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Stardate Now!: Lieutenant Dueld taJoot

::Stardate Now!’s music is familiar as it plays just before the darkness fades. Colour splashes across the background and a pair of chairs – one purple, one red – add to the rainbow. Danica has taken up the violet while her outfit of neon green contrasts sharply with the furniture. A smile is plastered over her brilliant pink lips and her mouth parts as she speaks with her eyes pointed at the camera while eases in for a close up.::

DANICA: Good evening and welcome to Stardate Now! I’m your host, Danica Galaxie. This evening we have with us Lieutenant Dueld taJoot of the USS Vigilant.

Stardate Now! – Kali Nicholotti

::Stardate Now!’s music plays and the scene brightens to reveal not a man and a woman, but two women this time. The chairs have changed colour – one is now purple, the other green. Danica alights in the purple one while another woman in Starfleet uniform occupies the other.::

DANICA: Good evening, and welcome to Stardate Now! I’m your host Danica Galaxie.

::Lips painted neon pink stretch into a smile::

DANICA: To some it can seem like a man’s world, but for women like Kali Nicholotti, that’s never been able to stop her. ::She turns to her guest.:: Good evening and welcome to Stardate Now!

NICHOLOTTI: ::Smiling and nodding.:: Thank you for having me.

DANICA: It’s often the first question I ask my guests, but I find it an important and usually a very interesting one. What drew you to join Starfleet?

Stardate Now! – Diego Herrera

::The music begins and the blackness fades into colour. A galaxy
splashes across behind the two people seated in chairs. The colours
have changed, one red, the other blue with Danice seated in the crimson
chair. Her eyes stay forward as the scene comes into full focus and her
chin lifts just before she speaks.::

DANICA: Good evening and welcome to Stardate Now! – I’m your host,
Danica Galaxie.

Stardate Now! : Tato Zeme

::Music plays and the dark screen brightens to review a well lit room decorated with orange and yellow furniture. A backdrop of stars and galaxies stretch across the wall behind the two people who sit in the two chairs – a female in the orange chair and a man in the yellow one. Both of them sit facing the screen. The woman, tall with dark hair cropped to her shoulders smiles, her lips painted red and and a wispy dress of blue covering her frame.::

DANICA: Good evening and welcome to “Stardate Now” – I’m your host, Danica Galaxie. For our guest today, we have Tato Zeme, Chief of Security and Tactical on the USS Mercury.

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