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Families send Starfleet service members messages from home

SHOALS — The USS Veritas crew received a pleasant surprise in the form of a special care package of personal correspondences as the ship continues its extended service in the Shoals.

Life aboard a starship can be isolating, and not just for those serving but also the families of those who remain behind on Earth, Vulcan, and other worlds far from a ship’s current assignment. For the crew of the USS Veritas, their assignment to the Shoals has meant that they have been tasked to a “domestic” assignment in name only. Here, the shifting tetryon fields that give the region its name also restrict warp travel to a maximum of warp 5 and hinder reliable subspace communication.

Veritas escapes the Maelstrom with a few new additions

SHOALS – While investigating the tetryon storm known as the Maelstrom, the USS Veritas discovered that natives of a pre-warp civilization have been spread across the Shoals.

As the Veritas crew continued to search for two of their lost members, Agent Evan Delano and Dr. Nikki Ryan, the two displaced crew members struggled to survive on this primitive M class planet, one which had developed life and technology roughly equivalent of that to 20th century Earth despite the intense radiation put out by the Maelstrom. While the planet’s life had adapted to this radiation, the two visitors from Veritas had not.

Commander Kelrod’s team, the specialized Search and Rescue team aboard the Veritas, launched a shuttle and cruised down toward the planet while the Veritas remained in orbit. They managed to locate the missing crew members. However, these crew members were not alone – the place that Delano and Ryan’s transporter beam had been diverted to was already inhabited by several of the planet’s natives, who had been fleeing an oppressive regime and had paid for passage aboard Kallo Ver’s ship with some of the planet’s rich Dilithium reserves.

Captain Rahman made the decision to beam both her missing crew as well as these natives aboard, reasoning that Ver had already interfered with the planet’s development, and that having these natives aboard and available to speak with would be the best way to track down Ver’s prior passengers and to help minimize the damage to the planet’s culture. Still, not all agree with the decision.

“The Prime Directive exists for a reason,” Alex Jacobs of the Proxima News Service was quoted as saying. “We can’t be picking up every stray life form that has it a little tough and piling them on our increasingly overcrowded colonies.”

The Veritas is now en route to Antor II, the capital of the Colonial Coalition in the Shoals, to continue her mission.

Rogue planet discovered within the Maelstrom

SHOALS — A rogue M-class planet has been discovered by the USS Veritas in the large tetryon storm known as the Maelstrom.

The Veritas crew had been investigating the sudden loss of contact from Yorba Station, a small refueling station in the Shoals. After launching two shuttle teams to check for survivors and recover any data from the remains of the station, those remaining on the ship proceeded to venture further into the storm, finding a pocket of calm space within the edges of the 3-light year-wide storm. Furthermore, the crew were surprised to find an M-class world, inhabited by a civilization that had achieved a 20th-century Earth-equivalent technological level.

Contact with Yorba Station lost as Maelstrom returns

SHOALS — All contact with the refueling depot Yorba Station was lost as the infamous tetryon storm known as the Maelstrom made its annual return across the region.

Kos’karii pirates conspire with corrupt Shadow’s Edge officials

ESPERANCE — The USS Veritas returns to dock for shore leave after investigating the remains of the cargo vessel Falcon and finally laying rest to an old friend.

State of Emergency declared on Shadow’s Edge

SHADOW’S EDGE — In the midst of a murder investigation and pirate attacks, the government of Shadow’s Edge declared a state of emergency.

Starfleet captain killed during attack on governor’s residence

SHADOW’S EDGE — Starfleet and Colonial Coalition officials are investigating the death of Captain Rosa Carrero at the hands of unknown assailants during an assault on the Shadow’s Edge governor’s residence.

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