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May Featured Bio Winner

Lieutenant Commander Eerie is the chief of security and tactical aboard the USS Vigilant NCC-75515-A. The Brikar officer began his career as a tactical officer and has served previously on the USS Aurora, the USS Avandar where he first moved into the role of department chief, and USS Vigilant. He is an ambitious officer who has set his sights on working towards becoming a commander and then moving on to be a commanding officer someday.

One of Eerie’s most difficult missions to date was the ‘Eden’ mission where the USS Avandar crashed on an alien world and the crew spent 10 years trying to pick up the pieces. During that time the Bolian he’d been dating died in childbirth, leaving him to raise a child alone. Crewman Debarres was among those who helped him and it brought the two of them closer together in friendship. One of his friends turned rogue and started acting against the survivors along with a few other rebels who broke away. When it later turned out that everything they’d experienced had not been real those actions continued to scar the relationship. When that friend died on a later mission it became one of Eerie’s regrets that he hadn’t been a better, more forgiving friend and managed to mend their friendship.

A later mission on the USS Vigilant would see Eerie face another illusion, this time created by an alien species as part of a social experiment. During the ‘Ravensville’ experience he led the life of a Police Captain and was known as Mark ‘Eerie’ Swift. He sometimes finds himself using the odd strange remark, or exhibiting ‘un-Brikar like’ behaviour learned in that situation.

Congratulations to Lieutenant Commander Eerie! His bio will be displayed on the wiki’s front page for the month of April. This month, our star pick bio belongs to Commander Raj Blueheart, so congratulations to him as well.

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