Connect to FallFest 2015

Enter a display name in the “Nickname” box. You can leave the “Password” box unchecked and blank if you haven’t yet registered your nickname. Please be patient during connection — it can take up to two minutes for the server to respond.

Chat commands and information on connecting with your own client are listed below this chat panel.

Chat commands

  • Move to the another FallFest channel:
    • /join #FallFest1
    • /join #FallFest2
    • /join #FallFest3
  • Change your display name: /nick YourNewNickHere
  • Register your display name: /msg nickserv REGISTER YourPassHere
    • In the future, enter that password in the password box when connecting to identify yourself.
  • Nickserv system help: /msg nickserv help

Connect using your own client

Here’s the server info:

  • Server name:
  • Port: 6667
  • Channel: #FallFest