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USS Drake Plot Summary for July

As the crew of the USS Drake, NCC-1984, attempt to get some rest and relaxation after the stress of their temporal adventure, a freak accident aboard Starbase 118 leaves the Drake’s Chief of Operations, Lieutenant Commander Solok, near death. His katra safely transferred into the mind of Captain William Rogers, Solok is rushed into surgery.

Meanwhile, pirate attacks around the area known as the Vale of Saoirse have been increasing in both frequency and severity. Even more concerning is that Federation Security – also known as FedSec – has received intelligence that the pirates are planning a major, terrorist-like strike against a civilian target within Federation space.

Lacking the resources to mount an operation on their own, FedSec enlists the crew of the Drake to go undercover with the crews of two known criminal vessels – the Leviathan and the Calico Jack – to find the pirates and prevent the impending attack. And they only have 72 hours…

Starbase 118 Ops Plot Summary for July

As the situation evolved, the crew of Ops was able to discern the reasons behind the Astrolabe’s “visit”. The Captain of the Astrolabe had wished to harm both the Cardassians, and the Romulans who had “profitted” from the liberation of Benzar. The Romulans he’d pay back by providing outdated, and therefore ineffective medicine.

Stealing their hope away at the most cruel of moments. This story was shared, not only with the Ops crew, but also with the reporters still on station. At the same time, Captain Nicholotti began working with Headquarters to provide medical assistance to the Romulans, something she was surprised to note her First Officer initially opposed. Captain Walker felt an almost immediate sense of karma as he was notified soon after of his romulan step-mother and step-sister’s presence on one of the affected worlds.

Realizing the closer connection to the crew, as well as the potential for the epidemic to jump species with a half-human romulan hybrid involved, the crew amped up their efforts to determine what could be done, and make themselves invaluable to any rescue efforts. Captain Nicholotti went so far as to have a private summit with the Romulan Commodore who’d parked her fleet outside the base. Their discussion determined that the plague was affecting multiple worlds. Realizing that the Federation ships would have to go deep into Romulan space, Ael’Riov Arrenhe i-Mnaeha t’Llweii volunteered to guard those ships with her fleet, even to the point of firing on other Romulan ships if necessary.

Realizing the crew’s Leave was more likely to be ended than simply delayed as initially believed, the crew was ordered to take the night off, before things escalated further.

June for the USS Avandar

The main concern of the USS Avandar’s crew was the continuing clean-up of the mess left in the wake of recent events. In some cases, this was quite literal, but mostly involved more technical areas that helped some of the newly-arrived crew members get to know a few of their colleagues a bit better – whilst making sure the ship didn’t implode.

One area that definitely deserved attention was the Avandar’s tactical systems. With a potential virus-caused issue making itself known during the crew’s face-off with the Xomites, special efforts were made to ensure that everything was back on track with the Avandar’s ability to defend itself, a failure in that regard making most of the rest of the work being done somewhat irrelevant should it be needed…

Not everyone was occupied with this kind of work, however, and the first steps were taken toward a more long-term diplomatic relationship with the trading world of Shalin (with all correspondence from them being tested for malicious code with an almost paranoid level of intensity). The Intelligence department were not idle either, and things have been set in motion to track the Alr’n ship that was the root cause of the Avandar’s recent troubles – and to see if some clue could be gained as to how they’d managed to acquire examples of *Gamma* Quadrant technology…

May for the USS Drake

As the away team investigates the Ishkarian beacon facility, the countdown begins to the planet’s destruction. The Ishkarian’s have mistaken the versions of the USS Drake 1987 from different time lines as Borg. A doomsday weapon is powered up in answer to the presence of the two versions of the Federation ship.

Meanwhile, as the two Captain Rogers converse, the meeting of members of both crews has drastic consequences for some. The alternate Lt. Reed succumbs to a reaction to the temporal anomaly and dies. Alternate Cmdr Solok, in the advanced stages of the blood fever, desires Lt. Reed to take the deceased Reed’s place as his wife and issues the Vulcan the mating challenge. Cmdr Solok is victorious. However, after sparing the life of his alternate self, he dies in the same manner as the alternate Reed, leaving Solok’s alternate self to take his place.

The battered alternate Drake undertakes a heroic but doomed mission to restore the timeline. As the cataclysm reaches its apex and the shockwave rushes towards the Drake, Lt. Pandora and Ensign James activate the time travel device and buffer the ship from further temporal radiation. The crew arrive home safely, armed with the information to free the Ishkarians from the distant past trapped in pockets of space/time. As the rescue ensues, the USS Drake docks at Starbase 118 and the crew are welcomed home as heroes.

The addition of some crew and children from the alternate timeline remains to be resolved with the DTI.

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