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Monthly Ship Summary: Steadfast

The crew of the USS Steadfast, NCC-31999-A have been sent on a mission to the Federation Research Colony on Bersalis III.

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

This month the USS Constitution-B, NCC-9012-B crew has had a difficult time on Kepos Prime. This planet is to be the first Federation colony within the Delta Quadrant. The crew beamed down to the surface in order to scout out an area for the main camp. Once this was accomplish, FltCapt Xan Hebron sent out three groups to different locations.

Monthly Ship Summary: Ops

Still without their memories, some the crew continues on course with the revolt. While the people from the kingdom fight against the Lord’s soldiers the XO, CSO and CMO, who now possess their real memories, come up with a plan to infiltrate the keep and get to the Lord who they believe to have the answers as to why they are really here.

Monthly Ship Summary: Embassy

Having finished a shore leave picnic in Govinda Province with friends and family, the Embassy Tilhon senior staff returned to work to work the next morning to be confronted with two diplomatic assignments.

Monthly Ship Summary: Atlantis

After informing Admiral Krieger at SB118 of their intentions, ATLANTIS acted on information provided by their newest crewmember and guide, Mr. Dorlan, and delved deeper into the Par’tha Expanse in pursuit of a terrorist group called the Paaran.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

Victory is still teamed up with the Columbia Arriving at the designated coordinates; team Parker traveled the moon’s surface in search of their objective.

Monthly Ship Summary: Aurora

Aurora is still above Caraban II attempting to locate the missing Survey Team.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

The Victory and Columbia are still on their joint mission to explore the Kentic plans considering humanoid life in the quadrant as we know it. It is the hope of both Captain Hurne and Captain Avatar that the combined efforts of both ships and crew will ensure any and all Kentic invasion plans will fail before deployment.

Monthly Ship Summary: Independence/Kodiak

The USS Hammond, under temporary command of Fleet Captain Anassasi, was attacked by a Tzenkethi Carrier.

Monthly Ship Summary: Titan

After the destruction of the USS Titan, her crew returned home to Earth only to see their Commanding officer, Captain Draigon, put through the rigors of a trial.

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