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Awards Ceremony 2016: Day 3 – Length of Service Awards

Welcome to day three of our 20th annual Awards Ceremony!

Yesterday we announced the winners of the Special Awards, and before that the Duty Post Awards. Today we are proud to present the Length of Service Awards, which are presented to members who have been continuously active for at least a year. There are also tiers for three, five, and ten years of continuous service, marking our most dedicated and long-serving members.

This year, 28 players have reached a length of service milestone. Of those, 12 are celebrating their first milestone, having picked-up the award for one year’s active membership. Another 7 have achieved three year’s active membership and 8 more have been here for five years. One player has reached the incredible 10 year milestone, joining the list of 14 other players who have also reached this milestone in previous years.

Find out who won each of the length service awards, presented to 28 very worthy players, by heading to the forums. Be sure to congratulate our talented award recipients!

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Awards Ceremony 2016: Day 2 – Special Awards

Welcome to day two of our 20th annual Awards Ceremony!

Yesterday, we announced the winners of the Duty Post awards, where 10 simming superstars were recognised for the extraordinary talent they have in simming their duty posts. Today we are recognising specific aspects of simming or OOC work with the Special awards. Only the very best are chosen so they are highly coveted awards that every player has a chance to be considered for by getting involved and giving it their best.

There are two new Special awards introduced this year:

  • The Luminary Award: For those who show great promise in their future endeavours in UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG. Given to members holding the rank of Ensign, Lieutenant Junior Grade, or Lieutenant. This is a counterpart to the Rising Star award, which is only for Lieutenant Commander ranked players, and higher.
  • Quark’s Bar: Awarded to members who are regularly active on the forums and have been supportive and involved in conversations enhancing the overall forum experience.

Luminary Award Quark's Bar

Just like with the Duty Post awards, only one of each Special award is given a year, with one notable exception: The Xalor Clan Xifilis award is given to any player who has overcome any sort of disadvantage while simming. We don’t compare and weigh one person’s struggles against another but rather award this to all eligible and deserving candidates who are nominated for it.

Find out who won each of the eight special awards presented to very worthy players by heading to the forums, where you can read about and congratulate our talented award recipients.

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Get dressed up for this year’s award ceremony

This year is our 20th annual Awards Ceremony! And we’re planning on making it grander and more member-focused than ever before.

As part of the festivities, we’re inviting everyone to change their forum avatar to match the spirit of the awards. And that means: Get spiffy. Just like the Oscars, we’re planning on really classing up this place and changing into tuxedos, gowns, and other eye-catching dress-wear.

Our ceremony will begin in late June, which means you have a few weeks to get ready. But if you decide to dress your character in formal attire, and that requires some image manipulation, we’re encouraging you to get your request in to the Image Collective Graphics Requests forum early, so they have plenty of time to take a look and let you know what’s possible and what’s not.

Click here to go to the Graphics Requests forum now. Open a new thread with the “character” prefix and make sure you provide a link to your current character portrait, as well as some examples of formal attire you’d like to consider.

Please be aware that not all characters will be able to be transformed if they’re an alien species. In that case, you may want to consider bringing the actor behind your character portrait to the event, instead of your alien character.

I’ve already had my fitting — what do you think?


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Did you win an award this year? Check out the 2015 ceremony!

Click here to view the 2015 Awards Ceremony on our wiki.

The awards this year recognize some of the most talented people in the history of the organization — and as SB118 turned 21 this year, that’s quite a bit of history! Among this year’s notables with respect to duty post awards includes the first time a nurse has been recognized with the Prantares Ribbon (the medical officer of the year), recognition of the standout intelligence and diplomatic officers of the fleet with duty post awards, and the recognition of a civilian with a duty post award. Our finest simmers continue to show that they can take unusual positions, posts outside the traditional rank structure, and more, and create memorable, award-winning characters when they do so!

The special and staff awards also recognize a talented group of simmers, including with a new staff award, the Chief’s Citation, that recognizes staff members (commanders and above) whose primary service to the group is via OOC work and not in service aboard a starship. We also recognize the outstanding new COs this year with the James T. Kirk Cross and the Rising Star Award, both of which go this year to COs who the community has recognized as present and future leaders.

The member service awards continue to grow, recognizing membership lengths of one, three, five, and ten years! A remarkable number of simmers have been around for such extended periods, and we invite you to continue on to that list below the staff awards to view this impressive collection of simmers.

Finally, we finish off with recognition of the Top Sim of 2015. This year, we recognize a pair of writers who I have had the pleasure of knowing jointly for a decade or so — and the “jointly” is particularly appropriate because the sim that was named 2015’s top sim was a joint collaboration. Scroll down for more!

Congratulations to everyone recognized in this ceremony, and many thanks to all our members who submitted nominations and assisted with the awards process.

Now, without further delay, I present to you the 2015 awards! Click here to view the entire ceremony on our wiki.

Display your awards on your wiki profile

Awards are an integral part of the Starbase 118 experience. While we work hard to sim and weave a story that brings our imagination to life, acknowledgement for tackling some of the more difficult aspects of story building, or getting recognized for contributions that help our community grow are something everyone looks forward to.

And now, it’s easier than ever to make sure that you and your characters can shine by sharing the ribbons and awards you’ve earned!

Whether you’ve earned an OOC award or your character has gained a new Service Ribbon, players now have options on how to display their ribbons. While the ribbon ‘rack’ for character sidebars has been around for some time, our Chief of Wiki Operations has devised a new way to show off OOC awards on your user page.

By simply copying and pasting some specialized code, players can create a professional looking ‘case’ for their ribbons and awards. Complete with a nice wooden finish, the case allows you the ability to include the image of the award, the name of the award, the year that it was awarded along with the ship you were assigned to when the award was received, and the text of the citation that often accompanies both IC and OOC awards.

There are even multiple ways to implement this new addition to your user page or character page as well, including simplistic formatting, as well as something more descriptive using wiki markup code. Like many aspects of our wiki, the case that you create can be as simple or as elaborate as you desire! With a finish to match the beauty of our award ribbons themselves, this is another great way to show your amazing contribution to the 118 fleet.

Complete instructions on how to implement this special code are located here. And remember, if you run into any trouble, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Our Chief of Wiki Operations welcomes them here.

Award nominations open for 2014 ceremony

Every year, we take some time to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of our members. This is a core tradition that was started in 1996, just two years after our group was founded, and has continued every year since then.

The awards process begins with the nomination period, which is open starting today until Sunday, December 7th at midnight Pacific time. Click here to go directly to the Award Nomination Panel, where there’s more information about how to nominate another member for an award.

Over the weeks to come, the nomination that you submit will be split into groups and reviewed by some different groups of people. General category awards are reviewed and approved by your captain, while Special and Duty Post award winners are selected from nominations by a committee of staff. Staff award nominations are reviewed by the Executive Council.

General awards will be announced to each ship, by the captain, in late December. Usually, our group OOC ceremony which lists all Special, Duty Post, Staff, and Length of Service awards, is posted to the fleet around the beginning of the year. (In this case, probably the first week of 2015.) And remember, this year we’ll be awarding 1-year Length of Service awards for the first time!

This is your opportunity to recognize your fellow players and the staff that help make this group an amazing community. Awards are only given if a nomination is received and selected, so don’t hesitate to start nominating those you think deserve an award! When a ship has few award recipients it is a direct result of few nominations from that specific crew.

Keep these things in mind as you begin submitting fellow officers for nominations:

* Duty Post, Special, and Staff awards are given to only one officer per year and are Fleet-wide.
* Only one person per crew can receive each of the General awards.
* You can find a list of past recipients on the wiki. Remember that some awards were created just last year, so there may be no previous recipients.

In closing, remember that you Commanding Officer also does a lot of hard work behind the scenes to keep the fleet and the community running. Our staff are not paid for their work, and it is their endless hours of devotion that keep things going smoothing. Keep this in mind as you are submitting your nominations and consider nominating your Commanding Officer for an award as well!

If you have any questions, feel free to talk to your Commanding Officer or First Officer, or post in the thread on our forums.

New Service Ribbon: The Diplomacy Ribbon

The Captains Council has commissioned a new Service Ribbon, called the Diplomacy Ribbon. This IC achievement is presented to officers who have distinguished themselves by resolving a significantly dangerous or hostile situation through diplomatic means.

This is the first ribbon for our ambassadors and diplomats who put words before phasers, and we’re excited to open this to these characters.

You can learn more about this ribbon, as well as all of our other Service Ribbons, on the wiki.

Holiday Podcast and Awards Preview!

The Podcast Team has thrown together a holiday special!  This awesome new addition includes 2 separate recording teams for a total of 10 hosts.  This episode is full of reviews of the last year in our fleet, as well as Star Trek as a whole.  They were also given permission to give a sneak peek at the Duty Post and Special Awards!  To find them, you will have to listen to the entire podcast.  When you have time, you can visit our YouTube channel, or if you are on the go, you can download the podcast from  As always, the Podcast Team enjoyed bringing this special year-end edition to you.  To lend your voice to the team, visit the Podcast Team area of the wiki!

Introducing: The Black Cross Award

For the first time in UFOP:SB118 history, an Intelligence specific award has been created by the Captain’s Council as the newest duty post award.

Awards Ceremony, 2011

Every year, our organization comes together for our annual awards ceremony process. While General Awards are presented to members on their vessels, we also prepare a fleet ceremony to present Special, Duty Post, and Staff awards, as well as any other important commendations for the fleet, like our annual Top Sims Contest winner.

This year’s ceremony is now complete, and has been posted on our wiki. Head over to the 2011 Awards Ceremony page to find out who won which awards — your name might be on that list!

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