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February Plot Summary for the USS Gemini

Less than 24 hours after the launch of the USS Gemini, NCC 805464 Commander Liam frost is contacted by Admiral Alex Raymond of Starfleet Strategic Operations. The USS Hermes, a Nova class vessel has been reported missing in the Borderlands, the Gemini’s Area of Operation. No sign of the Hermes has yet been found.

To make matters worse, A Klingon Commander named Koval claims to have found the Hermes in Klingon territory and destroyed her. Long range scans of the Area have failed to confirm or refute Koval’s claim.

The mission of the Hermes was ostensibly to patrol the area along the Klingon border for any unusual activity. Bu Lieutenant Commander Oliver Weston has revealed a darker layer to the mission of the missing ship. According to Starfleet Intelligence, the Hermes was equipped with an experimental long range sensor array, meant to allow ships to scan even deeper into Klingon territory without said scans being detected. If they were found out it would certainly provide grounds for the Klingons to capture the Hermes.

The Gemini, without time to perform a proper shakedown, has engaged it’s QSD and is now on the way to the Celendi Nebula to begin the search for the Hermes, hopefully intact.

February Plot Summary for the USS Tiger

After the surprise attack on DS 17, the senior staff of the USS TIGER-A began to assess the situation and find the identity of the attacker. Assembled on the Command Bridge of DS 17, Queen Eratis appeared with a message surrounded in mystery as survival of her Kingdom was at stake. Shortly after departing, a ship of unknown design and origin was detected not far from Eratis. Captain Riley ordered Commander West to take a search party and investigate. The crew assembled on the USS Triumphant as an emergency meeting was called to analysis the new information. When the away team returned, Commander West was not among them. Strange incidents among those returning suggested the presence of Changelings hiding among the crew.

October Plot Summary for the USS Apollo

The crew of the Apollo, having gotten to planet Eridea through the Iconian Gateway, decided to relieve the people of the responsibilities of the false gods before shutting down the gate, in a way that would leave the Eridean’s beliefs intact. A group of officers went to see the Mayor, to tell her that her people would only have to take care of themselves. Lieutenant Commander Laxyn went to the healer to teach her how to heal without the advanced tech they had been given by the fake gods. A group went to the mines to blow up the entry and prevent access to the radiated mines, but their errand ended up getting Lieutenant Commander T’Mar stuck in a cave in, buried under rubble.

While that was happening, a fourth group went to talk to the Priest to explain that the offerings were going to cease so they his people could thrive. This caused the priest to become violent, attacking Lieutenant Pierce, and stealing his phaser. The cave-in provided the perfect place for the priest to stage a further attack on the Apollo crew, before he was subdued.

October Plot Summary for Starbase 118 Ops

Before the crew have even settled into their new roles on Starbase 118 Ops, a chilling new development threatens the base and the lives of everyone on board and within the vicinity.

It begins with a not so delicate plumbing problem in Flight Control and leads into what seem to be simple temperature fluctuations, leaving some areas with sweltering heat and nearly smiling Vulcans ; while frigid temps in other sections of the base send Captain Rogers, Acting First Officer LCMD Atimen, and the rest of the crew scampering to replicate hot drinks and don winter parkas.

Lieutenant Richards, sb118 Ops new ACSO, reveals the difficulties to be triggered by four ion storms, one from each quadrant of the galaxy. They are traveling at transwarp speed and heading straight for the starbase, targeting four fusion reactors. The storms also affect warp fields, preventing area ships from escaping. With energy from the storms already hitting the base and little more than an hour in which to prepare themselves, the base is set to yellow alert and emergency preparations begin.

Destruction escalates on the station with gale force winds and an earthquake that rips apart parts of the promenade. Residents are evacuated to the interior of the base while the crew puts a plan in motion to rotate the base to absorb the storms’ force via maximum utilization of internal and external shielding. As the crew waits for word from ships closer to the storm front, the wary officers brace for impact.

October Plot Summary for the USS Tiger

While Lieutenant Commander Wilde led an away team on an investigation of the nearby Iconian Gateway, the crew aboard the USS Tiger NCC 52199-A found themselves to be very busy. With the ship recently afloat from the bottom of the ocean, a mysterious computer virus began affecting various systems throughout the ship jeopardizing the ship’s stability. While the Engineering department began combating the virus, a rescue mission led by Lieutenant West set out to retrieve the away team.

After an incident involving the Gateway, the away team found themselves in an alternate reality that resembled a wasteland version of Earth. After some investigating, the away team began to realize that their reality was askew and began an attempt to escape. Meanwhile, the rescue team discovered the away team and wasted no time in beaming them aboard the shuttlecraft. Once the away team was safely aboard the Tiger, Fleet Captain Sidney Riley ordered the Gateway and its surrounding complex to be destroyed.

With the Gateway destroyed the crew of the USS Tiger NCC 52199-A set course for Deep Space 17 for refit and shore leave. While en route, a mysterious alien intruder was found in the Captain’s quarters, and the still unchecked computer virus continues to cause problems throughout the ship.

September Plot Summary for the USS Tiger

With the news of a nearby Iconian Gateway, the crew of the USS Tiger-A found themselves posed to launch a full scale investigation. A mission briefing was held and an away team was assigned to investigate the Gateway. The away team found the Gateway deserted and encountered volcanic activity which threatened the mission, as well as very strange power readings which emanated from the Gateway. The team continues to investigate the Gateway to determine its main purpose.

Meanwhile the remaining crew on the ship worked feverishly to raise the Tiger from its watery grave on the ocean floor. Repairs to the ship were slow going and the process was arduous. The chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Alex Blair, somehow managed to keep the ship together as it was slowly raised to the surface. Once the ship was raised additional damage was found to the hull of the Tiger. The crew is currently effecting repairs so the ship can exit the atmosphere and return to space.

September Plot Summary for the USS Drake

Regrouping the crew of the USS Drake 1987 balance hard data and educated guesses with gut feeling to come to the conclusion that the Pirates target is the Elkoss Combine Dilithuim refinery.

Arriving in the nick of time the crew fight off the Pirates. One group lead by Lt Col Whale evacuates the refinery while a second group lead by Captain Rogers beams aboard the Rapier, Tomic’s command ship, and manage to disable the guidance system of a second ship containing the weapon.

The third group is an individual effort with CMO Vex beaming over to the yacht and sacrificing his life in an attempt to disable the weapon. He is followed by the Drake’s CEO who in display of android efficiency jettisons the yachts warp core, sets the ship to overload and captures a clone assassin before being beamed to safety.

The fourth group lead by the Drake’s helm officer Ensign Washburn launches a wave of Peregrine fighters against the Pirate ships and their attendant fighter wing. The Peregrine’s are instrumental in destroying the enemy fighters and punching through the Rapier’ shields.

In the final show down on the Bridge of the Rapier Captain Rogers defeats Tomic in a duel via the less than sporting means of firing before the specified ten paces had been reached. Tomic is rescued by his crew and disappears. The crew of the Drake return to sb118 to take up command of the Star Base and inform the family of Doctor Vex that he is dead.

USS Excalibur Plot Summary for August

The crew of Starbase 118 had been dealing with the concerns about the Romulan plague, and wondering what ships or fleet would be sufficient to get them safely in and out, or who else would be sent. The answer was more surprising than anyone would have expected.

Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for August

The truth about the unrest on Til’ahn has finally been revealed for the crew of the USS Thunder NCC-70605-A. A infamous parasite long kept secret from everybody, but those in the upper echelon of the Federation has surfaced again moving quickly to infest the inhabitants of Duronis II

With the assistance of the USS Vigilant NCC-75515 and her crew, a mission has been constructed to eradicate the parasite. With the crew of both ships broken up into groups, they began their mission.

Commander Alucard Vess’ team were tasked to investigate a potential site for a bluegill hive and working together, have come up with a plan to use insect venom to incapacitate a Laudean host taken over by the creature.

Major Hannibal Parker with Lieutenant Commander Erie’s team were given the assignment to defend the embassy in case the bluegills attempted to breach the perimeter and stop them.

Fleet Captain Toni Turner and Fleet Captain Diego Herrera have remained behind at the embassy to set up a command center to coordinate between the teams. Their medical teams were on standby to examine a host once either Commander Vess or Lieutenant Commander Nugra’s teams were able to capture one.

Nugra’s team was the first to get a host, but sadly it was a member of their own team that had to be turned over for examination.

USS Tiger Plot Summary for August

After a bad encounter with a mysterious entity that had the ability to grant wishes, the USS Tiger NCC 52199-A landed uncontrolled on the ocean floor of an uncharted planet. With the ship badly damaged and without power, and the crew suffering many casualties, the Senior Staff wasted no time getting to work. Under the guidance of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, the crew was split into three teams; one team to work with Engineering to effect repairs and restore power, one team to set up triage centers to treat the injured, and the final team to perform search and rescue operations throughout the ship.

As the hours passed, the crew proved themselves to be resolute and progress began to show as the injured were found and treated and the ship’s systems and power grid were repaired and brought back online. While the Engineering team was in the process of restoring the structural integrity field, a strange old man dressed in robes appeared in Main Engineering. This strange old man introduced himself as the Guardian and said that the Tiger was trespassing on land controlled by the Iconians and that if they did not leave he would destroy the planet and everything on it. After a discussion with the Command Staff, this Guardian decided not to destroy the planet and revealed the presence of a nearby Iconian Gateway shortly before he vanished. With the news of a nearby Iconian Gateway, the crew found themselves posed to launch a full scale investigation.

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