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Credit: Thomas Raube (2020-01),, Akira by SciFi-Art, Peregrine by Hangar B Production. Source.

StarBase 118 is proud to announce the imminent launch of the USS Ronin and would like to offer everyone an opportunity to participate in this exciting expansion of the fleet! We will be seeking volunteers from nearly every vessel and station in active service to fill out the ranks of the Ronin under her new command team, Cmdr. Karrod Niac & LtCmdr. Toryn Raga! We’re looking for members from all departments, so if you’ve been thinking about wanting a change or if you’re simply looking for a new way to challenge yourself creatively, consider joining us out in the mysterious and dangerous Alpha Isles aboard the Ronin!

About the Staff

Commanding Officer: Commander Karrod Niac
Learn more: Karrod Niac – 118Wiki

Commander Niac, also known as Brian, has been a member of Starbase 118 since 2018 and first served as Geoffrey Teller aboard the USS Veritas.  Known for his comedic style and frequent pyrotechnic antics, Brian quickly rose through the ranks and in early 2020 became First Officer of the Embassy of Duronis II under Admiral Toni Turner.  When that installation was retired later that year he helped transition the Embassy crew to their new home aboard the USS Thor, serving as First Officer under Commodore Aaron Kells for nearly two years.  After taking a break in late 2021 to recharge his creative batteries, Brian returned to the fleet with renewed vigor and wearing the spots of the Joined Trill Cmdr. Karrod Niac, who joined the USS Excalibur-A as their Chief of Operations under Commodore Kaliana Nicholotti.  A year later he once again stepped into the Number One role aboard the USS Arrow under Captain Randal Shayne and now finds himself preparing to jump off on an incredible new chapter in his 118 journey, his first command.  

When Brian isn’t writing about exploding engineers or grumpy Trill, he has run & hosted the Podcast/Paddcast team and has proudly participated in the fleet’s prose writing challenge and trivia contests, both of which he has won! 

First Officer: Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga
Learn more: Toryn Raga – 118Wiki

Lieutenant Commander Raga, also known as Rameses, has been a member of Starbase118 since 2017 as Toryn Raga originally on the USS Atlantis after a brief posting on the USS Athena. Known for his love of puns and antics OOC that sometimes end up IC, at least when it involves Twibbles. Rameses has served as the Second Officer of the USS Atlantis, USS Chin’toka and USS Astraeus as the crew transitioned to each ship and has also been the Chief of both Tactical and Security departments on all three ships throughout his career. Even serving a brief stint as Marine CO on the USS Atlantis as well.  He briefly served as acting First Officer of the USS Chin’toka after the loss of their CO. Helping the then FO Commander Serala in holding the crew together until a new Captain was assigned and he resumed his duties as Second Officer. Rameses has actively simmed for the last six years as Toryn Raga or with his secondary character Lt. JG Lystra on the USS Constitution.  He now steps into his first stint as full time First Officer.

When Rameses isn’t writing for traumatized Al-Leyans, or Twibble obsessed bubbly Antosians he’s helped with the Training team in running Academy courses for potential members of the community as well as helping with the Advanced Starship Design Bureau. 

About the USS Ronin

With a storied history in the 118 fleet that goes back to the bygone days of boybands and cloned sheep in the 1990s, the Ronin will be coming back online fully refitted with all the modern bells and whistles and with a focus on humanitarian missions and scientific exploration.  As an Akira class she’ll be tough enough to go where she’s needed and help those in peril while still getting home with the nacelles bolted on.  

Read more about the Ronin on the wiki.

First Mission & Stories

With the Ronin newly refitted and freshly delivered to the Alpha Isles the new crew of the Ronin will have little time to get acquainted with their vessel as alarming signs from the Sheliak press the vessel into immediate service. Working in partnership with the USS Arrow the Ronin’s shakedown cruise will test the ship & crew in ways no simple diagnostic ever could!

The Alpha Isles are sandwiched between The Breen Confederacy and the edge of The Ferengi Alliance, in the upper left sector of the Alpha Quadrant.


  • Open call for volunteers begins: Thursday, September 14, 2023
  • Open call for volunteers closes: Monday, September 18, 2023
  • Notifications are sent out of placements: Tuesday, September 19, 2023
  • First mission kicks off: Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can Ensigns request a transfer? Yes! Everyone is welcome to volunteer for the transfer.  
  • Will my promotion progress transfer with me? Yes! Your current CO will provide your new CO with the status of your promotion progress.
  • Can I bring my NPCs with me? Yes! You’re more than welcome and encouraged to bring your menagerie of NPC’s with you.  
  • Am I guaranteed a spot if I submit this form? No. We will review all the transfer requests and consider the best configuration of the crew that ensures none of the current ships in the fleet are left with too few members, and that the new crew has a balanced roster of positions. 
  • What happens if my transfer is not accepted? We’ll notify you, but otherwise nothing! 
  • If my transfer is accepted, how long will I have until I’m transferred? You will be added to the Ronin’s email list on Tuesday, September 19, but you will have another two weeks after that point to wrap up your storylines on your current ship while you’re starting up on the Ronin. This means you’ll be simming in two places at once for a short period of time, depending on how long it takes you to wrap things up.
  • Can I request placement as a new secondary character instead of transferring my primary character? You may use this form to request placement as a secondary character on the Ronin. However, you must be of at least Lieutenant rank to be considered, and you must be simming at or above minimum full-time requirements of 12 sims a month, spaced appropriately through each week.
  • What open roles are available? Check them out in the Duty Post request field below – it’s all the normal posts we have on every roster, but a few are limited to experienced members only.

Volunteer to transfer form

This form is only for transferring a currently active, full-time primary or secondary character to the Ronin.

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We are not allowing transfers from the Gorkon or SB118 Ops due to their current roster size.
Marines, Intelligence, and Diplomacy are restricted to Lieutenant ranked members or above.
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