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That Extra Mile: The Ensign’s Guide to Promotion

Someday… just when is someday? Some experts in our community, the many Captains and command level staff, will tell you that the process can be as involved or as hard as you make it. The one thing that will determine the expediency of your promotions throughout your service aboard your vessel is, simply put, going that extra mile. Perhaps you may recall, from an earlier feature interview with Fleet Captain Toni Turner, that participating in extra activities such as the Image Collective or the News Team would certainly aid in your efforts to better your character, but maybe not in the sense that one might think. Participating in whatever you can get your fingers into simply shows people that you want to be active, and you enjoy doing this (being a part of the UFOP: SB118 community), and that’s what makes Captain-grade simmers. 

Executive Council: The Ensign’s Guide to Management

Throughout the various stages of life we learn that every good system has exactly that, a system. Without a skeleton, our community would be a proverbial skin-pile. The Executive Council, comprised of five active members of the community, serves as that skeleton, handling many of the issues that arise in the OOC world.

They see to it that the day-to-day operations are carried out, and that business as usual is allowed to continue. Who are the ones responsible for this massive undertaking, and what sorts of things do they do? In what ways do the EC plan to shape the future of our community? All of these questions and more will be answered in this comprehensive guide for Ensigns to the Executive Council.

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