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Independence plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Independence-A have been assisting Deep Space 17 with repairs following Operation Bright Star. The civilians on the station in an effort to bring a sense or normalcy back to life and to honor the dead, requested a “Day of the Dead” celebration be held on the station. The crew of the Independence was drafted to supply security and medical teams for these events while the ship underwent much needed repairs.

Conflict between the remaining Vaadwaur and civilians on the station escalated into a riot, during the Halloween Parade, which LtCmdr. Rogers and security had to contain. At the same time Captain Riley was undergoing major surgery to finally repair the injuries she sustained during the Vaadwaur attack.

Constitution plot summary for November

Still jumping through time the crew now find themselves in 1969 at Woodstock. It soon becomes clear things are very wrong indeed. Time is collapsing and mixing together. Romans, Vikings and a rampaging T-Rex are running around killing hippies.

Victory plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Victory returned to StarBase 118 for repairs. During their previous mission they had taken a small amount of damage from Romulan ships inside the Azure Nebula. Once the ship was docked Shore Leave began for most of the crew. A small group of officers were sent (voluntarily) on a mission transporting Romulan prisoners. At the same time, our Engineering department is testing the warp systems in a modified Runabout, designed for prisoner transport. As most of the crew is winding down, there is trouble brewing not too far from the Neutral Zone. The word is starting to trickle down that Romulus may be in trouble.

Keep up with the Victory crew on their e-mail list!

Ronin plot summary for November

Following an attack during the Remembrance parade on Deep Space 17, Commander Toni Turner’s children, along with another officer’s son and the USS Ronin’s school teacher, were kidnapped. Responding initially to the attack itself, the crew of the Ronin were instrumental in securing the Promenade, and disabling the automated weapons left behind by the attackers. Now, the crew, led by Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul, who has assumed command due to Turner’s emotional situation, is in hot pursuit of the freighter that they believe holds the children. The Ronin is about to enter a nebula near Cholos Prime, a planet suspected of dealings with the Orion syndicate, fully expecting a trap to be sprung as they plan to mount their rescue attempt…

Launch of the Resolution!

Commander Toni Turner, most recently executive officer aboard the USS Challenger, has launched as a commanding officer aboard the USS Resolution. Congratulations, Commander, and good luck to you and your crew!
The current Starbase 118 fleet once again includes eight playable vessels and one installation. That, along with an influx of many new players, promises *ahem* long life and prosperity to the group!

USS Steadfast-A Relaunches

Commander Francis deMarc, most recently executive officer aboard the USS Challenger, has launched as a commanding officer aboard the recommissioned USS Steadfast-A. Congratulations, Commander, and good luck to you and your crew!
The current Starbase 118 fleet now includes eight playable vessels and one installation, which is the highest number of active simming sites we’ve seen since the Victory was decommissioned over two years ago!

USS Constitution-B Relaunches

Captain Cura Assanti and the crew of the Indria-A have headed over to the Galaxy-class ship following Cura’s in-character promotion to captain. Congratulation, Captain, and to the crew of the Constitution, we know you’ll keep the old girl “Undefeated”!

Happy Holidays, from Challenger crew

Per tradition, the Challenger crew has posted their yearly holiday card. Check it out, and be sure to drop them a line on the forums to thank them for the well-wishes!

Condolences to family of Tanang

Ensign Tanang, a recent graduate of our Academy and member of StarBase 118 Ops, has passed away due to complications resulting from a terminal illness. We send wishes our condolences and well-wishes to his family.

USS Indria-A relaunches!

Commander Cura Assanti-Stone, beginning her examinations for Captaincy, has been launched on a veteran ship, the USS Indria-A! Once under the command of the famed Rear Admiral Shaun Marlin, this ship is prepared to deliver it’s new crew to vast adventures across Federation space, and beyond!

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