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April Plot Summary: USS Avandar

The events of the last mission left their mark on the crew of the USS Avandar NCC-80203, and a stop at Starbase 23 gave them a chance to let off a little steam and take the chance to get to grips with what had happened to them. The layover didn’t last all that long, however, and the crew were soon back among the stars, with the intention of getting the region of space they were to explore to yield up more secrets than trouble.

At first, things were pretty mundane, with a few somewhat interesting stellar features located for possible further study, but the real prize came in the form of a beacon that led the Avandar to their first planet-side contact on the far side of the Rabbit Hole.

With an invitation offered to pay a visit, an away team led by LtCmdr. T’Lea shuttled down to the colony to take a look around, whilst the Avandar itself began the job of  investigating the possible mysteries of the nebula that lay only a short distance away, and seemed the destination of at least one other ship quite possibly the source of the beacon they had investigated…

March Plot Summary: USS Avandar

For nearly ten years, the survivors of the USS Avandar‘s crash on the world they dubbed Eden have worked to adapt to their new home. After a very rough beginning, they had even managed to reach an accommodation with the natives, the crew and the nearest tribe coming to live in, if not harmony, then at least amicable proximity.

The relative peace wasn’t to last, however, as Lieutenant Commander Umas and his small band of rebels, tired of eking out an existence in the wilderness, found a way to capitalise on what they saw as their chance for revenge on those that had cast them out. 

February Plot Summary: USS Avandar

Seven months have passed for the crew of the USS Avandar since crash landing on Eden, and still no rescue has come.  Ensign Mancuso has worked his engineering magic, giving the camp power generators and a still for creating medical grade alcohol.  But despite the engineer’s efforts to make life more comfortable on the planet, the generators have been persistently, and suspiciously, problematic, thanks to Lt. Cmdr. Umas’s mutinous ideas, and his loyal followers.

Learning that the crew was trespassing on the natives’ sacred grounds, Captain Vetri reached out to one of the tribes Elders to resolve the issue.  A peace offering was made, and great strides were taken to relocate the camp in the following months.  However, a bitter winter brought new challenges for the crew, and efforts slowed due to harsh weather conditions. Talks with the Elder continued, reassuring him and a tentative peace remained until Umas’s ordered one of his supporters to murder the Elder in an effort to provoke another attack – which succeeded and provided the perfect distraction for Umas to attempt to assassinate Captain Vetri and also try to launch a shuttle off the planet.  Both plans failed, with the extra discovery that nothing could leave the planet’s atmosphere.

Betrayed in the end by one of his followers, Umas stole the only remaining shuttle, fleeing into the wilds with a handful of his loyal supports, where he would begin to plot his final revenge on his former crew.

December Plot Summary For The USS Avandar

With only a few minor incidents (including a series of holodeck glitches resulting in some mild injuries – and one not so mild) the USS Avandar made the trip through the artificial anomaly discovered on the crew’s first mission, ending up once more on the far side of Romulan space – this time on purpose.

Avandar Plot Summary For November

After a gathering at one of the senior staff’s home on Earth turned into an impromptu baby-shower for the Captain and Chief Science Officer, the Avandar’s crew drew their R&R to a close and started getting to grips with their new vessel and what their new mission might bring. It wasn’t long before that was revealed, however, and the Avandar left dock on it’s maiden voyage to seek out new life and new civilizations – specifically on the far side of the anomaly the crew had discovered on their first ever mission together.