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July Plot Summary: USS Drake

The mission to the former Jetkim republic was concluded successfully with the announcement of the new government’s intention to hold open and free elections. Leaving the support of the fledgling democracy to the Diplomatic Service the crew of the USS Drake 1987 head off to their next mission and a spot of shore leave.

On route Cmdr Rogers holds a promotion and awards ceremony where the CMO Dantin Vex is promoted to full Lieutenant  and the entire crew is awarded the Peacekeepers Service Ribbon in recognition of their outstanding effort in the Jetkim Imperium.

A tourist promotional holo program is played for the crew highlighting the many activities available on the Shard Worlds of Ishkara and upon arrival the crew wasted no time in exploring this fascinating system.

The Ishkarian home system is a dizzying array of shards in orbit around a star. Some shards are huge, easily the size of a small moon. Many are protected by vast force fields that hold in an atmosphere and are covered by grasslands, verdant forests and even  small seas. Still others are vast open cut mines with a multitude of small mining vessels busy extracting the rare metal and mineral deposits laid bare by the destruction of the planets.  While Major Whale leads a diehard group from the SAR unit on a hair-raising rescue training mission others of the crew prepare for the upcoming weddings amongst the members of the Medical Department.

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April Plot Summary: USS Drake

After facing the dangers of NullSpace, the crew of the USS Drake, NCC 1987, engaged in some much-needed rest and relaxation among the beaches and resorts of Alpha Centauri.

Commander William Rogers got to know his new first officer, Major David Whale, while playing golf — badly.  The Drake‘s CMO Dantin-Vex and his family became acquainted with Sakorra Reed and her family while surfing — also badly.  Later, several officers, including Chief Engineer Pandora and new transfer Karynn Ehlanii-Brice joined Rogers in a game of poker. 

March Plot Summary: USS Drake

Stuck in the region they dubbed “null space,” the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 have managed to partially adapt the systems of their ship to the new physical reality in which they have found themselves.

Utilising jury-rigged solar sails, the Drake moved closer to the nearby M-class planet in an attempt to rescue the marine SAR team and others trapped on the planet.  As they began their approach run the Saksenna vessels began to  sacrifice themselves in an attempt to destroy the intruders by crashing into the planet, initiating a cataclysmic, planet-wide series of earthquakes. 

February Plot Summary: USS Drake

The crew of the USS Drake -1987 arrived back from shore leave and soon realised LtCmdr Whale the ship’s COS was missing. Deciding that their orders allowed enough flexibility to search for their missing Officer  Cmdr Rogers takes the Drake out towards Alpha Centuari – the last know location of LtCmdr Whale.

When the Drake backtracks along the path of the LtCmdr’s shuttle it is dragged through a rip in space into another space –time continuum. As the crew struggle to regain control of the ship’s systems they name this new reality “Null Space.”

January Plot Summary: USS Drake

USS DrakePlacing the USS Drake NCC-1987 in the care of the orbital shipyards of Utopia Planitia the crew spent most of the month on shore enjoying the sights and experiences of Earth. An award and promotion ceremony was held where Ensign Weston was promoted to Lt Jg and various awards and service ribbons were given out.
The crew then went their separate ways. Some took the opportunity to escape the often tightly packed environment of the Drake to go off by themselves. Significant B plots were the continued relationships that have developed over the last few missions.

December Plot Summary For The USS Drake

The departure of the space elevator system from orbit around Azhero-Sudensk effectively concluded the USS Drake NCC-1987 current mission. The crew of the Drake was able to escape before the Ring left orbit and was last tracked heading off into deep space.

The departure of the Ring has caused extensive damage on the surface of the planet , however the colony was surprising well prepared for a disaster of this magnitude and should recover without any undue loss of life.

The major commercial focus for the colony has quite literally disappeared overnight and it is doubtful that the incumbent government will stay in power for long now that their main power base is gone. An added complication is that  the AI system that was controlling the Ring has now taken up residence in the planets magnetic field.

The Drake is now on route to Earth for some repairs and minor upgrades. The crew has an opportunity for some shore leave and to hold an award and promotion ceremony. The crew has suffered some losses and unexpected changes. Nurse Harris was killed by an infection from a fungus bio weapon while trying to save others and Ensign Kells has now become LtCmdr Kells. This is  due to a future version of himself being pulled back in time due to a transporter malfunction.

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Drake Plot Summary For November

USS DrakeContinuing their rescue operation to save the space elevator platform known as the “Ring “the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 make a number of discoveries.

The away team led by the COS and Second Officer are transported to safety by a strange telepathic being. This being is part of the race who originally constructed the Ring. It appears that they have returned to reclaim their property.

Drake Plot Summary for September

USS DrakeThis month started with the crew still on shore leave on the planet Vulcan.  On a planet renowned for the ascendancy of logic over emotions the crew of the USS Drake NCC-1987 managed to chalk up an impressive number of emotional encounters. Some of the highlights were as follows.

Drake Plot Summary for August

USS DrakeWith the immediate threat to the convoy of refugees is over the actions of the raiders were analyzed and the most likely theory that they were targeting individuals aboard the Christen Bernard emerged. On the strength of this suspicion Captain Reynolds ordered the transfer of a number of VIP Romulans to the USS Drake 1867. At the same time a war criminal Maiek Khev, known as the Infernal , was identified by one of the Drake’s crew and arrested.

While some of the crew question the Romulan VIP’s in an attempt to understand why they are a target for the raiders other crew members are involved in the unofficially transfer and care of a number of the Romulan orphaned children onto the Drake.

The Infernal escaped from the brig and attempted to kill the Romulan VIP’s but was thwarted by  one of the Drake’s Security Team.  The raiders returned and the crew developed a tetryon disruption wave to disable the enemies warp drives.  However before the raiders close on the convoy Captain Reynolds surprised everyone by ordering a pre-emptive strike against the cloaked Romulan War Bird that had been shadowing the convoy.

The Romulan ship was caught without shields and totally destroyed although most of it’s crew escape in shuttles before it’s warp core breached. The raiders turned tail and jumped back to warp enabling the Drake to escort the convoy of refugees to Vulcan.
While the Vulcan’s process the refugees the crew began their shore leave.

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