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Socca Pizza

I needed food for movie night, and on a ship made up mostly of humans, pizza was an easy choice. Each “pie” could be customized to each person’s likes. One problem, though: I had no flour, ever since a massive food fight in the Tiger’s Den. Don’t ask. We’re still finding flour in engineering with no idea how it got there. Still, adaption is what Starfleet is about, so I looked around and found this little gem of a recipe in the database. It’s gluten free, so it won’t upset humanoid bellies with gluten processing problems. Also, the little tasty garbanzo beans are low in fat and high in protein. But I didn’t tell my shipmates that, especially as I watched the pizzas all disappear at near luminal speeds.

It serves four, and can be easily doubled or tripled. You won’t have leftovers.

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