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A New Direction for Trek: Renegades

How often do you sit and wonder what it would be like to have a new Star Trek series to watch and enjoy? If you’re like most Trek fans, then you’ve been asking for one for a while now. Various fan-made series have come, and gone, mostly based on funding, but now there’s something new on the scene. A groups of ‘Renegades’ is planning something new in the realm of Television; a professional episode, filmed and edited as a presentation to CBS, the owners of the franchise, as a pitch for a new online or cable series.

This isn’t your typical fan made series either! Consider the impact that some of the Star Trek heavies could have, if given the chance, to mold the future of Star Trek in general. Well, that’s exactly what the Renegades are planning; directed by Trek veteran Tim Russ, and staring familiar names like Walter Koenig, Robert Picardo, and Garrett Wang, fans can expect loyalty and dedication to all that has come before. This truly looks to be a real possibility for the next direction Trek takes on TV.

But the success of Star Trek: Renegades depends on the fans like you. Head on over to their Indiegogo page to learn more about what they are raising money for, and what kind of rewards you can get for helping out.