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USS Darwin joins Andaris Task Force

This week, our USS Darwin is changing focus as it joins an In Character task force in the Par’tha Expanse – a region torn in two by political strife. Read on to learn more!

There are about 70 systems in the expanse, roughly a fifth of which have inhabitable worlds which are heavily settled. Other systems also have settlements, but much smaller ones: research stations, military outposts, mining facilities, and so on.

There are many political factions in the expanse. The Caraadian noble houses of the Expanse Sector are at war with the encroaching Valcarian Empire, neither strong enough to make much headway. In fear of what may happen, the closer independent worlds of the Freeworlds Region have decided to align themselves politically. Consequently, they have created a Star League and the Federation has been invited to participate. Should the Valcarian Empire succeed in winning the war with the Caraadians, they would move against the Freeworlds next. Therefore, Federation involvement might be the Star League’s only means of successful survival and freedom.

Starfleet is commissioning a group of starships, called the Andaris Task Force, with the intention of helping to stabilize the region and strengthen ties with the Freeworlds.

Other objectives include the investigation of a pharmaceutical and heavy machinery corporate conglomerate, The Consortium, accused of corruption.

Andaris Task Force is comprised of the following four vessels:

Their home base will be Deep Space 26, where Fleet Captain Renos will watch over operations as Region and Task Force Commander.

The Starfleet shipyards are throwing open the doors and allowing community members like you to help build some of the Andaris Task Force.

Over the next few weeks, you will have the opportunity to help shape the fleet’s premier medical ship, assigned to the Andaris Task Force.

To participate in the first part of the process, head to the forums to learn more and suggest a name for this ship!

In Command: Renos

After experiencing an unprecedented amount of growth in our fleet in the last few months, we’ve responded with a series of launches and relaunches: Commander Leo Handley-Page aboard Starbase 118, Commander Renos on the Darwin, and Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti with the Excalibur. In this interview, James, the writer behind Renos and an experienced former CO (he previously wrote for Greir Reinard), explains much about the relaunch of the Darwin and the adventures he has planned for his crew.

Q: When you were asked to become a CO again, what made you choose to relaunch the Darwin into the Zeta Gelis region?

A: The Horizon class USS Darwin NCC 99312-A was always a ship I felt passionately about, particularly as I designed and created it based off the ship as seen in Star Trek Online (STO). It always felt like I had unfinished business with the ship and region because there were so many things I wanted to do with both. It also helped that I’ve simmed in the region for something like 2 years now, so I have a lot of familiarity with the resident species and the stories that have been told in the region which I like to build upon.

The Darwin might not be the best armed ship but the containment sphere is something else no other ship has and it presents us with a number of unique opportunities. We’ve already used the containment sphere to cleanse the atmosphere of a planet poisoned with Trilithium resin and faced with the total annihilation and extinction of all life. We also have the possibility of sheltering small ships such as shuttles inside the containment sphere, or collecting huge samples from nebulas or conducting large scale experiments within it. There is also the fact that the ship is built like a tank and can take quite a considerable pounding, making any ship to ship combat frustrating to assailants, even if it takes some clever thinking on our part to compensate for the weaker offensive capabilities.

The Zeta Gelis Region is near Romulan space, which alone gives us a lot to explore post Hobus but it’s also home to a few other interesting species:
* The Zakdorn – a strategically masterful race on the edge of Federation space
* Zalkonians – a Xenophobic, isolationist species of which a handful are hunted due to an evolutionary process that seems them transform in non-corporeal beings.
* Asavii – A reptilian, underwater dwelling species of my own creation in the early stages of exploring space and intergalactic relations.

There are still stories I wanted to explore with them and I had a shuttle race planned for our home station Deep Space 6 as well as a few other surprises. Looking to the future, once I have explored that which I had in mind in the Zeta Gelis Region it is my hope to move the Darwin into a new campaign region.

May plot summary for the USS Darwin-A

Arriving in orbit around the Water Planet Asav the crew of the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A quickly discovered the USS Valorous drifting lifelessly. Quickly assessing the damage as being severe Captain Reinard dispatched an away team to the defunct Valorous to investigate the damage and render any assistance they can.

Meanwhile the remaining Darwin crew were contacted by the occupants of Biodome 2 who, when coupled with the information being received from the away team, were quickly identified as the culprits of the damage to the Valorous. As the away team successfully stabilised the Valorous, Captain Reinard received a communication from the occupants of Biodome 5, a faction clearly distancing themselves from the damage done to the Valorous. In an attempt to get more information away teams went below the water to meet with the opposing Biodome occupants.

Lt Commander Thomas and his team soon became victims of an attack on the Biodome. Acting quickly he sent his pilots out to defend the Biodome and worked with his team of engineers to stabilise the dome. Before long, Supervisor Krum, imprisoned Thomas and his team and ordered them to work. Captain Reinard and his team medically assisted the religious leader Speaker Tsanchi. Through lengthy and often spiritual discussion they were able to bring him around to the point where he saw the Federation as allies. With things moving quickly, only time would tell if Captain Reinard could unite the purpose of both domes and free Lt Cmdr Thomas and his team.

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