Join the Publicity Team

150px-PT_logoThe lifeblood of our fleet is new members, who help keep our ships fully staffed with crew, infuse new ideas into plots and community events, and are themselves the next generation of group leaders.

You can help new members find our fleet by signing up for the Publicity Team, where you’ll participate in projects which help advertise our group and increase our visibility.

Why is this important?

The more effort we put into publicity, the quicker our applications come in and the bigger the fleet becomes. Our fleet operates best — and people get promoted at a reasonable pace — when we have a strong flow of new members.

What’s involved

The Publicity Team contributes links to our social media team, finds places where we can add a link to our website, contributes to forums and PBEM directories, and investigates other ways in which we can spread the word. The normal time requirement is about one hour a month.


All you need is a willingness to help recruit new members, and fulfill the requirements above. There’s very little technical knowledge required, and any time we you to do something you’ll receive very clear step-by-step instructions. You’ll need to be able to give your work a thorough proof-read before posting it for review. Besides that, all are welcome to participate.

How to join

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