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Constitution plot summary for December

A Vulcan science vessel has found the Constitution-B adrift in space with the crew out cold. When they come around, Perkins and company discover everything is back to normal. However with a skeleton crew and most of the ship systems down, it will take a while to limp back to the Utopia Planitia shipyards for repairs. But it soon becomes clear that something else apart from the crew is on board. The Computer has gone mad and systems turn deadly towards the crew. Plus, a strange ooze-like creature is roaming the ship, eating it’s way through solid objects. Thankfully, 2Lt. Sasslin manages to trap it in sickbay, but this only angers the beings who have invaded the ship.

After gathering in Engineering. The crew soon come to realise that this disgusting creature is the only ‘solid ‘ link to these beings. With more attacks on the crew plus Teagan being taken over by one of the beings. Perkins deciedes to return to sickbay and try to make contact. To be continued!

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Victory plot summary for December

USS VictoryThe USS Victory, NCC-36244 was on shore leave when the crew received word that the Hobus Star had become unstable. After a quick briefing, they were dispatched as part of a second wave effort to evacuate Romulus. While en route, the crew had their annual Officers Banquet. During the banquet the Commander Andrus Jaxx was notified that the Hobus Star had gone supernova. Holding onto this information, Jaxx is allowing his crew to enjoy the rest of their evening before relaying the news.

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Challenger plot summary for December

USS ChallengerThe crew lead by Lt. Cmdr. Dickens was finally able to discover the identity of the real killer. It was a business man by the name of Jason Dean. As a result all charges against Lt. Edward Chalmers have been dropped and we can now leave New Scotland. We then headed to Starbase 118 where the crew will be enjoying shore leave. Once at the station the entire crew was given leave. After everyone had an opportunity to enjoy the facilities on the station the Captain organized a dinner where he promoted a number of the crew, then handed out awards. Very soon after we were contacted by Admiral Janeway and put on standby to possibly assist the Romulans.

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Discovery plot summary for December

Ronin Class ShipDue to the destruction of Romulus and Remus and the instability that it has caused throughout the region, Discovery has been recalled to her home — the Avalon sector — to act as the flagship. Their orders are to prevent any rogue Romulan or Reman elements from breaking into Federation territory and squatting on one of the border planets currently under Federation control. While the crew chafed at these orders, feeling sympathy for the refugees, the orders stand. Captain Waltas and crew are currently racing back to DS-285 to re-equip Discovery for search and rescue, not knowing what they will find or what condition they will be in.

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Ronin plot summary for December

USS RoninAfter the capture of the freighter where the children of the USS Ronin, NCC-34523, were being held, the two away teams found that it was a holodeck with traps designed as puzzles. The intent was simple – solve the puzzles or die. Due to a power failure, the teams successfully manuvered through the and found the children with their holo-image captor. Immediately beaming back with the children, a holo-image calling itself “Casper” appeared to them on the Ronin, saying he needed to talk to Commander Turner. Concerned that Casper had tapped into the Ronin’s Holodeck computers, he was isolated and put into a hologram containment cube designed by LtCmdr Thomas Gregory, Chief of Operations, for a later disposition.

The Ronin went on short leave, which included R&R, Promotions and and the wedding of M.Captain Miles Unun and LtCmdr Talon Lee. During shore leave they heard of the destruction that a supernova rained on the Romulan Empire, and are now awaiting mission orders from Starfleet.

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Eagle plot summary for December

USS EagleAfter concluding leave on Risa, the crew were gathered for a mission briefing, wherein it was revealed that the Eagle was to scout out a newly-discovered nascent wormhole in contest territory at the edge of Federation space. Several new faces were welcomed aboard and a surprise visit from an Admiral saw Commander Reynolds promoted to Captain.

Preparations were made in anticipation of the crew’s arrival at their destination; the ship’s shields were upgraded to deal with the strange energies radiating from the wormhole, the science department picked apart the long-range scans for as much information as they could scavenge, research into the local species – the Mahdee – was conducted, while security and tactical readied ship and personnel for a potential hostile encounter. On arrival, the area initially appeared quiet, with the Mahdee ships on the edge of sensor range apparently unaware of the Federation vessel. But a sudden impact on the Eagle’s shields revealed that perhaps the situation wasn’t quite as calm as first appearances would imply…

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Discovery plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Discovery-B is currently on shore leave, following an invitation from a galactic theme park planet. The planet turned out to be Camelot V, a world the Discovery-A had visited before. The crew is dealing with the ramifications of visiting the world where many of the command crew had been brain washed and twisted into believing they were other people. The visit this time is going far better then the last time. The crew is having a martial arts tournament among themselves for fun.

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Independence plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Independence-A have been assisting Deep Space 17 with repairs following Operation Bright Star. The civilians on the station in an effort to bring a sense or normalcy back to life and to honor the dead, requested a “Day of the Dead” celebration be held on the station. The crew of the Independence was drafted to supply security and medical teams for these events while the ship underwent much needed repairs.

Conflict between the remaining Vaadwaur and civilians on the station escalated into a riot, during the Halloween Parade, which LtCmdr. Rogers and security had to contain. At the same time Captain Riley was undergoing major surgery to finally repair the injuries she sustained during the Vaadwaur attack.

Constitution plot summary for November

Still jumping through time the crew now find themselves in 1969 at Woodstock. It soon becomes clear things are very wrong indeed. Time is collapsing and mixing together. Romans, Vikings and a rampaging T-Rex are running around killing hippies.

Victory plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Victory returned to StarBase 118 for repairs. During their previous mission they had taken a small amount of damage from Romulan ships inside the Azure Nebula. Once the ship was docked Shore Leave began for most of the crew. A small group of officers were sent (voluntarily) on a mission transporting Romulan prisoners. At the same time, our Engineering department is testing the warp systems in a modified Runabout, designed for prisoner transport. As most of the crew is winding down, there is trouble brewing not too far from the Neutral Zone. The word is starting to trickle down that Romulus may be in trouble.

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