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To Play Or Not To Play

Years ago I had the the opportunity to buy a lifetime edition of Star Trek Online for a really good price. When I first bought it, I played it quite often and enjoyed it quite a bit. However, over time, I began to tire of the same missions over and over again just to gain experience, or get a new ship, or unlock a uniform or whatever. As time went on I just used Star Trek Online to take in-game images.

The last time I played Star Trek Online was about two and a half years ago. About a year ago, I bought a new computer and still have not gotten around to installing it on the new machine, but once in awhile, I do visit their forums to see what new and exciting things are going on there. So that brings us to this week’s question here at the Poll of the Week, and it is a simple one. Do you play Star Trek Online? If so, what new things are happening in game that those who have not played in awhile, or those who have never played, should be made aware of? If no, why not? We here at the Poll of the Week are eager to learn of your gaming experiences, so head on down to the polls and let us know about your gaming experience with Star Trek Online!

Star Trek Online: Regent-Class Assault Crusier

The Regent class is one of the newest class of starships that has been added to Star Trek Online. Here is a history with the advancements of this new ship of the line.

The Sovereign class’s first major engagement was the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373, when the U.S.S. Enterprise-E led the fight against a Borg invasion near earth. The Sovereign soon became the standard for which all assault cruisers were measured. Now this hallmark ship class gets a upgrade and sets a new standard — the Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class.

The Regent Class comes equipped with a Metreon Gas Canisters Console Mod. Metreon Gas is highly unstable, but when properly stored it can be safely replicated and transported. This Console Mod allows you to vent the gas from your Bussard Collectors and ignite it at will. The resulting explosions can be extremely devastating. This Console Mod can be equipped in any console slot. It may only be equipped on Sovereign variants, including the Assault Cruiser and Assault Cruiser Refit.

The Assault Cruiser Refit: Regent Class also comes with a Wide Angle Quantum Torpedo Launcher. This torpedo launcher has been upgraded with a Wide Angle targeting system that allows the torpedo to lock onto targets that would normally be outside of standard firing arcs, providing a 180-degree targeting arc. This launcher can be equipped on any starship, but you may only equip one.

The Assault Cruiser Refit configuration includes the Regent, Sovereign, Noble and Majestic classes.

The Borg Defera Ground Invasion, Part One

The newest event in Star Trek Online involves the Borg ground assault in the Defera system. The situation is desperate: You and your fellow Starfleet officers have been called to defend the planet from the Federation’s most fearsome enemy.

The defense “event” runs for four hours, and begins with your transport down to Defera Prime. There are two possible theaters of engagement, the wide zone and the set zone. The wide zone is really a large, involved battle to defend the main city. You, of course, will get points and rewards for the successful defense, and if you are at level cap, the rewards are particles that can be used to craft new weapons. For those that are still building you get the points and the crafting particles. 

First Contact Day

Thursday, April 5th is the day of the historic flight of the Phoenix, piloted by Zefram Cochrane. This opened the door for warp flight and then the first contact with the Vulcans. For Star Trek Online players, on April 5th you were  able to take a mission to visit the Utopia Planitia Shipyards over Mars. There you were able to see the Enterprise-F and meet her new crew. When the visit was complete, you recieve as a reward a non-combat “pet” that will follow your ship in space: the first warp capable ship, the Phoenix.

This event was for the Federation only, but for the Klingons there was a Klingon Defense Force only mission called “Alpha” involving the Hirogen, ensuring that there was a little something for all during First Contact Day.

Star Trek Online Season 3: Genesis

Just in time for Christmas, Star Trek Online has delivered new content for current subscribers. They have also given those who have never played the game more of a reason to try it. As of today, Star Trek Online Season 3: Genesis has been released at no cost to subscribers. The release notes include a full page of additions and fixes to the game, and you may have to read the changes twice to take in all of the hard work the developers have put into the game over the past few months. Two of the most notable enhancements are the crafting at Memory Alpha and Episode Replay.

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