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David Whale Promoted to Lt. Colonel

Today, the staff of Starbase 118 would like to congratulate David Whale, who has been promoted to commander. In keeping with his marine background, Commander Whale will carry the in-character rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Lt. Colonel Whale joined the Starbase 118 fleet on stardate 238512.20, but his character history goes back quite a bit further than that. Whale originally graduated from the academy in 2263, and was assigned to the security department of the USS Ackerman. He served with distinction aboard the Ackerman, eventually reaching the rank of lieutenant in December 2266.

In 2269, Lieutenant Whale’s career took a turn in what is known as the Ackerman Incident. The Ackerman responded to a distress call from a civilian freight, which was caught in an unknown anomaly. The freighter was freed, but the Ackerman herself became trapped in the anomaly and vanished.  A rescue mission and an investigation were launched, but turned up no trace of the Ackerman, or any explanation for what had happened. She was presumed lost with all hands.