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Ronin Plot Summary for September

USS RoninAfter successfully sabotaging a joint Orion/Scarlet Brotherhood shipyard deep within the turbulent region of space known as the Badlands, the crew of the USS Ronin NCC-34523 have been granted some time to patch up the ship, lick their wounds and regroup. Having spent a few days on Deep Space Nine to celebrate the induction of Bajor into the Federation, the Ronin crew have set course for Duronis II for a little R&R. With a chance to meet new friends and catch up with old colleagues, the crews of the Embassy and the Ronin are taking the opportunity to refresh their batteries and forge new relationships.

September Post Totals

Ship post totals for September

Great posting from all of our fleet this month!

Starbase 118 Ops Plot Summary for September

Damaged during the firefight with the suicidal terrorist freighter above Starbase 118, the USS Victory has limped home for repairs in drydock. With the majority of the terrorists now awaiting judiciary hearings, the operations crew of Starbase 118 is taking a much deserved rest.

Duronis II Embassy Plot Summary for September

The crew of the USS Thunder completed its mission related to the threats against the talks for Bajor to be admitted into the Federation. Bolivia Gaev had been arrested, and the crew would transport him back to Duronis II for Laudean prosecution.

FNN Breaking News: The End of the Crisis at StarBase 118?

StarBase 118, Trinity Sector (Stardate 238808.31) – The crisis appears to be over. Up to the minute reports are showing that the main terrorist threat to Starbase 118 has been destroyed. Isolated firefights are still being reported throughout the damaged parts of the station, but overall, the Starbase is on the path to recovery.

Just minutes ago, representatives from Starfleet confirmed that the drifting cargo ship full of explosives that had been disabled just outside of the station’s docking doors has now been destroyed. Finding few choices left, the terrorists who were in control of the freighter chose to trigger a warp core overload rather than be taken as prisoners. There are no survivors.

Discovery plot summary for August

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of the USS Discovery-B is enjoying shore leave on Captain Waltas’ home world of Ba’ku. Captain Waltas and Commander Redstone finally cemented their relationship by getting married. The majority of the crew is joining them in celebrating. The rest are investigating historical remains in the mountains.

Follow the crew of the Discovery on their site!

Independence plot summary for August

The Independence-A has been on a mission to retrieve a stone stolen from the Bajoran Archives.

As of now, the Independence-A is still trailing the vessel used to take the Kosst-Amogen. Some operatives of the Scarlet Brotherhood have snuck aboard the Independence and have caused many troubles. The first of which was the stabbing of Fleet Captain Sidney Riley by two of their operatives. This was in combination with the sabotage of the engine core to create a near matter-antimatter explosion which resulted in a shipwide lockdown and evacuation preparations. They have also tried to poison some crewmembers. One had also taken a child hostage while taking advantage of the confusion. Also, Doctor Sampi and some of his personnel were held captive by some operatives.

Fleet post totals for August

Here are the post totals for August! Challenger and Constitution are both showing low posting rates due to their crew merger into the Ronin. They will not appear on next month’s report.

Ronin plot summary for August

USS RoninThe USS Ronin NCC-34523 has been recommissioned after a refit following her recent tour of duty. With the crew largely made up of two recently decommissioned vessels, the settling-in process has brought a few recent conflicts to light, including a reignited feud between Commander Tallis Rhul, the Ronin’s CO, and his Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker. While Tallis specifically requested Parker’s services aboard ship, their experiences with the Scarlet Brotherhood have left differences between the two officers that still need to be resolved. Conflict has also arisen around the conduct of Lieutenant (j.g.) Sky Blake, whose physical recovery from a savage attack at the hands of the Brotherhood has moved forward much more quickly than her psychological recovery.

Shipwide Chat for the USS Ronin

The first shipwide chat for the newly relaunched USS Ronin has been scheduled for this coming Saturday, Sept 17th, at 3pm EST (Noon Pactific time, 7pm GMT) on our site’s chat room. If you call the Ronin home, join your fellow crewmates for an exciting time of OOC banter about whatever you’ve been wanting to discuss but haven’t been able to via email or IM!

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