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USS Independence-A, No Longer NX!

Well, it finally happened. In a ceremony with much fanfare, champagne and even poetry, the USS Independence-A, a Prometheus-class vessel in our community, has (after just over four years of the harshest testing and preparation a ship can endure) finally lost the “NX” experimental prefix.

This makes its official registration NCC-1776-A. We wish the USS Independence-A and her crew happy sailing in the years ahead!

Independence plot summary for March

Having successfully retrieved the stolen drugs and mauls from the FTU, the Independence headed for some much-needed leave to Deep Space 17. While the crew had many individual plans, the biggest event during leave was the wedding of First Officer Karynn Ehlanii to Lcmd Ethan Brice. The wedding saw many friends and familiar faces show up on DS 17, including Captain Ben Walker, Commander Thelev, Lcmd Danny Wilde and Fleet Captain Mar, who performed the ceremony. The wedding was preceded by bachelor and bachelorette parties, which involved an exciting game of Truth or Dare for the women and a lot of drinking by the men. A good time was had by all.

Discovery plot summary for March

Ronin Class ShipAfter the crew of the USS Discovery, NCC-31929-B regaining control of the ship, Lord Cenarius of the Orcus sect retreated to a Federation planet where he now holds Federation citizens as “Livestock”. The crew of the Discovery split into teams to find different ways of defeating the Orcus Sect and gaining back all its crew and citizens. One team under the supervision of Capt. McCall invented weapons from Earth’s Middle Ages with silver in order to defeat the Sect, whereas elsewhere on the ship other Officers had the idea to take the livestock and starve the Sect into submission. Meanwhile the two most Senior Security Officers of the Discovery battled with the Captain Waltas’ sanity, due to the fact that two of the Captain’s children have fallen victim to Lord Cernarius and his sect, urging him to seek a diplomatic solution, maintaining Federation Standards must still be upheld. With the Discovery now in the hands of Cmdr. Mitchell, she now is faced with a hostile Valdore Class Warbird bearing down on her, meanwhile will the crew find a diplomatic solution or will a fire fight ensue with the destruction of the Orcus Sect.

Constitution plot summary for March

The ship and crew have been sent to the Romulan/Federation border set up after Romulas was destroyed to escort dignataries through for a meeting. Due to a delay, the ship has arrived at Draken III to help repair the mining colony’s satellite just outside the corridor. Against orders, CEO Lt. Teagan has gone out unguarded in a work bee to start repairs, but is taken ill and is beamed back to the ship while the work bee is towed in and a body of a very dead Romulan is found floating in space. Meanwhile, strange anomolies start happening around the ship; one causes a turbolift accident, trapping several crew, including LtCmdr. Fanel. Luckily, no one was hurt. It is revealed by the CMO that the two Romulan corpses died of multiple stab wounds, but show no signs of transporter residue. However, they do show signs of being on a planet before they were somehow whisked away. Plus, both bodies have traces of Islothonic radiation in their bodies as well as traces of Iconian particles. All research points to the Algeron system. Canderal re-assigns the Constitution-B to find the gateway, close it down, and stop whoever is killing off what is left of the Romulan people. She warns them that because the Algeron system is inside Romulan space they will be on their own if they get caught by the Romulans.

Drake plot summary for March

USS DrakeAfter limping back to StarBase 118 to put in for repairs in the aftermath of their last mission, the crew were granted shore leave only to find out that they were being transferred to the USS Drake, an elderly, Miranda class vessel. While some members of the crew recovered from their ordeal during the last mission, others took full advantage of the free time afforded to them, meeting old friends, visiting the bars, restaurants and other night spots on the starbase or simply relaxing in the company of family and loved ones. A select few eschewed shore leave entirely, preferring to explore and become familiar with their new ship as she was powered up and prepared for active service by the Corps of Engineers. Toward the end of their leave, almost the whole crew came together in a farewell party for the Eagle, during which the hard work of several crew members was recognised in the form of promotions.

Challenger plot summary for March

USS ChallengerHaving finished our mission inside the Romulan Empire, after the explosion of the Hobus star, we returned to DS-24. Lt. Parker was brought up on charges but given a stiff warning. After Lt. Parker started a relationship with LtJG Maya Gemini, they also celebrated in the Lower Deck bar. This resulted in Gemini getting in a fight with a Klingon female and Parker’s ex-girlfriend showed up. Tensions rose. New crew arrived and Captain Frazier stepped down, resulting in Cmdr. Tel-ar being made acting Captain. They were given a new mission to assist the Klingons with the Xarantine and they left DS-24 for the Klingon Empire. The crew were reorganized and Major Fracis deMarc returned to active duty from a long LOA. We are now on our way to the mission.

Aurora plot summary for March

The USS Aurora was investigating some exotic radiation levels near the Romulan Neutral Zone when an space anomaly engulfed the ship, driving it to 750 light years on the other side of the Romulan Star Empire. The ship received some damage but nothing too serious that the repair teams and medical team couldn’t handle. When recovering the sensor capability, the crew discovered a D7 Romulan ship floating in space, apparently without energy or living signatures. Having in count that the D7 class was last produced more than 200 years ago, it’s worth investigating, so an away team was sent in a shuttle due some damage on the transporters. After an easy ride, the doors of the Romulan ship opened and once inside they’re received by a group of Romulans who’s leader was named Lakacl. After an offer to repair the ventilation system of the ship and some diplomatic talks, the Elder Lakacl accepted to interview with Captain Vetri on the Aurora while the away team remained on the Romulan ship.

Victory plot summary for March

USS EagleWith everyone on board, save the deceased Petty Officer Alice May, the USS Victory, NCC-362447 heads for Earth to enjoy a much needed shore leave. Along the way, the ship met up with a transfer ship and handed off the Romulan Senator Kaitak, who had been rescued from Decas IV. Once the transfer was complete, the Victory made her way to the Sol System for repairs and a refit before heading back towards Starbase 118. Many of the Terran’s have gone home, while other members of the crew get to know each other.

The new counselor, Ensign Dranzer Damaer, is being met with mixed feelings. While some of the crew has gone out of their way to make her at home, other members, such as those who hold grudges against the Cardassians during the war, are doing the best that they can to avoid her. As she is the only counselor aboard the Victory, many Betazoid crewmembers are having a difficult time dealing with the attack on Betazed on their own.

Embassy plot summary for March

With the USS Thunder NCC-70605 in orbit around Duronis II, The senior staff beamed down to the planet to have their first glimpse of their new home – the former Romulan Embassy. After everyone had taken up quarters, work began on setting up Science Labs, Sickbay and other specialized departments.

First Officer Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul took a special interest in helping Lieutenant Anora Manar, Historian and Archaelogical Specialist, with a Bajoran artifact exhibit, particulary an ancient tablet with unknown words etched upon it. Also taking an interest was the Vulcan Medical Doctor, Ensign Saveron. A day later Anora and Tallis began to have dreams of a battle on DS9 that they had to prevent.

Discovery plot summary for February

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of Discovery is in a fight for their lives! Unearthing an ancient evil rooted in 15th-century Earth, they have encountered Remans who exhibit super-human characteristics, drink blood, and seem to have a terrible power over all those they encounter. The Captain’s daughter, Chief Helm Officer and a child have already fallen victim to Cenarius, Lord of the Orcus sect, as he extends his dark reach to envelop DISCOVERY. The crew is struggling to overcome not only their adversary, but their disbelief as their foe has survived forcefields, phasers set to kill, and bladed weapons. With his family and crew in jeapordy, Captain Waltas was forced to turn command of Discovery over to the now-turned Lt. Commander Anders, and the ship lurches towards an uncertain future, headed to the world where the Orcus sect has made its home. The crew has retaken the bridge and driven Cenarius to the surface, but the question remains-can they solve a 1,000 year mystery, rescue their comrades, and maintain their sanity?

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