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Three More Days for 2012 Awards Nominations!

In three days, the nominations period for this year’s community awards will close and the rest will go down in history. Don’t let your crew be one that doesn’t get many awards this year! Go to the Awards Nomination Panel and submit at least one of your fellow officers for an award that they deserve today!

Need help? Don’t hesitate to ask your CO or FO before it’s too late!

Want to know more? Take a look at the opening announcement for the 2012 Awards Ceremony.

2012 Awards Nominations Close in One Week!

The deadline is closing quickly! At 11:59PM EST on December 9th, you’ll no longer be able to nominate your fellow officers and crew for this year’s community awards. Take a minute today and head over to the Nomination Panel to submit the people you’ve simmed with this year for an award that they deserve.

And don’t forget your CO and FO as well!

If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask. For more information, check out our first post on this years’ awards!

Reminder: Awards Nominations Open for Only 2 More Weeks

Don’t forget! The 2012 Awards Nominations are only open until 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, December 9th! This is your chance to show your fellow crewmates and fleetmates that you appreciate what they bring to the game and the creativity they add to the story. Take a moment today to nominate at least one of your fellow officers by heading to the Awards Nomination Panel and filling in the form!

Have questions? Be sure to send your CO or FO a message now so that they can help you before the nomination period passes!

For more information, be sure to read our post outlining opening day for nominations!

Awards Nominations for 2012 are Open

Greetings fellow Starbase 118 Officers and Crewmen!

Every year, without fail, we gather to celebrate the accomplishments we’ve made throughout the past year within our sims. This is a core tradition that has been continued from the very beginnings of the group, and one we all look forward to towards the end of each year.

This year, the beginning of this process – the nomination period – began on the 19th of November. As of now, nominations are open and each player has the chance to nominate officers from across the fleet for the awards encompassed by our awards ceremony.The ceremonies themselves will begin around the middle of December, while the Fleet-wide ceremony will be held near the end of December.

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