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Mercury Rising: Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain

There is always a duty to be performed when you have taken the oath in Starfleet.  Even though there is a downtime, there is a time for an officer to step up and take command of new duties that involve more responsibilities.Such is the case on board the science vessel USS Mercury. Within less than a month we have seen one honored Captain retire. The honored Captain Tallis Rhul. Then an officer from the USS Thunder and the Embassy on Duronis II be called to take command of the Mercury, Commander Miles Unum. Due to a real life situation Commander Unum had to step down. Temporarily command had fallen upon Lt. Commander Arden Cain, the first officer and was the acting commanding officer. I am here now with Lt.  Commander Cain. 

Sir, thank you for taking the time to talk to me on this day.

You’re entirely welcome, Lieutenant.

First of all, how do you feel about the situation and what are your thoughts?

I was fortunate to have the honour to serve with Captain Tallis for several months across two different ships, the Ronin and most recently the Mercury. I was shocked and deeply saddened when Captain Tallis told me about his retirement. The departure of Commander unum was sudden and he will be missed. Hopefully we will see Commander Unum back when his real life settles down. Its like what everyone always says, real life comes first. There are times, I think, when that is true for Commanding Officers just as it is for Lieutenants or Ensigns. I wish them both all the best.

I have to agree that the situation is very sudden. Can you tell us about your early career?

After graduating from the Academy I was posted to the USS Constitution-B as an Engineer taking over as head of that department. As you can imagine that made me a little jumping, head engineer on a Galaxy class star ship and all. At the time that was a lot of responsiblity in my eyes. I served in that capacitiy during a brief encounter with the Borg at Duster’s Range and the assimilated USS Nimitz. Shortly after that the crew of the Constitution ventured into Klingon space for the Hell’s Gate Games (I think thats the correct spelling of the event.). It was there that I first encountered the Cardassians as a Star Fleet officer. Sadly Captain Perkins, the commander of the Constitution, was killed while preventing the Cardassians from assasinating the Klingon high chancellor.

After that tragic event the Constitution was decommissioned and I was transferred to the Ronin. At first I was placed down in Engineering under the command of Lieutenant Commander Tobias Walker. While my father saw this as me being demoted I loved the opportunity to learn further from other more experienced officers. After the Ronin’s mission in the Badlands to destroy a Orion Syndicate shipyard  I recieved my first promotion to Lt(Jg) and was transfered to head up the Ronin’s science department. while the science department on the Ronin was tiny compared to the Mercury and fairly outdated, I loved every second of that time. I think that engineering evolved into a job for me due to my time prior to Star Fleet. Science though was and still is my passion.

The highlight of my time in the science department on both the Ronin and the Mercury would have to be our mission to Camar Prime where we collected sensor data on a once in a life time event. The Prominence of Peace, the event itself was anything but peaceful but I suppose thats all part of the job. Unexpectedly the Solar flare was much larger then expected critically damaging a observation station threatening the lives of many scientists. What started out as a routine mission quickly become a choatic situation as the Ronin swooped in to save those scientists and attempt to make it out alive. There were a couple of tense hours with a whole lot of outside the box thinking used to get the Ronin out mostly in one peice.

You have had some major adventures in your career so far. Can you tell us how it feels to command a ship of the line?

To be honest it was fairly nerve racking. Captain Tallis and Commander Unum  left some big shoes to fill especially with a dangerous mission in progress. Having said that I am always more then happy to help out in troubled times. I also knew that many people were ready to support me as needed during the transitition and that made all the difference. One day I would love to call myself the Commanding Officer of another fine ship of the line maybe even the Mercury herself, but I have still a lot to learn before that day comes. I would like to personally congratulate Commander Kells on the appointment of becoming the Mercury’s new CO. I certainly look forward to working with him long into the furture.

Thank you Commander Cain.

April Plot Summary: USS Mercury

The crew of the USS Mercury, NCC-99812, took time to enjoy the Menthar Anchorage, and after a short shore leave, the crew returned to the Mercury to begin their next mission. During a staff meeting, Captain Tallis Rhul received a call from the bridge that three Cardassian Galor-class starships had taken attack postures with weapons targeting the Oracle-class starship. Tallis spoke with the lead Cardassian commander, Gul Torolan Thenek, who informed Tallis that the Mercury would escorted back to Federation space for violation of the Cardassian/Federation treaty. 

March Plot Summary: USS Mercury

Continuing in their exploration of the Menthar Corridor, a region of space between Cardassian, Breen and Tholian territory, the USS Mercury discovered a concealed trading post under the ownership of the Ferengi entrepreneur Tol and his cousin Golt. Accepting an invite to board the station, Captain Tallis Rhul led an away team comprised of members of the Mercury’s senior staff to take a tour and partake of a free meal. When it became apparent that the station, known as the Menthar Anchorage, left quite a lot to be desired from a hygeine standpoint, concerns mounted. It rapidly became obvious that the area that the away team had beamed into, initially thought to be safe, was infested with rats and fleas, and with Captain Tallis suddenly taken ill, the away team returned to the ship. The Aldebaran Lunar Plague, a mutation of an influenza virus that escaped detection by the Mercury‘s biofilters, spread throughout the Anchorage and Mercury personnel, while behind the scenes, Golt fought his culpability for allowing the rats to escape. His plans to extract their musk for resale and his enthusiasm for the potential profit had led to a lack of precautions in keeping his ‘merchandise’ secure.

With the crew’s health deteriorating to critical levels, Lieutenants Saveron and Ba’Eli battled to find a cure while Lieutenant Commanders Hannibal Parker and Arden Cain co-ordinated a clean-up attempt. With a cure found in the nick of time, the crew are now taking time to convalesce.

February Plot Summary: USS Mercury

Accompanied by Gul Kerena Vetak, a Cardassian observer who continued to fray the nerves of Captain Tallis Rhul and LtCmdr. Hannibal Parker, the USS Mercury NCC-99812 continued to mine a dilithium-rich asteroid on the edge of the Menthar Corridor. However, members of the Away Team began to imagine traumatic experiences from their past, culminating with Lt. Scott Reed firing on the cavern where drilling was taking place, and Lt. Sky Blake shooting at LtCmdr. Parker. A  power drain prevented them using their equipment or contacting the Mercury to advise them of their status.

December Plot Summary For The USS Mercury

The crew of the newly commissioned USS Mercury NCC-99812 received orders to leave spacedock shortly after being made aware of their reassignment. Their destination: Cardassia Prime, specifically a meeting with the Detapa Consul to formally accept an invite to explore the Menthar Corridor, a region of space that lies between Breen, Tholian and Cardassian territory. With a long-term scientific mission looming large and the transfer to a science vessel, some of the ship’s more military-minded personnel began to wonder about the need for their presence aboard ship, until a second staff meeting was held to inform them of Starfleet Intelligence’s plan to use the Mercury’s enhanced sensor array to gather any data possible on what they see as a politically turbulent people.

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