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Want to try a species besides a Human? Check out some of the interesting aliens from around the galaxy that are permissible to play in our game.


Denobulan maleThis humanoid species is from Denobula in the Denobula Triaxa system. They are typically polygamous, where a man has three wives, who each have three husbands, creating the potential for huge families! To facilitate relationship-building, Denobulan marriages are not exclusive — mating and intimacy are seen as different activities entirely, so each person can be intimate with anyone they choose. Female Denobulans emit powerful pheromones and mating, known as jaa-uu-gah, can require medical supervision. They require very little sleep, with only two to six days per year satisfying them. Denobulans have prominent facial ridges running down either side of the forehead to the cheeks, an enlarged brow ridge under a high receding hairline, a vertical crevice in the center of the forehead and a ridged chin; also very long tongue and dark brown toenails which grow so fast they have to be groomed once a week.

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Tellarite maleOne of the founding members of the Federation and natives to the planet Tellar Prime, members of this species are amongst the few species in the Galaxy that actually likes to argue. Why else would this species make arguing a sport on Tellar Prime? Tellarites are humanoid that are shorter in height then humans. Distinctive features of this race include a pig-like snout. Tellarite males are also known to wear beards. Despite their stature, Tellarites have been said to have a stubborn pride and a fondness of strong emotion. When a Tellarite speaks you can be sure that you hearing exactly what the Tellarite in question is thinking no matter what!

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Al-Leyan femaleThis species is remarkably safety cautious, an attitude that led to many technologies being banned over the course of their history. Although looking human in appearance, Al-Leyans have gently pointed ears (but not to the extent of Vulcans!) and eyes which glow softly in dim lighting conditions. This species also possesses remarkable hearing, night vision and greater then average humanoid strength, and are inhabitants of Luraul, a M-class planet in the Beta Quadrant.

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Kriosian femaleHumanoids from planet Krios in Piria sector in Beta quadrant. Kriosians possess a smattering of spots along the side of their face, which lead to their back, and come to a point about halfway down their spine. They are tall and slim, and tend toward sentimental as a culture. Some are empathic metamorphs, of which males are common, but females appear one in seven generations. Kriosians live 250 years on average. They are ruled by the first Monarch, head of the royal family this individual has absolute authority over every member of their people. Their main religion is Akadar and every member of the society visit Temple of Akadar at least once in their life time and stay there for a week, taking time to relax, meditate and commune with the divine spirit of Akadar. Less advanced than Federation, they keep up through the trade pacts and co-operative endeavors, but at the slower rate.

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Miradorn maleA humanoid species from Mirador in Cola Bus’ius Sector. They are sturdy race with well muscled, stocky bodies. Their chest cavity has an additional protection in a series of plates that overlap of tough fibrous matter that is a blending of bone and muscle. They also have distinctive foreheads divided into two hemispheres, with a high hairline over the face and a severe widow’s peak of hair and denser, thicker bones. Miradorns are twinned, linked mentally and have a very close tie to their sibling. The loss of this sibling can results in increased aggression, depression, and sometimes suicide.

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