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Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for August

The truth about the unrest on Til’ahn has finally been revealed for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. A infamous parasite long kept secret from everybody, but those in the upper echelon of the Federation has surfaced again moving quickly to infest the inhabitants of Duronis II

With the assistance of the USS Vigilant NCC-75515 and her crew, a mission has been constructed to eradicate the parasite. With the crew of both ships broken up into groups, they began their mission.

Commander Alucard Vess’ team were tasked to investigate a potential site for a bluegill hive and working together, have come up with a plan to use insect venom to incapacitate a Laudean host taken over by the creature.

Major Hannibal Parker with Lieutenant Commander Erie’s team were given the assignment to defend the embassy in case the bluegills attempted to breach the perimeter and stop them.

Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Fleet Captain Diego Herrera have remained behind at the embassy to set up a command center to coordinate between the teams. Their medical teams were on standby to examine a host once either Commander Vess or Lieutenant Commander Nugra’s teams were able to capture one.

Nugra’s team was the first to get a host, but sadly it was a member of their own team that had to be turned over for examination.

USS Tiger Plot Summary for August

After a bad encounter with a mysterious entity that had the ability to grant wishes, the USS Tiger NCC 52199-A landed uncontrolled on the ocean floor of an uncharted planet. With the ship badly damaged and without power, and the crew suffering many casualties, the Senior Staff wasted no time getting to work. Under the guidance of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, the crew was split into three teams; one team to work with Engineering to effect repairs and restore power, one team to set up triage centers to treat the injured, and the final team to perform search and rescue operations throughout the ship.

As the hours passed, the crew proved themselves to be resolute and progress began to show as the injured were found and treated and the ship’s systems and power grid were repaired and brought back online. While the Engineering team was in the process of restoring the structural integrity field, a strange old man dressed in robes appeared in Main Engineering. This strange old man introduced himself as the Guardian and said that the Tiger was trespassing on land controlled by the Iconians and that if they did not leave he would destroy the planet and everything on it. After a discussion with the Command Staff, this Guardian decided not to destroy the planet and revealed the presence of a nearby Iconian Gateway shortly before he vanished. With the news of a nearby Iconian Gateway, the crew found themselves posed to launch a full scale investigation.

USS Discovery Plot Summary for August

On the other side of the wormhole, the crew of the heavily damaged Discovery learn that the derelict starship orbiting the M-class planet is actually the USS Columbia NX-02, declared lost almost two hundred years ago. On board the Columbia, they find that the ship logs have been inexplicably erased. They also find nine survivors of the original crew frozen in stasis pods, including one Commodore Vittorio Moretti, the commanding officer, and manage to revive them. The survivors are brought aboard the Discovery for acclimatization into the 24th century while an away team prepares to head to the surface of the planet where the descendants of some of the surviving crew of the Columbia may be sending out a distress signal via a mysterious trans-atmospheric, mono-filament antenna. But if the antenna was erected to send out a distress signal, why does it have weapons locked on the Discovery? Who built the strange antenna? And who erased the Columbia’s logs, and why? What dark secret is being covered, and at what cost? Follow the latest mission of the Discovery to find out!

Uss Discovery Plot Summary for July

After overpowering the fanatic monks of the Brotherhood of Mikaere hell-bent on hijacking the Discovery to enter an unstable wormhole, the intrepid crew wrest control of the ship and maroon the group of religious zealots on the desert planet Aurix II.

However, in their effort to deny anyone else access to the wormhole, they had no choice but to enter it and close it from within, thus saving the Avalon sector from total annihilation. The ship is subsequently sucked into the vortex, sustaining heavy damage in the process. Once through the wormhole, the crew of the Discovery finds itself in an uncharted, unknown region of space where they discover an M-class planet with a yet-undiscovered starship in orbit. Crippled and lost, the crew head towards the planet for repairs and replenishment of supplies.

Little do they realize that their harrowing journey through the wormhole was but only the precursor of deadlier things to come..

Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for July

Peace has finally come to the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. The Laudean unrest has begun to calm down, but not completely eradicated. What has captured the crews attention is the mysterious appearance of Captain Diego Hererra of the USS Vigilant NCC-75515 without his ship!

Another strange occurrence is the surprising death of Duke Naran and with no leads, both Laudeans and Star Fleet are concerned that the murderers might have gotten away. With an explosion and assault outside the gates of the Federation embassy itself, the situation looked like the lull might not last long.

With the mysterious aside, the crew has finally begun to enjoy their hard earned shore leave and help in the preparation for Major Hannibal Parker’s wedding.

USS Mercury Plot Summary for July

After extensive questioning by Mercury CO Aron Kells and DSX CO Melitta Herodion, Ambassador Lily Ventu admitted that she had been asked to venture out into the Menthar Corridor with the modified troopship to “assist” with the incipient eruption of a supervolcano on 48 Leonis II. The planet was home to an agrarian pre-warp civilization, and while it seemed clear to the crew of the Mercury to what use the troopship was to be put, Captain Kells made the decision that an evacuation of a portion of the population would not take place, as it would be a violation of the prime directive.

However, two away teams were sent down to the planet. The first, led by (PNPC) Commander Harrison Ross, and including Herodion, Dr. Saveron, and Lieutenant Tato Zeme, was to examine the blind observation post of the Starfleet team that Ventu revealed had been assigned to the world, though Ross’s team found no sign of the team upon first inspection and added their potential disappearance to the list of mysteries. The second team, led by Captain Kells and including Lieutenant Commander Roshanara Rahman, Lieutenant Mei’konda, Lieutenant (JG) Trel’lis, and Ensign Kotir Arith, landed a shuttle within the volcano itself and beamed out to the planet’s surface to determine if any mitigation might make the eruption less severe.

USS Vigilant Plot Summary for July

The crew of the USS Vigilant, NCC-75515 continued their first contact mission on the Asavii homeworld. During a tour to a farm bubble, part of Asavii Biodome 5, Major Leo Handley-Page’s team witnessed a battle between a monstrous Ele-lacor, a type of sea serpent, and several Asavii subaquatic craft. Disaster struck when one of the craft veered out of control and impacted with the bubble wall, causing it to begin to ship sea water. Despite the team’s escape and rescue of the Asavii pilot, the crew found themselves facing danger as more Ele-lacor arrived, summoned by a mysterious carrier signal, and the dome’s internal support systems began to fail.

Assisting in the evacuation, the crew did everything they could to support the launch of the generational ship, designed to bear the citizens of the biodome to a new home. Through a co-ordinated effort, they were able to stabilise the structure for long enough to allow the evacuation to take place, provide support to injured Asavii as they arrived on their new ship and evacuate the people’s leaders and some of their religious and cultural documents and artifacts. In the process, acting captain, Lieutenant Commander Greir Reinard, became trapped in a flooding maintenance conduit, having to resort to desperate measures to free a team-mate from the threat of a watery grave.

Against the odds, the absolution was launched and all hands from the Vigilant made it back to the ship, although some of them were not quite in one piece…

USS Avandar Plot Summary for July

In the wake of the incident with the Alr’n raiders, and the Xomite “peacekeepers” that joined in on the action, the crew of the USS Avandar NCC-80203 headed off in search of whatever new discoveries await them in the L’heia sector. With a number of new officers joining the crew, an informal holodeck get-together was organised to that everyone could take the chance to get acquainted with their new shipmates, as well as take a little time to relax.

The main talking-point of this event turned out to be totally unexpected, at least on the part of most present. A well-laid ambush by the ship’s Helm and History & Archaeology officers left Captain Della Vetri faced with the need to give an answer – in front of the assembled crew – to her bond-mate’s proposal of a traditional marriage.

The happy glow was to be tarnished somewhat, however, the day after the gathering. Revelations of a science project being hidden from most of the senior staff forced something of a showdown between the First Officer and those involved. Given the nature of the item being studied, he did finally accept the need for secrecy… but with the proviso that any further work be done with both his knowledge and full participation.

What will come of this study of a seemingly-innocuous Iconian artefact remains a mystery, but there is little doubt that it could prove either nothing much at all… or very significant indeed.

USS Apollo Plot Summary for July

While the crew of the USS Apollo, NCC-71669 was on shore leave on Izar, home of the Starfleet Tactical School, a small team from the Galaran Resistance Front took hostages in the hotel restaurant. The command staff was enjoying dinner in the restaurant when they were taken hostage. Negotiations on the outside were led by Sundassa Faranster, as they looked to defuse the situation.

After one of the hostage takers detonated a bomb that killed 3 civilians and injured countless more, a rift began to form between the hostage takers. Using this to their advantage, as well as some other tactically minded ideas, the crew was able to neutralize the Galarans and take them into custody.

With the Apollo arriving in orbit from a quick resupply, the crew has begun beaming up to the ship. The next stop for the Apollo is Utopia Planetia for an overhaul to accommodate the new fighter wing and installation of the Quantum Slipstream Drive.

USS Tiger Plot Summary for July

While en route to New France, the crew of the USS Tiger-A encountered an alien entity unlike anything known to them. Resembling a thick nebulous cloud, it covered the Tiger like a membrane injuring several crew member including Captain Riley in the process. Despite the queer circumstances, First Officer Darius Clack was ordered by the Captain to continue on its course toward New France without delay.

It became apparent, after the ship began changing course at will, that the emotions and feelings of the crew inspired by the alien were affecting the events on the ship. First contact with the unknown alien entity became the goal of the senior officers as the Tiger came into orbit around an O class planet estimated at 8 million years old. Before a full understanding of the alien could be established, the Tiger was hurled toward the planet where it struck one of its largest oceans and immediately sank to the bottom. Currently the crew are assessing the situation and damage as the USS Tiger-A has now been transformed into a submarine resembling the ones used in the atomic age on Earth long ago.

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