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Top Sims Runoff Round 2 – Vote now!

The Top Sims Contest second round run-off is now open for voting. The winning sims from rounds 6 – 12, as selected by our panel of judges, are posted and ready to be voted on by our community. Your votes will determine which sim will go on to the final run-off round to determine the best sim of the year.

So head over to the Top Sims Contest page and make you voice heard. Polling closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, June 29th, so don’t delay!

And while you’re there, be sure to congratulate the each round’s winner:

Finally, don’t forget to nominate some of the great sims that our community is constantly producing. Round 15 is now open for submissions, and the people you think are writing great sims can’t get the recognition they deserve unless you nominate them. The best sim of the year may be here, or it may have yet to be written, the choice is yours.

Poll of the Week: The Great Outdoors

Camp siteWelcome back to another week of polling fun where we are going to take a look at a subject a little closer to home. With all the Trek and space related topics we have been having fun with it seems we have been neglecting our own backyard as it were. And by our “backyard” I of course mean all the parks and recreational areas of our humble planet.

Personally one of my favorite things to do in those parks, is to go camping. Whether you go the traditional low-tech path with a flimsy tent, esky and gas barbeque or the high-tech gadget filled and powered camper van, camping is certainly a family friendly holiday that provides endless fun. Just pitching the tent can be hilariously fun in some cases.

So with that in mind, this week’s poll is all about camping and asks the question of whether you have been camping before? Feel free to share your stories of camping disasters or treasured moments as well. As always only share that which you feel comfortable with.

In any case remember to visit the forums to add a comment after you vote because that is where the magic really begins.

Poll of the Week: Finding the Unexplored

Galaxy mapWelcome to the first poll of 2013 or 2390 in our time line. 2390: oh how time flies, and more importantly, the question is how far we have come as a Federation? How far has Star Fleet has come as an organization? How far we still have to go if the many glimpses at the future are any indication? Obviously as time goes by our knowledge increases, what was originally unexplored become too frequently traveled. Just as on our own planet, in 2013 there are extremely few places left unexplored to us.

Star Fleet as we all know is dedicated to helping people, to defending freedoms and most critically to exploration. So the question becomes, where in the galaxy would you go to find an unexplored region of space to enjoy, as explorers? Would you search the boundary of the Alpha or Beta quadrants looking into the great beyond? Or perhaps you would head straight for the Delta or Gamma quadrants that still remain vastly untouched by Star Fleet?

If our fleet has proven anything over the years it’s that there is an adventure to be found no matter you travel. Adventures and wonders can be found even if your not looking for them. So the question becomes if you had to pick a direction which way would you start traveling? So visit the forums to tell us what you think because that is how the fun really starts.

Poll of the Week: Resolution Mania

New Year's resolution postcardWell this is the last poll of 2012 and I am sure that you can all agree that it has been a good year. Besides New Year’s eve parties, another decision that most people make in the final few days of a year is whether or not to make a New Year’s resolution. And of course, more importantly, what that resolution will be if one is to be made.

Now, even if you can decide on a resolution, it can often be easier said then done when it comes to achieving that resolution. Whether it is agreeing to stop smoking or lose weight, or improve anything from skills to your job thousands if not millions of people will make such pledges. Unfortunately agreeing to change something in your lifestyle for the better for an entire year can be tricky but I have a feeling that the people in our community will have the will power to endure.

So this week’s poll asks, if it weren’t obvious by now, do you have a New Year’s resolution in mind? If you do lets go a step further and share what it will be. Perhaps you would even like to share stories of previous years and how those resolutions turned out (hopefully for the better).

Remember to leave a comment after you vote on the forums because it is the discussion that makes these polls fun. I look forward to seeing you all back for more polls in 2013. Happy New Year’s everyone.

Congratulations to Commander Cain

The Captains Council of UFoP: StarBase 118 is pleased to announce the promotion of Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain to the Rank of commander. Commander Cain serves aboard the USS Mercury as executive officer to the ship and Captain Aron Kells; as the Mercury continues to explore beyond the Federation’s sphere of influence, there’s no doubt that a qualified commander will have much to do.

Commander Cain began his service aboard the Constitution-B as an engineer; he continued in the engineering department of the Ronin before becoming that ship’s chief science officer in late 2388. He worked his way through the ranks after the Ronin crew transferred to the Mercury, and he served as first officer to three Mercury COs in rapid succession: Captain Tallis for a few weeks in April, Commander Unum for a few weeks in April and May, and finally Captain Kells since May, under whom Commander Cain completed his command practical. Commander Cain handled well this revolving door, even serving as acting CO of the Mercury after Commander Unum’s departure, and so he is more than ready for the burden of his elevated rank.

Be sure to offer Commander Cain your congratulations on the forum, and we wish him the best of luck as he moves forward with his command career!

Poll of the Week: A Freakish Affair

Jack-o'-lanternsIn honor of Halloween, which happens to be on the 31 October, this week’s poll is Halloween themed. Have no fear, the next installment of the “Just turn it off” series will return next week. While the exact origins of Halloween is a hotly debated topic, these days especially in western nations it is a day where kids and sometimes even adults dress up in all manner of costumes and seek out wild parties or go trick-or-treating. Interestingly though the activity of trick-or-treating dates back to the Middle Ages.

While it was once traditional to dress in monster-like outfits for trick-or-treating, over time Halloween fashions have changed to include everything from modern day celebrities to popular fictional themes like cow boys and princesses. In fact a person is only limited by their creativity when creating costumes. Simply looking at the Halloween inspired avatars around the forums is proof of that. So this week’s question is this, what will you be dressing up as when it comes time to party or go out trick-or-treating? What is your preference when choosing a character to portray? Will it be something sweet or heroic or do you typically like dressing up as a scary monster for the night?

As with most polls, the options to choose from are nearly limitless so remember to leave a comment telling us what you will be dressing up as. Or even what you would dress up as if you’re not the type to get involved. Remember to visit the forums to post a comment or two because the magic of the polls starts after the votes have been cast.

Mercury Rising: Lieutenant Commander Arden Cain

There is always a duty to be performed when you have taken the oath in Starfleet.  Even though there is a downtime, there is a time for an officer to step up and take command of new duties that involve more responsibilities.Such is the case on board the science vessel USS Mercury. Within less than a month we have seen one honored Captain retire. The honored Captain Tallis Rhul. Then an officer from the USS Thunder and the Embassy on Duronis II be called to take command of the Mercury, Commander Miles Unum. Due to a real life situation Commander Unum had to step down. Temporarily command had fallen upon Lt. Commander Arden Cain, the first officer and was the acting commanding officer. I am here now with Lt.  Commander Cain. 

Sir, thank you for taking the time to talk to me on this day.

You’re entirely welcome, Lieutenant.

First of all, how do you feel about the situation and what are your thoughts?

I was fortunate to have the honour to serve with Captain Tallis for several months across two different ships, the Ronin and most recently the Mercury. I was shocked and deeply saddened when Captain Tallis told me about his retirement. The departure of Commander unum was sudden and he will be missed. Hopefully we will see Commander Unum back when his real life settles down. Its like what everyone always says, real life comes first. There are times, I think, when that is true for Commanding Officers just as it is for Lieutenants or Ensigns. I wish them both all the best.

I have to agree that the situation is very sudden. Can you tell us about your early career?

After graduating from the Academy I was posted to the USS Constitution-B as an Engineer taking over as head of that department. As you can imagine that made me a little jumping, head engineer on a Galaxy class star ship and all. At the time that was a lot of responsiblity in my eyes. I served in that capacitiy during a brief encounter with the Borg at Duster’s Range and the assimilated USS Nimitz. Shortly after that the crew of the Constitution ventured into Klingon space for the Hell’s Gate Games (I think thats the correct spelling of the event.). It was there that I first encountered the Cardassians as a Star Fleet officer. Sadly Captain Perkins, the commander of the Constitution, was killed while preventing the Cardassians from assasinating the Klingon high chancellor.

After that tragic event the Constitution was decommissioned and I was transferred to the Ronin. At first I was placed down in Engineering under the command of Lieutenant Commander Tobias Walker. While my father saw this as me being demoted I loved the opportunity to learn further from other more experienced officers. After the Ronin’s mission in the Badlands to destroy a Orion Syndicate shipyard  I recieved my first promotion to Lt(Jg) and was transfered to head up the Ronin’s science department. while the science department on the Ronin was tiny compared to the Mercury and fairly outdated, I loved every second of that time. I think that engineering evolved into a job for me due to my time prior to Star Fleet. Science though was and still is my passion.

The highlight of my time in the science department on both the Ronin and the Mercury would have to be our mission to Camar Prime where we collected sensor data on a once in a life time event. The Prominence of Peace, the event itself was anything but peaceful but I suppose thats all part of the job. Unexpectedly the Solar flare was much larger then expected critically damaging a observation station threatening the lives of many scientists. What started out as a routine mission quickly become a choatic situation as the Ronin swooped in to save those scientists and attempt to make it out alive. There were a couple of tense hours with a whole lot of outside the box thinking used to get the Ronin out mostly in one peice.

You have had some major adventures in your career so far. Can you tell us how it feels to command a ship of the line?

To be honest it was fairly nerve racking. Captain Tallis and Commander Unum  left some big shoes to fill especially with a dangerous mission in progress. Having said that I am always more then happy to help out in troubled times. I also knew that many people were ready to support me as needed during the transitition and that made all the difference. One day I would love to call myself the Commanding Officer of another fine ship of the line maybe even the Mercury herself, but I have still a lot to learn before that day comes. I would like to personally congratulate Commander Kells on the appointment of becoming the Mercury’s new CO. I certainly look forward to working with him long into the furture.

Thank you Commander Cain.