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Captain tenure stats in UFOP: SB118

Former captain Mal Avatar has been spearheading a great deal of historical cataloging, and recently he put together some very interesting stats on commanding officers, which we wanted to share with you. Check out these great insights below:

The average commanding officer is in command for 1.92 years, with the median just 1.32 years.

Of course, there are some outliers. The record for length-of-time in the captain’s chair belongs to the following captains:
1. Hollis Calley who commanded the Kodiak-A, Kodiak-B, and Ursa Major for 7.98 years
2. Tyr Waltas who commanded Starbase 118 Operations, Discovery-B, and Discovery-C for 7.52 years (still active)
3. Jessa Anassasi who commanded USS Constitution-B, USS Phoenix-C, USS Independence, USS Independence-A for 6.63 years
4. Rocar Drawoh who commanded Duronis II Embassy, USS Constitution-B, Starbase 118 Operations, USS Eagle, USS Victory for 6.59 years
5. Sidney Riley who commanded USS Tiger, Starbase 118 Operations, USS Independence-A, USS Tiger-A who 5.39 years (still active)

Set your calendar, Captain Waltas! You’ll break Hollis’ record on March 8, 2391.

On average, it takes 3.24 years to get the captain’s chair with a median of 2.90 years.

Destination London’s Five Captains

This week, the enormous convention event revealed the crown that will top its impressive head: All five captains from the Star Trek television series — William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks, Kate Mulgrew, and Scott Bakula — will appear together for the first time in history. Perhaps following on the success of William Shatner’s recent documentary “The Captains,” this announcement is sure to draw even more fans to London for this post-Olympic Trek con. Tickets will go on sale on April 30th via the event’s official website,, so head on over now to learn more about other guests, exciting venues, travel highlights, and more!

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