Placement Questionnaire

Looks like you're almost finished with training!

Congratulations on making it this far. Now it’s time to let us know where you want to be posted, so we can pick the perfect assignment that fits your needs.

  • Your duty post

    While you gave us your preferences on your application, and you probably played one of those Duty Posts in our training program, you’re now welcome to choose a different position to be placed in.

    Before committing to a Duty Post, check out our availability page on the wiki, which will show you which positions we need most, and which are most filled.

    Next, you may want to take a look around our Duty Post area on the wiki to get a better understanding of what each position does.

    Please note that Intelligence, and Civilian Duty Posts are limited throughout the fleet. As such, we do not guarantee placement in any of these positions. You’re welcome to request them as your first choice, but we recommend that you choose a different post for your second choice, otherwise your placement process may be slowed.

    We currently do not allow new members to play as part of the Marines, but this option will become available to you after you've been a member for a while, if you're interested.

    Now it’s time to actually choose your first and second choice for Duty Posts. Please be aware that while we do our best to place you in your first choice, we ask for your second choice just in case your first choice is not possible. Please choose a second choice duty post that you will enjoy playing.

  • Simming speed

    Now let’s look at how active you wish to be. Each ship in the fleet sims at their own unique pace, with the pace modulating a little over each week and month. But generally, each ship in the fleet hits a certain reliable number of sims each month. As such, we will try and place you on a ship that meets your speed for reading and writing sims. Choose from each of the boxes below.

  • (i.e.- how much would you like to write?)
  • (i.e.- how much would you like to read?)
  • Ship or base?

    We have a few different types of simming installations in our fleet, including ships and a starbase.

    All of our simming installations participate in ship-based activities. For example: crew of StarBase 118 Operations have a ship on which they can do away missions, just like Deep Space 9 had the Defiant. Ship-based crews tend to participate in more exploration-based plots, while players on StarBase 118 Ops tend to participate in more diplomacy and conflict plots.

    We encourage you to be open to the possibility of being posted on a non-ship location. Please tell us your first choice of placement preference. We'll do our best to place you there, but if a position is not open for your requested Duty Posts, we'll place you on whatever simming installation fits your preferences for how much you'd like to read and write.

  • Specific requests

    We attempt to honor all requests for posting aboard a specific vessel, whenever possible. However, we cannot guarantee placement requests. Many factors are considered in your placement, including:

    • How many sims per day you can read;
    • How many sims per week you can write;
    • The duty post vacancies on a vessel;
    • The current size of a ship’s crew;
    • The content of your bio;
    • Your writing skills.

    Our first priority is to place you on a vessel that fits your needs. Although you may be interested in a certain vessel, it may sim far too slow, or fast, for you. As such, we ask that you only request specific placement if you know someone on a vessel and wish to sim with them. Otherwise, please trust our placement methods! You will have the opportunity to transfer off your vessel after eight weeks, if you feel that you simply aren’t fitting-in or liking the placement.

    If you need to request placement on a specific ship, or you have anything else you need to let us know, please include it in the box below.

  • Skills assessment

    Do you have any of the skills below, which are highly useful in growing our community?
  • Your information

    And finally, help us match-up your questionnaire to your information from training. Please provide your character name and the e-mail that you would like to have subscribed to your permanent placement.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.