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Monthly Ship Summary: Aurora

Aurora is still above Caraban II attempting to locate the missing Survey Team.

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory/Columbia

The Victory and Columbia are still on their joint mission to explore the Kentic plans considering humanoid life in the quadrant as we know it. It is the hope of both Captain Hurne and Captain Avatar that the combined efforts of both ships and crew will ensure any and all Kentic invasion plans will fail before deployment.

Monthly Ship Summary: Independence/Kodiak

The USS Hammond, under temporary command of Fleet Captain Anassasi, was attacked by a Tzenkethi Carrier.

Monthly Ship Summary: Titan

After the destruction of the USS Titan, her crew returned home to Earth only to see their Commanding officer, Captain Draigon, put through the rigors of a trial.

Monthly Ship Summary: Constitution

The crew of the USS Constitution was on the far end of a wormhole, establishing a colony on the planet now named, “Kepos Prime.” The colony was of vital importance, being right at the entrance to the anomaly back to the Alpha Quadrant.

Simmings Tips Column

“How to avoid backsims and how to regain missed opportunities”
By: Captain Rocar, Commanding Officer, Duronis III Embassy

Ever missed someone’s post and had to backsim after the plot had moved on? Alternatively, perhaps you have posted a sim that moves things on and then a fellow player posted a sim requiring responses from your character in the past even though you had moved your character on from that place or timeframe?

Monthly Ship Summary: Ops

After the engineering staff worked extremely long hours, the Discovery launched on time and headed out to the Camelot system to undertake a planetary survey mission with particular interest in large deposits of rare resources. Without having time to complete the repairs to the ship, the trip out to the system was interesting for the crew who had to contest with a number of minor system failures.

Monthly Ship Summary: Aurora

The newly commissioned Aurora set sail from Starbase 118 on its shakedown cruise with the simple purpose of evaluating the ship and making her mission ready.

London in our Thoughts

The Executive Council speaks for the entire membership of the UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG when it says that the terrorist attacks on London, England were a terrible tragedy. The victims and their families are all in our thoughts.

Interview with Captain Rocar

An IC interview between Lieutenant Commander Devar and Captain Rocar of the Duronis II Embassy. Great stuff!

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