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Insights from the Command Chair: Captain Shelther Faranster

Avatar System – I’m Kyra Ilan, coming to you from Deep Space 285.  Federation News Service has secured an interview with one of Starfleet’s Commanding Officers. Reaching that goal is the pinnacle of any officer’s career. The path to Command is competitive, yet its very solitary at the top. Ultimate responsibility rests with the brave men and women who choose to follow this path, succeed at training and are entrusted with a command position.

Today we’re speaking with Captain Shelther Faranster Commanding Officer of the USS Doyle-A.  It’s a pleasure to spend some time with one of Starfleet’s Commanding Officer’s to gain more insight into the world of command.  For a short time he commanded the USS Constitution-B, his first command prior to his current assignment. Taking command of a new ship is a highlight of every Captain’s career.

Ilan: First I’d like to say congratulations on your promotion and your new command. This is a unique opportunity to speak with a Commanding Officer so we have a few questions for you. Why change ships to the USS Doyle-A?

Faranster: After the last few months, and the trouble we’ve had on the good old USS Constitution, I am suspecting that Starfleet wanted something more modern, and not as apt to have as many shield or computer problems.

Faranster (OOC) – As I worked up the ranks, I was asked what ship I would want if I made Captain, different captains had the choice ships, and others climbing the ranks had their preferences. So, I actually thought what I would want to name my ship, before I thought of the class. I wanted to know how it would sound: Captain Faranster of the USS Doyle. I chose the name because I am a big Sherlock Holmes fan, and USS Holmes, USS Sherlock, USS Watson, just didn’t sound the same.

Ilan: Tell me a bit about why you chose a Luna-class ship?

Goodbye Excalibur, hello (again) Constitution

Fleet changes are afoot, as we reach what is hopefully the end of a volatile summer in our fleet. FltCapt. Cascadia Rainier has been forced to step down from her roles as the commanding officer of the USS Excalibur-A, and Captain at Large for the Executive Council, due to real life workload. We wish her the best as she continues her pursuits in higher education. (She will remain a member of the group and will likely be around the forums occasionally, so say hello if you see her!)

As the Excalibur crew was without a commanding officer, we’re relaunching a vessel — the USS Constitution-B, which you can read more about on our wiki — under the command of Commander Shelther Faranster, by the writer who formerly played the first officer of the USS Apollo-A now with a new character. The crew of the Apollo and Excalibur were mixed together before we relaunched the Constitution, to rebalance both crews and make them stronger.

The Constitution is a vessel with a long history in our organization, going back among a half-dozen captains and crews. We look forward to the exciting new tales to come out of this reorganization, and we’re certainly hope for a more stable autumn among our fleet! Members of the Excalibur can keep in touch on the special thread for their crew on the forums.

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