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Constitution plot summary for July

The Constitution-B has been sent to the Klingon planet of Sos’Iw, where every seven years the “Hell’s Gate Games” are held. The crew’s mission is to stop a rogue group of Cardassian/Son’a from killing Chancellor Martok while he attends the games. Martok has requested help from Starfleet as he no longer trusts his own people to protect him. He is especially suspicious of Generel KimpoK, who is in charge of security. KimpoK has no love for Starfleet and nearly crashes his ship into the Constitution-B while playing a game of chicken. LtCmdr. Jacen Fanel leads an away team, by shuttle, down to the surface but the team is caught up in a dangerous situation when a cargo ship clips a Bird of Prey and subsequently crashes on top of the away team. Quick thinking from Lt. Awa Alexander saves the away team from certain death. As things stand, D’ciq is training for the games having resigned from Starfleet.

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Ops plot summary for July

With barely time to unpack, the new crew of Starbase 118 (under the command of Captain Andrus Jaxx) started their new assignment with a bang! Carefully planned terrorist attacks rocked the station, knocking out virtually all of critical systems and their backups. With communications down, the station has been unable to send or receive anything, and individual firefights are breaking out through the station as the terrorists seem to be making a push for a silent ship that is approaching the station with an unknown intent. The ship, of Bajoran origin, seems to have the codes and is giving itself clearance to a docking port on the station.

Embassy plot summary for July

Following the capture of the Laudean criminal Bolivia Gaev, his Romulan Scout Ship has been commandeered to facilitate an infiltration attempt. Gaev’s scheduled meeting with his Orion contact, Harromad, is being met by an undercover crew. The majority of the crew of the USS Thunder, NCC-70605 have been modified to pass as Laudeans, one having been altered to resemble Bolivia Gaev himself.

Intelligence indicates that Harromad has ties with the Scarlet Brotherhood, who may try to sabotage the Bajoran-Federation talks. The Brotherhood requested a strong Fielder from Harromad, hence Vail Daysa’s capture, but the reason remains unclear. The prevention of any interference in the talks is paramount, leading to the attempt to infiltrate the criminal organisation and gain access to the Brotherhood.

Monthly Post Totals from July

Monthly Post Totals from July

Here are the monthly post totals for July! 1,653 posts in 30 days for the entire fleet!

Ops plot summary for June

Finding themselves stranded in a pivotal moment in Earth’s history, the crew of the USS Victory NCC – 362447, and their recently promoted Captain, raced to recreate the Moon Landing and prevent the unraveling of history. While engineering crews worked side-by-side with the legendary astronauts to rebuild the destroyed Apollo 11, away teams were dispatched to 1969 Earth in order to take part in one of the most difficult undercover missions in recent Starfleet history: infiltrating NASA. With all the pieces in place and the ship rebuilt the astronauts prepared to take part in their momentous mission, leaving the Victory and her crew with one final task: finding a way back to her own time.

Meanwhile an old enemy, taking advantage of the situation, reared its shapeshifting head temporarily replacing Chief of Operations Radi Rais before being finally beaten in a battle of wills by Captain Jaxx. With that threat dealt with, although perhaps only temporarily, it became clear to Chief of Science Lt. Tressa that the accident which transported the Victory to 1969 was no accident at all. Finding themselves at the whim of an adolescent Q, the senior staff were tempted with their greatest desires although provided the entity with little entertainment. They were thrown back to their own time to take on an even greater challenge: Starbase 118.

Drake plot summary for June

USS Drake

USS Drake

After disabling a number of small craft attacking the convoy of refugees, the crew of the USS Drake were faced with the tasks of repairing the ship and dealing with its aftermath. Damage repair teams were dispatched to assist the Christian Bernard the lead ship of the convoy. In addition to effecting repairs the crew came face to face with the Romulan refugees and the conditions under which they are living. The interrogation of the surviving attackers caused some concerns in Sickbay when Security escalated the questioning by threatening one of the prisoners with a phaser.

While the Captain was dealing with the repercussions of these actions , the situation on the Bridge became complicated , with one of the convoy Captains threatening to break away from the convoy. Simultaneously a Romulan Bird of prey decloaked declaring itself to be “friendly”. Unbeknown to the crew of the Drake the Romulan Bird of Prey and the Romulan ambassador aboard the Drake have undisclosed political reasons behind their respective presence.

Aurora plot summary for June

With the ship patched up after it’s last mission, the USS Aurora’s new job was a patrol of a section of the Federation/Klingon border, maintaining a presence in the area should anything crop up.

It didn’t take all that long for just that to happen, with the Aurora – coordinating with the Brikar Defence Force – identifying a vessel crossing the border that was flagged by Starfleet as being of interest in a number of criminal activities. Suspicion heightened still further when the vessel displayed signs of carrying a cloak, though not a very good one.

Discovery Plot Summary for June

Ronin Class ShipThe Discovery has completed her mission to rescue survivors from the horde of Reman vampires. But the mission has left lingering effects on all of the crew. Many had to make difficult choices and are now dealing with the consequences of those choices. For example, Cmdr Mitchell’s choice to give the injections to all crew returning from the surface resulted in his fiancee, Lt Cmdr Anders, loosing her memories for the last 3 years. The ship and crew are now at DS-285 and looking forward to shore leave on Ba’ku.

Challenger Plot Summary for June

USS ChallengerThe USS Challenger started the month on shore leave. Some crew members explored the Klingon planet that they had been called to for their previous mission, some explored the Xarantine home world, and others stayed on the ship to use its facilities. Then the parents of Klingon/Trill science officer Lieutenant (j.g.) Maya Gemini invited the Challenger senior staff to a banquet served in their honour, held by their Klingon house. It was a typical Klingon feast with fighting, traditional Klingon food, blood wine and exchanging stories.

Shortly afterwards, the ship was visited by a mysterious Section 31 operative, warning of a planned thalaron weapon attack on Starbase 118 by the Scarlet Brotherhood. Pushing the ship to her very limits, the Challenger crew began the race against time to return to the Trinity Sector and find the ship in question before the weapon could be assembled and activated. With a Bajoran freighter currently in their sights, will the crew find and stop the terrorists in time?

Constitution Plot Summary for June

The Constitution-B had been sent to investigate the sudden
silence of the mining colony of Dusters Range. They were also to look for the USS Nimitz, which went missing when first sent to Dusters Range to investigate what was going on.

Upon arrival at Dusters Range, an away team was sent to the surface.
Finding no one above the surface the away team moved below. There they soon discovered why. The Borg had taken over the colony using deep space probes that, on reaching their target, unleash a cloud of nanoprobes to assimilate all life! At almost at the same moment, the Nimitz reappeared, also now under Borg control.

A second away team was sent to board her, to look for surviours. The first discovery was that these Borg were very different from the ones encountered before. With no contact from their hive or queen to guide them, these Borg drones had taken Starfleet Tech and used it to assimilate the crew.

Led by Lieutenant Commander Fanel, the Nimitz away team found some of the crew still unassimilated. They also found Lt (j.g.) D’Ciq onboard. How she ended up on board the Nimitz is unknown as yet.

At the same time the Colony away team managed to escape the planet and head towards the Nimitz where they met up with Fanel’s away team. Taking the surviors, they escaped the Nimitz and returned to the Constitution-B.

As this report goes to print. The ship is arriving at DS9.

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