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Wiki highlight: Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards

We first brought our wiki online in 2004 and since then have been building out a vast store of knowledge both about the In Character universe we write, but also about the Out Of Character community that we’re building. Nearly any question you have about how our group works can be answered somewhere on the wiki, as long as you know where to find it!

In this month’s wiki highlight column, we’re focusing on the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. Click here to open this area on the wiki and take a look.

We have dozens of ship types, separated into categories, with detailed information about each class including stats on defensive and offensive capabilities, photo galleries, and the list of ships in our fleet in that category.

Learn more about each ship class, the ships in our fleet, and even historical information and non-Federation ship classes!

Did you know? It’s easy to mark forums as read

This is the first in a monthly column of posts that explain how to use the features of our website.

The forums are the best place to meet community members who aren’t players on your ship. But it can also be a little overwhelming at times, considering all the activity that gets posted there on a daily basis. In a future column, we’ll show you the simplest way to see all the newest content on the forums in one place, but today, let’s talk about how you can clear out content that you don’t need to see.

Open the forums main page by going here:

You’ll notice that some forums have indicators lit up, showing that they have new posts. You can see those in the image below, for example, in the “StarBase 118 Ships & Installations” category.

If you don’t need to see a particular forum’s new posts, like those in a ship that you’re not a participant of, simply click the lit indicator to mark all posts in that forum read.

This will help you cut down on the number of unread posts, hopefully making the overall forum experience a little easier.

Are you missing sims? Let’s fix it!

Have you ever sat down to read through the day’s sims only to scratch your head wondering how your crewmates are writing in such a disjointed way? Has “missing sim syndrome” left you with the desperate feeling that you have to check the Google Group archive every day to make sure you’re not left out of the loop?

Email is the best way to get sims – they come right to you! – but sometimes technology fails us by trying to be “too helpful,” filtering sims into junk folders or not even delivering them at all. Luckily, there’s a way you can make sure to get nearly every sim, without fail: Whitelisting.

Whitelisting is the simple and quick process of adding to your “Contacts” list the email addresses from which you’ll receive sims, and/or OOC messages to ensure that every email from these lists is delivered directly to your inbox without fail.

AWeber, an email marketing tool, has put together a remarkable page with tutorials for whitelisting on nearly every email client. Click here to check it out.

Make sure to whitelist your ship’s sim list, OOC list, as well as the email address from which our newsletters are received from, which is our announcements email list.

Have questions? Head to the forums to ask.

Have you checked out our forums? Join the conversation!

Our UFOP: StarBase 118 community forums encourage OOC (out of character) communication among players from across the fleet, as a way to build camaraderie. This short introduction to our forums will hopefully whet your appetite to head on over and dive into the conversations and fun!

Every ship, when launched, is given its very own forum where crew members can discuss topics relevant to their ship. These can range from threads that encourage players to get to know each other, or polls to select a shuttle name on a newly launched ship, or threads with funny quotes from sims.

There are also plenty of forums that are more general in purpose, like our Star Trek forums – where you can chat about the upcoming show or recently released movie; contest forums, like our Top Sims and Featured Bio nomination areas; and even the General Discussion forum for any other nonsense you can think of! There are other forums for IC forum-based simming, and also forums for specific discussion about improving particular parts of our community.

Did you know the Captains Council and Executive Council have their own forums where there they handle command-level discussions and take care of the back-end day-to-day issues that the fleet?

All of our forums are intended as a safe way to reach out to other players and talk about our fleet. They bind us with an overall sense of community that is unattainable with the wiki alone.

Help us continue to build the forums – click here log in now and take a look around!

Help us grow our member directory

Ever wondered who owns a character? Or where a new character came from — only to find out after a lot of searching that it’s someone’s secondary character?

Well, we’re trying to fix some of that confusion while helping to build our definitive member director for everyone’s reference. And we need your help to make sure it’s complete!

First, check out the new Member Directory on the wiki. The first page/tab of the directory is the the Fleet Roster you all know and love. The second page is a new comprehensive listing so far of all the members organized by your Writer ID number.

The table is a sortable table, meaning that you can click on any of the column headings to sort it by that column, so for instance, clicking on the primary character column will sort it alphabetically by first name.

You’ll also note a link next to the ID number; that link should go to your user page. We’d like to encourage more use of wiki user pages, which we feel have been underused because they weren’t easy to find before (unlike our characters’ pages, which we all could find from the Fleet Roster).

This is where we need you!

If you see a red link next to your character’s name, we would appreciate it if you click it and then in the edit box, put the following:


You can see your wiki user name in the upper right-hand corner of the wiki page. For example:

#REDIRECT[[User:FltAdml. Wolf]]

This is because the links are actually linked to your ID number. Typing in your writer ID will then send you to your user page.

“What if I don’t have a user page yet — my user name is red?”

Then we encourage you to make one!

We have a basic template you can use:

But just like your character pages, feel free to personalize your user page to fit you. Here are some great examples of user pages across the fleet so far in different styles:

You can copy the code from any page like those above and paste it into your own, and then begin filling in your own information!

Want help?

Pop into the WIKI HELPDESK, or the chat room and ask your question.

Changes to wiki page naming conventions

In an effort to simplify administration of the wiki, the Wiki Ops Team is implementing a change to the page naming conventions. We’re ditching the long-standing “backwards” page names for characters, like “Wolf, Tristan” in favor of a clearer and more straightforward format that more closely matches other wiki.

The Wiki Ops Team will slowly be making this change to existing character pages over the next two months. New characters should be named this way going forward. Characters that are currently inactive in the fleet do not need to be renamed, but can be on a case-by-case basis as time and desire permits.

The new guidelines are as follows:

  • Title characters “First Name Last Name,” like: “Tristan Wolf“.
  • If your character is a Bajoran, such as Kira Neyrs, even though Kira is the last name, you would title it Kira Neyrs. The same goes for any culture where last name first name is written. Like so: “Ishikawa Keiko“.
  • Of note, you should probably not include middle names. It is exceeding unlikely they will be commonly referred by it.
  • For characters that have more specificity in the name add it in parenthesis:
    • Mirror universe characters get (mirror)
    • Alternate universe characters get (alternate)
    • Clones get (clone x), where x is the number. Try to resist putting descriptors there – for example, if you have Tristan Wolf (good clone), and the clone becomes evil, that name may become confusing!
    • Double characters (such as Bynar) should get something like 11001010 (01010111) to indicate they are a double character.

For more information on our page-naming convention, see the “naming pages properly” article on our wiki.

Forums Roundup: October 2015

Do you smell that? Yup, it’s Pumpkin Spiced Everything. The very scent lingers in the air constantly around this time of year, and if you like it, we’re certain you’re excited about the incoming autumn season. We are too, and we’re showing it with our usual celebrations, along with some unique twists. Here’s some quick links to what’s happening around the 118 forums!

Of course you can’t miss all of the new avatars people are sporting these days. We are dressing up for the annual Halloween avatar contest and this year promises to be amazing just like these last few years have been. Learn more from the contest forum here:

New this year is a special Halloween graphics contest! We all celebrate this time of the year differently, so it’s pretty certain that they celebrate it differently in the future. That being said, how do you think Trek celebrates Halloween? Learn more about the contest here:

Want your name to go down in group history? If you earn the title of ‘Plotmaster’, it most certainly will! Participate in the contest that will help us decide on the next fleetwide plot arc by sending in your proposal! Learn more about this, along with the rules, here:

And while we’re all in costume looking our best, don’t forget to share the sims that you consider the best with the entire fleet. Enter them into the Top Sims contest today:

Finally, if you want to dive more in depth into the realm of Starbase 118, be sure to check out our IC forums here:

With plenty of spooks and goblins out there this season, it’s sure to be an exciting start to Autumn. As the nights get cooler, we know we’ll see you around the forums more often. It’s good to have you all back, and we really are looking forward to what happens next!

Forums Roundup: September 2015

The summer is officially behind us, and in many parts of our player’s worlds, things are getting cooler and back into the normal routine. While much of the year’s fun might be passed us, there’s still plenty to get into around the Starbase 118 forums. Here’s just a sampling of things that you can enjoy while the weather gets cooler and the world heads towards the darker days of winter.

There’s life in the Character Guild again. Be sure to stop by and check out the different threads that make you think about your character and how deep your personal rabbit hole goes:

We’ve all been a part of sims where things might turn a bit dark. Now you can show off your character’s darker side in the Autumn graphics contest. Head over here for more information on how to submit your entry:

Get back to basics and join in our Trek centered conversation on our Trek threads. Or just talk with other members from around the Fleet in our general discussion threads.

The Featured Bio team is seeking new members. If you’re interested in joining and judging entries for the various rounds, learn more here:

Likewise, the many teams that make Starbase 118 as great as it is are also seeking help. Stop by our Team hub and check out all that is available. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the facilitators of these teams or the Taskforce Facilitator directly for more information.

Even as the world turns towards the colder months of the year for a lot of us, there is still plenty to get into around the Starbase 118 forums. Be sure to stop by and check it out. Until next month, we’ll see you around the threads!

Forums Roundup: August 2015

The summer is actually drawing to a close, bringing us ever closer to my favorite time of the year. With back to school, autumn, and the holidays just around the corner, there are definite shifts going on both on and offline. Regardless what these shifts bring to your life, remember that there’s always something exciting going on around the 118 forums. Check out some of the following to get involved in the conversation today!

The newest round of the graphics contest has been announced recently. Whether you have a lot of experience in photoshop or other graphic editing software, or you are simply dabbling in the art, submit your piece and be a part of why 118 is so much different than any other sim group out there.

Wondering about ranks and how to get promoted in the 118 fleet? There’s lots of answers and plenty of discussion over in our rank and promotion threads:

Check in with our duty post threads and talk to other players around the fleet who are playing the same duty post as you are. Learn from different perspectives and share your own ideas here:

With all of the changes going on throughout the fleet, you’re likely to see a number of new ship names listed on the forums. Be sure to check in with your ship’s threads and get to know your crewmates better both IC and OOC:

Help to get the word out to the entire internet by taking part in one or more of our simple publicity projects. They are hugely helpful for the growth of the fleet. You’ll find information and instructions here:

And of course, like always, there’s plenty more! Until next month, hope to see you all around the forums.

Forums Roundup: July 2015

Summer is in full swing and there’s lots going on outside. It’s pretty awesome that there is a ton going on around the Starbase 118 forums as well. Here’s just a taste of what you can get into this month!

The Species Guild has started a new series of conversations about many species throughout the Federation. Some are canon, while some are specific to 118. Head on over to join in the conversations:

Have you read a great sim lately? Let the fleet know! Submit your favorite sims to the Top Sims contest where they can compete for one of the most prestigious awards the Fleet offers – Top Sim of the year. You can even submit your own sims if you’ve impressed yourself with one! Don’t wait, share the best sims from your ship today.

Our fleetwide teams are always looking for help. Without these teams, such as the publicity team, we wouldn’t be able to expand because we wouldn’t be gaining new members. If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, head on over to the publicity team threads and join us in spreading news of 118!

The one thing that has brought us all together here is our love for Star Trek. As such, it’s only natural that we get together to talk about our shared passion. You can join us in our Trek themed forums here:

Our duty post forums are far from used as much as they could be. Not only are they a great resource, but they offer officers a way to connect with others across the fleet. Most are seeking facilitators as well. Think you’re up for the job? Or maybe you just want to learn how others are playing your favorite duty posts? Head over and join the conversation now!

Of course there is much more as well! Don’t be a stranger – the forums are open 24/7 and always offer something for everyone. Until next month, see you in the threads!

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