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Constitution plot summary for February

The ship and her crew were hijacked by Armeni and her band of Pirates. Using her telephathic skills she subdued the crew. Angered by the fact she had missed Cmdr. Vetri and LtCmdr. T’Lea, she beamed the senior staff to the Holodeck to take part in a sick game of survival in a version of Sto-vo-kor (the Klingon afterlife). For good measure, she sent Tash Zubowskivich (who was under her telepathic control) to kill them if her friends on the Holodeck failed.

Ronin plot summary for February

USS RoninThe ongoing negotiations between the Breen and the Romulans at Tyberius VII became increasingly heated, and pushed crew of the USS Ronin to their limits. When a facility containing aid packages was destroyed, Lieutenant Commander Tallis led an away team to investigate. The first batch of evidence pointed to a Romulan device being the cause, but through other evidence a Breen ruse was soon uncovered, one to cast aspersions on the Romulans and drive a wedge between them and the Federation. Back on the ship, the Breen and Romulan representatives made their cases to Captain Turner as the crew worked to develop a way to decode and understand Breen speech. The Breen leader was soon undone when Romulan accusations of a hidden shipyard were confirmed by his own aide, who subsequently defected to the Romulans. She also revealed the location of a Federation hostage and assisted in his rescue… none other than a man long thought killed in action: Major Heath West.

Betazed attacked, 1.2 million feared dead

The Betazoid city of Ohmallera lies in ruin today after a devastating orbital bombardment. Though rescue efforts are underway, utilizing resources from nearby cities and towns as well as Starfleet resources, hope of finding more survivors dwindles with each passing hour.

Eagle plot summary for January

USS EagleThe Eagle arrived at a nascent wormhole at the edges of Federation territory, on a science mission to investigate the newly-discovered phenomena. Upon arriving, they detected vessels nearby from the hostile mahdee species known to frequent the area, although those ships appeared unaware of the Eagle’s presence. The scientific mission was disrupted when the Eagle came under fire; a cardassian ship – brand new, but seventy years old in design – and a heavily damaged Bird of Prey emerged from the wormhole.

Ship Closeup – Nova Class

The Nova-class starship is a tiny but tenacious workhorse of the fleet whose design philosophy focuses around compact size, reliability and a simple but rugged design. Its primary mission task is short-term planetary study, a noticeable shift away from the increasingly more militarized Starfleet design philosophy exemplified in the Defiant and Prometheus classes.

Our community has one active Nova-class starship, the USS Aurora. Let’s learn more about it.

Discovery plot summary for January

Ronin Class ShipReturning from shore leave, the crew of the USS Discovery NCC-31929-B has been ordered to return to the Avalon sector to represent Starfleet’s interests in the area. Acting as flagship for the sector, the crew has been ordered to patrol the Romulan neutral zone and monitor ships crossing it after the destruction of Romulus and Remus from the supernova. While still having the hangar pod attached, the crew picked up a signal from a transport crossing into Federation territory and Captain Waltas rushed the crew to investigate. When they arrived, they found a heavily damaged transport full of Romulan refugees. Sending shuttles over to investigate and render aid, the Discovery picked up something being launched from the shuttlebay. After punching through its cloak, the crew beamed it aboard to find a body encased within-a body that came to life. The crew is investigating both the new arrival as well as the transport, both showing signs that something very unusual is going on…

Victory plot summary for January

The USS Victory, NCC-36244 is in orbit of Decas IV. A high ranking pro-Federation Senator has gone into hiding and the crew of the Victory was sent to help him. The Tal Shiar had begun assassinating what was left of the government, to attain power. With an away team on the ground, and few methods of communication, the crew of the Victory must find a place to hide, while they wait to hear from the away team. Conditions on the surface are harsh. The atmosphere is dangerous, and communications, transporters, and thorough sensor readings are sparse. After surviving a rough decent and severe damage to the shuttle-craft Bach, the team is regrouping and heading toward the first rendezvous point for contact.

Constitution plot summary for January

The crew and ship are still under the influance of non-corporial beings. Plus a spacual rift had opened up, that if not sealed and soon would suck in the whole Galaxy. It soon became clear that the rift was the beings’ home. They were trapped inside our crewmen but promised if we could free them. Then they would return to the rift and seal it. Ensign Andarai came up with an idea to shake the crew using a special frequency; this would free the beings without harming anyone. The plan worked and the beings, now free, returned through the rift and sealed it. However, without the beings’ helping to keep the ship running, things began to fall apart. The Constitution-B is now at the Earth Orbital Shipyards, being put back togther while the crew enjoys two-weeks leave.

Ronin plot summary for January

USS RoninThe USS Ronin has responded to a distress call from the Breen colony on Tyberius VII. In the wake of the Hobus Star supernova, the Breen find themselves in the middle of a humanitarian crisis with no hope of supplies or aid from the Romulans. Seemingly grateful for Federation aid and supplies, they arrange for a tour of their colony, and send their diplomats to discuss further relief with Captain Toni Turner. The blue touch paper is lit when Romulan vessels appear in the Tyberius system and challenge the Federation’s presence in their space; this leads to the arrival of the commanding officer of the Romulan fleet aboard the USS Ronin, and sparks a political game of cat and mouse between the two rival delegations, with the Federation struggling to mediate.

Even as the Ronin crew hurry to step up their relief efforts in light of the discovery of just how many Breen are ill or starving, an explosion devastates the Breen’s second largest storage facility, destroying 40% of the supplies that they had received. With relations already strained between the Breen and the Romulans, the Ronin crew must find a way to find out what happened, and manage the diplomatic situation before it rages out of control.

USS Aurora launches tomorrow!

We’re launching a new ship this Wednesday: the USS Aurora! This vessel was first commissioned in 2382 under the command of Cmdr. Megan Parker, but was reassigned shortly thereafter in 2383 to short-range anthropological missions with civilizations along the Romulan Neutral Zone. Those missions complete, it is to be commanded by Cmdr. Della Vetri, with LtCmdr. Marcus Dickens as the First Officer. The crew has been assembled from almost every ship in the fleet, making it one of our most diverse. Good luck to the Aurora and her crew as they depart from StarBase 118 on a short-term mission of exploration!

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