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Movember is Here

Each year in the month of November, the number of mustache-touting males in the UK (and around the world!) increases. Why, you ask? Well, Movember and Sons, an international movement to raise awareness and funds in regards to men’s health issues, is in effect, and is depending on people like you to help further the cause.

There are a few different ways anyone can get involved with the MOvement. MO Bros can grow their very own moustache, while MO Sista’s can support the various men in their lives to support the cause. Either Bro’s or Sista’s can donate of course, with all proceeds going towards vital research and outreach efforts.

Even our own members are personally affected by the research, fundraising and the 30 days of moustachery. UFOP:SB118’s very own writer ,Chris Hutchings, has his early stache-growing photos on display. If you can help him in with his cause, please take a visit to his page to learn how!