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March Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

The Embassy, Duronis II Away team continued to explore the archaeological digs in the Quentisi Mountain Range. Going deeper into the mountain via a subspace elevator, the team found themselves in an inner cavern and the discovery of a glowing cube. Taking the cube in custody, the team soon found themselves under attack by small metal creatures which could meld themselves together and form ever larger, more menacing forms. During the furious fight which erupted, several members of the away team were injured, most critically being Commander Nugra. With the team now fighting for survival, efforts turned to escaping the caves and the metal sentinels which guarded it. Rigging a device which held the creatures at bay, Major Parker tried in vain to get the power up and running…but the creatures had other ideas. Left with no other choice, the team made their bid for escape, fighting their way back to the ancient elevator just as one of the metal monsters was about to swoop down on them…and the explosives planted by the away team detonated, destroying the caverns and the metal creatures as the away team made a run for it from the collapsing cave….

Meanwhile, back at the Embassy, talks between the Romulan diplomat and Ambassador Vetri took a turn as they decided the fate of the Romulan assassin, T’Ana. Laudean Prime Minister Daysa also made a claim to keep T”Ana on Laudean soil, as an accomplice to the second assassin who killed his butler. Other claims to keep T”Ana were also made, which further complicated the Ambassadors’ mission…..

Meanwhile, the second assassin, now identified as a Starfleet traitor, committed a horrific act and is now loose on Embassy soil, and a new member of the crew is causing ripples with his arrival…..

February Plot Summary for the Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the USS Thunder NCC 70605-A, fresh from returning from DS9, was now enjoying their remaining shore leave on Duronis.Some, like Ambassador Della Vetri and Lieutenant Commander T’Lea, got used to their new digs at the Embassy.

The crew received the most joyous news when Fleet Captain Toni Turner went into labor, and gave birth to a baby girl, who she named Breeanna Turner-Tallis, or Bree for short.

Shore leave had to end sometime, and Starfleet got the USS Thunder crew in action. Most of the senior staff, with the exception of Commander Alucard Vess and Captain Turner, now on maternity leave, were tasked with assisting a Laudean archaeological expedition in the Quentisi Mountain Range. Gathering their teams together, they set off for the site…

Meanwhile, back at the Embassy, a visitor…a Romulan ambassador, requested a meeting with Ambassador Vetri and the remaining senior staff. His purpose…to gain the release of the Romulan assassin T’Ana, and return her to the new Romulan Republic. All was not smooth, as the ambassador was attacked shortly after his shuttle arrived, but it did not deter him. Several remaining crew members were en route to try to identify the perpetrator…the believed second assassin…before he/she could strike again…..

August Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder

The arrival of a Klingon Ambassador on Duronis II have the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605 on high alert.  Fleet Captain Toni Turner sent Lt Commander Hannibal Parker along with several marines as a bodyguard for Ambassador Boyd Lee to a meeting between the Laudean Prime Minister, Romulan Ambassador, and the new Klingon Ambassador, Tel’Peh, a meeting which ended with Tel’Pehs demand for an Embassy on the planet.

Meanwhile, Marine Captain Hella discovered Klingons meeting with Bajorans at a Laudean vacation lodge, and when she returned with intelligence officer Kamela Allison in tow, discovered a secret alliance between the Klingons and the Scarlet Brotherhood, a worrisome revelation.  Klingon ground forces were later discovered on the planet, followed by a Klingon fleet decloaking over the planet.  In the following conflict the Thunder was badly crippled, and  a Romulan destroyer was destroyed assisting the Thunder.

Starfleet, meanwhile, guessed what was going on and cobbled together a small fleet to go to the Embassies aid.  Lt Commander Alucard Vess, away from the Embassy on his honeymoon, was assigned to one of the vessels.  Upon arrival at Duronis II, Vess found Lt (JG) Harold Foster and Ensign S’Kahh Rossh adrift in a damaged runabout and brought them aboard, assigning them the task to find a way to detect cloaked ships.  They succeeded, allowing the Starfleet ships to surprise the Klingons, beam the senior staff up from the planet, and win the fight.

For more information, check out the Embassy Yahoo Group!

July Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

Shore leave continued for the crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605.  A rather dangerous shore leave for some, as Lieutenant Junior Grade Winyah Kasara and Dr. Lakshmi Tindall were captured outside a Laudean bar and sold as “brides” to a Brenndar nobleman, and Lieutenant Commander Skyleena Blake was caught in an explosion on her home planet of Brekka.

Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker lead a small team to successfully rescue Kasara and Tindall, and on the way home they pick up an injured Blake.  While on a secret mission Marine Captain Hella discovered a potential Klingon/Scarlett Brotherhood alliance, and on the evening of Lieutenant Commander Alucard Vess’s wedding word arrived to Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa of a Klingon Ambassador requesting Ambassadorial representation, prompting Fleet Captain Toni Turner to call for an end to shore leave.

Follow the crew on the Duronis II Embassy Yahoo Group!

April Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605, continued their investigation into the mysterious disappearance, and equally mysterious reappearance, of the USS Canis Major, NCC-611. The away team on the Canis Major, led by Commander Miles Unum, managed to retrieve some logs which indicate that there is some type of space station elsewhere in the nebula. Meanwhile, the team on the Thunder led by Fleet Captain Toni Turner confronted the Romulan vessel, which they identified as a scout ship. 

March Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605, were called to active duty from shore leave after Fleet Captain Toni Turner received information from Prime Minister Vail Daysa that a one hundred-year old Federation starship had been located by a Laudean science vessel, the LSS Gromati. The Gromati was examining the Kertella Nebula when it detected a vessel. Further scans revealed that the ship was the USS Canis Major, NCC-611. 

February Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder, NCC-70605 continued their mission to assist the Laudeans and the Zalinians regarding the unauthorized cloning of the two races by the Zalkonians who intended to use the five teenage Laudean/Zalinian hybrids for weapons and propulsion experiments.

Forced to board the Zalkonian vessel, Betesh, the crew of the Thunder rescued the last three of the hybrids, bringing all five aboard the Thunder. During a meeting between the hybrids, crew members of the Thunder, the Zalinian king, and a Laudean Fielding expert, Professor Antero Jarvi, one of the hybrids, Chazon, was murdered by Jarvi who feared the hybrids’ combined abilities of Fielding and telekinesis.

January Plot Summary: Duronis II Embassy

King Qalan, leader of the Zalinians on Lavon, contacted Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa regarding five Zalinian/Laudean hybrid teenagers who crash landed on Lavon in a unique ship. The joining of these two species was of concern to both Qalan and Daysa, since both races had agreed to avoid creating a life form with Laudean fielding and Zalinian telekinesis.

With the Federation’s more advanced means of examining the teenagers, both Qalan and Daysa approached Captain Toni Tuner about sending Starfleet personnel and an expert Laudean fielder to Lavon to learn more about this mystery. Captain Turner agreed, and the USS Thunder, NCC-70605, was dispatched to Lavon under the command of Lieutenant Commander Miles Unum, while Captain Turner remained at the Duronis II Embassy, since Federation Ambassador Boyd Lee was away.

December Plot Summary For The Duronis II Embassy

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy, are currently on shore leave after completing a mission surrounding the Laudean prime minister election. The new prime minister, Vail Daysa, has pledged his support of and intentions for the Federation to remain on Duronis II. One candidate, Erlina Treva, the governor of the Devi Province dropped out of the race, directing her supporters to vote for Daysa. The former prime minister, Ahishma Chandra, underestimated her competitors and the people of Duronis II. It seemed that her decisions over the last few years had caught up with Chandra.

Embassy Plot Summary For November

The crew of the Duronis II Embassy, are currently involved in a mission related to the Laudean prime minister election process. There are four candidates, including the incumbent, Ahishma Chandra, and each one has expressed a separate agenda for the highest office on Duronis II. The crew are observing the election process and have offered to assist with providing extra security for any candidate who is interested. Only one candidate, Vail Daysa, has shown an interest in Embassy personnel providing additional protection.

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