ll start with some Submission Guidelines to get you started.

Quick Tips

  1. You can submit ANY sim from your ship, or another ship. All sims are welcome, including command staff (Captain, First Officer, etc.) sims.
  2. Please find a balance between nominating too few, or too many. Don’t submit every good sim — instead, post every great sim!
  3. Also encourage your fellow crewmates to submit at least a few sims a year. If you want your crew-mates to win more often, you have to nominate the best sims, and encourage others to write higher quality sims.

It’s well said and understandable, but I still wasn’t sure what to think about how to choose properly, and it made me ask around. My first choice was Captain Kalianna Nicholotti; I wanted to see what her thoughts were in this matter in regards to a more personal approach.

  • “The Apollo, a lot of the time, is a great example. Top Sims shouldn’t be just dialogue; they should show deep into the event or the characters in the sim allowing the readers to really ‘feel’ what’s going on. Usually the sims I submit get an emotional response from me when I read them. Like a part in a book that is so good you want to laugh/cry/cheer/get mad/etc at the characters.”

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