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Discovery plot summary for July

Ronin Class ShipAfter defeating the dreaded Cenarius and his allies, the crew of Discovery brokered peace between the two remaining factions. A human known as Marcus stepped forward and agreed to act as an Ambassador to Starfleet for the Reman people. Through the darkness of Cenarius’ actions, there is the light of hope, and understanding. With Captain Waltas’ report as well as Marcus’s own testimony, the galaxy may yet come to understand the bizarre lifestyle and beliefs of a people once reviled by Human and Romulan alike. With the nightmare mission behind them, the Discovery is headed for Ba’ku for a much-needed shore leave and a wedding, as Captain Waltas and Commander Redstone will finally tie the knot under the supervision of Captain McCall. All is not well, however; Commander Anders, suffering from the vampiric touch of the Remans, had a reaction to the antidote and lost her memory-including the relationship she held with First Officer Mitchell. As the couple prepares to say goodbye to their past, the rest of the crew must wrestle with their own demons, spawned from the mission, the aftermath, or their past. The welcoming radiation of Ba’ku awaits them.

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Discovery Plot Summary for June

Ronin Class ShipThe Discovery has completed her mission to rescue survivors from the horde of Reman vampires. But the mission has left lingering effects on all of the crew. Many had to make difficult choices and are now dealing with the consequences of those choices. For example, Cmdr Mitchell’s choice to give the injections to all crew returning from the surface resulted in his fiancee, Lt Cmdr Anders, loosing her memories for the last 3 years. The ship and crew are now at DS-285 and looking forward to shore leave on Ba’ku.

Discovery plot summary for May

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of the Discovery-B continues their mission against the vampire Orcus Sect. One ground team lead by Steve McCall has managed to rescue the prisoners being held by the Sect, while another ground team lead by Captain Waltas managed to located the sect leader Centarus and kill him. On the ship, team of Ensign Rogg and Lt Lundrigan rescued Lt Blueheart from his entrapment in the holodeck caused by his transporter mishap, while Commander Mitchell, Lt Valdivia, and Dr Berus debate the ethics of forcing the newly developed cure on the former prisoners rescued on the surface.

Discovery plot summary for April

Ronin Class ShipIn orbit around the Orcus Sect Homeworld, a planet were night is several years long, the Discovery placed a grid of mirrors to bring daylight, harmful to the Orcus Sect members, to the planet surface. But the grid was attacked by a Valdore class Warbird, commanded by Captain Waltas’ daugher, now a member of the sect. At the same time, the away team on the surface split into two. One team found a group that fought against the Orcus Sect, although they were very similar to them, and is still trying to ascertain if they can trust them. Meanwhile, the other team discovered a church that was the entrance to the underground Orcus Temple, and found a normal human that worked for the sect. He was not hostile, however, and they entered the tunnels, in order to rescue the prisoners the sect used as “Livestock”. In orbit, a transporter accident left an officer stranded in the holodeck, and the crew is working on rescuing him at the same time they work on a cure for the infection the Sect members transmitted on some crewmembers.

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Discovery plot summary for March

Ronin Class ShipAfter the crew of the USS Discovery, NCC-31929-B regaining control of the ship, Lord Cenarius of the Orcus sect retreated to a Federation planet where he now holds Federation citizens as “Livestock”. The crew of the Discovery split into teams to find different ways of defeating the Orcus Sect and gaining back all its crew and citizens. One team under the supervision of Capt. McCall invented weapons from Earth’s Middle Ages with silver in order to defeat the Sect, whereas elsewhere on the ship other Officers had the idea to take the livestock and starve the Sect into submission. Meanwhile the two most Senior Security Officers of the Discovery battled with the Captain Waltas’ sanity, due to the fact that two of the Captain’s children have fallen victim to Lord Cernarius and his sect, urging him to seek a diplomatic solution, maintaining Federation Standards must still be upheld. With the Discovery now in the hands of Cmdr. Mitchell, she now is faced with a hostile Valdore Class Warbird bearing down on her, meanwhile will the crew find a diplomatic solution or will a fire fight ensue with the destruction of the Orcus Sect.

Discovery plot summary for February

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of Discovery is in a fight for their lives! Unearthing an ancient evil rooted in 15th-century Earth, they have encountered Remans who exhibit super-human characteristics, drink blood, and seem to have a terrible power over all those they encounter. The Captain’s daughter, Chief Helm Officer and a child have already fallen victim to Cenarius, Lord of the Orcus sect, as he extends his dark reach to envelop DISCOVERY. The crew is struggling to overcome not only their adversary, but their disbelief as their foe has survived forcefields, phasers set to kill, and bladed weapons. With his family and crew in jeapordy, Captain Waltas was forced to turn command of Discovery over to the now-turned Lt. Commander Anders, and the ship lurches towards an uncertain future, headed to the world where the Orcus sect has made its home. The crew has retaken the bridge and driven Cenarius to the surface, but the question remains-can they solve a 1,000 year mystery, rescue their comrades, and maintain their sanity?

Discovery plot summary for January

Ronin Class ShipReturning from shore leave, the crew of the USS Discovery NCC-31929-B has been ordered to return to the Avalon sector to represent Starfleet’s interests in the area. Acting as flagship for the sector, the crew has been ordered to patrol the Romulan neutral zone and monitor ships crossing it after the destruction of Romulus and Remus from the supernova. While still having the hangar pod attached, the crew picked up a signal from a transport crossing into Federation territory and Captain Waltas rushed the crew to investigate. When they arrived, they found a heavily damaged transport full of Romulan refugees. Sending shuttles over to investigate and render aid, the Discovery picked up something being launched from the shuttlebay. After punching through its cloak, the crew beamed it aboard to find a body encased within-a body that came to life. The crew is investigating both the new arrival as well as the transport, both showing signs that something very unusual is going on…

Discovery plot summary for December

Ronin Class ShipDue to the destruction of Romulus and Remus and the instability that it has caused throughout the region, Discovery has been recalled to her home — the Avalon sector — to act as the flagship. Their orders are to prevent any rogue Romulan or Reman elements from breaking into Federation territory and squatting on one of the border planets currently under Federation control. While the crew chafed at these orders, feeling sympathy for the refugees, the orders stand. Captain Waltas and crew are currently racing back to DS-285 to re-equip Discovery for search and rescue, not knowing what they will find or what condition they will be in.

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Discovery plot summary for November

The crew of the USS Discovery-B is currently on shore leave, following an invitation from a galactic theme park planet. The planet turned out to be Camelot V, a world the Discovery-A had visited before. The crew is dealing with the ramifications of visiting the world where many of the command crew had been brain washed and twisted into believing they were other people. The visit this time is going far better then the last time. The crew is having a martial arts tournament among themselves for fun.

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