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August Plot Summary: StarBase 118 Ops

Following the promotion banquet for Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, tensions are high throughout the Trinity sector as the crew of Starbase 118: Operations learns of the invasion of Romulan space by a well organized and well armed Klingon fleet. Nearly immediately, the center of the newly formed Thracian Alliance, the Nequencia Colony, is invaded and taken over, forcing the President of the Alliance to flee. His whereabouts as of now is unknown.

Information is coming in from various sources, including Ambassador Gavin MacLaren, who brings dire news of an attack on the Duronis II Embassy.

Aboard the station, enemies and friends alike are rooted out in an attempt to gather information, while old faces resurface in new roles.

An assassination is planned behind the scenes as a small, dishonored Klingon group of ships lies in wait to take back the Thracian Alliance, of which they do not recognize nor approve of. Their goal, ultimately is to kill the one they see as responsible for allowing the Alliance to form in the first place, before seeking out all associated with its government and putting an end to what they see as an incursion into their Empire and their sovereignty.

The senior staff comes together, with hands fairly tied, to prepare for the potential attack on the station, as well as to discuss the possibility of action to keep the Thracian Alliance alive and to locate the President as well as Commander Creena, the head of the Thracian military.

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April Plot Summary: Starbase 118 Operations

With the murder investigation underway by both Starfleet Security and the Romulan Senator Vreeya, Engineering and Science continue to work towards the construction of a special weapon to take out the incoming projectiles. Lt Commander Kevin Breeman works with the Engineering department to develop and design a special shield to deal with the intense radiation that accompanies the weapons and their firing. Both departments board the Victory and work with Tactical to install and calibrate the weapons and the shielding. Commander Kalianna Nicholotti orders the crew to the Victory in preparation for the short flight to the cloud, which is now only three days from hitting the station, to test and ultimately fire the weapon. 

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