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Captain Steve Lee McCall Retires!

There rarely comes a time when we can look at an officer that has been with the fleet for over a decade.  The name Steve Lee McCall has been on a roster for well over 10 years.  He had the privilege of serving on multiple vessels during his time with the fleet.  He spent most of his time with the USS Discovery and all of  her namesakes.  After a very distinguished career, Captain McCall has decided to retire.  He helped pave the way for what Starbase 118 would become, just as every past command officer and member has.  While we wish him all the luck in his future endeavors, he will be missed.  Captain McCall has served alongside another longtime member for years, Captain Tyr Waltas.  Of everyone in the fleet, Captain Waltas knew McCall, and his writer Rob, the best.  As Captain McCall drifts off into the sunset, we leave you with the words of Captain Tyr Waltas…