Join the USS Montreal or USS Eagle

USS Montreal and USS Eagle

This week, UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek PBEM RPG is excited to be expanding the fleet to make room for new recruits! Two ships on the frontiers of Federation space have room for six recruits from around the fleet.

The USS Eagle, Intrepid class – CO Commander Oddas Aria. A new, democratic government is rising on Cardassia as it continues recovering from the Dominion War. This fragile empire is being forced by the Federation and its allies to secure its border, pulling back from spaces it previously occupied to focus on reconstruction and hopefully wean itself from outside support. One area it looks to abandon is the Aavaro Wilds, an annexed zone home to pirates and a seemingly unending array of challenges to Cardassian patrols. As it withdraws its troops and closes outposts, the Federation looks to explore this space and fill a power vacuum. They’re sending the Eagle and her crew as their first ambassador.

The USS Montreal, Norway class – CO Commander Mei’konda. Near the Tholian border, in an area of space plagued by constantly shifting tetryon fields and rampant piracy, Starfleet has assigned a small and aging vessel to assist her colonies in need of assistance, manage tense relationship between remote settlements, and keep her citizens safe and connected to the homeworlds. The Montreal is that ship, and her crew’s mission will be a challenge as it soon becomes clear that the Shoals is perhaps more than they bargained for.

Are you interested in joining us in this launch? Act quickly and submit your transfer request below. The roster for new ships generally close within 48 hours of our first announcement going out.

Want to learn more about these ships?

The new commanding officers of these ships, Commanders Oddas Aria and Mei’konda, are taking questions on the forums. Also check out the wiki pages for the Eagle and Montreal to read more about each ship.

Here’s why you should consider a transfer

Want a change of scenery? A new duty post? Transferring is a chance to spread your wings and meet new friends. You’ll have the opportunity to help develop the tone and feel of the sim while being a part of our fleet expansion on a new vessel with fresh stories.

This launch in particular is of high importance to the future of our fleet, as we experience overcrowding on each of our vessels due to an influx of new and returning members. By launching new vessels, we can open new positions for incoming members to ensure that everyone is more likely to get their first choice duty post.

Your promotion progress is secure

Your current captain will provide details about your promotion progression to your new commanding officer, including what kind of work you’ve done for your current ship, to ensure that you’re still on the same time-line for a promotion as you were previously.

Check your eligibility to transfer

To help alleviate overcrowding on ships with large crews, we’re only accepting transfers from the following ships:

  • Atlantis
  • Columbia
  • Constitution
  • StarBase 118 Ops

Members of Duronis II Embassy and the USS Veritas will also be joining the new ships. Members of the Apollo and Gorkon are not eligible for a transfer at this time.

We’re accepting transfers of secondary characters, but only those that have been already established – no new secondaries are allowed at this time.

These positions are available

We have a total of six positions available for fleet transfers to these new ships.

  • Helm
  • Com/Ops
  • Tactical
  • Security
  • Engineering
  • Medical
  • Counselor
  • Science
  • Intelligence (only one role available)

Chief and Assistant Chief positions will be designated based on availability and experience.

Sim pace

  • Sim rate for players: At least 3 sims per week
  • Predicted incoming sim rate: 175 sims per month / 6 sims per day

Start your transfer now!

Your captain has already been briefed about this launch, and you are encouraged to submit your transfer form if you’d like to play on either of these ships. Our community staff are in agreement that helping to alleviate overcrowding on our ships is good for everyone, and everyone (with the exceptions noted above regarding ship transfer eligibility and available duty posts) will be considered for a transfer as long as you submit a transfer request.

This transfer request won’t affect your standing on your current vessel if you aren’t transferred to the new ship.

Simply fill out the form below with your contact information. We’ll add you to the list of potential crew for the launch and you’ll be notified later this week as to whether you’ve been accepted. Unfortunately, not everyone who submits this form will be able to transfer due to space considerations. Please note that we are not accepting new secondaries or PNPCs at this time – primary characters and established/existing secondaries only.

(Use our standard transfer form if you’re interested in changing ships.)