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May Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The Achilles has disappeared without a trace. Their last transmission contained all of their data on the plague, showing a strange ability to adapt to all known treatments. Putting two and two together, the scientists have determined that the only person with the antibodies to develop a cure is the same person that has threatened the Discovery’s crew. In a bizarre and questionable decision, JAG has decided to allow Waltas one chance to make things right – he must convince Zero to help them end the plague, and in the meantime contain the plague and rescue the Achilles if possible. The Chief Tactical Officer, Commander Mitchell, crashed onto the surface of Vendra-3, where the Achilles is marooned, after encountering atmospheric disturbances, and was rescued by the remaining crew of the Achilles. Unfortunately, Mitchell is now infected with the plague virus.

The Discovery is still trying to establish contact with the Achilles and Mitchell. Meanwhile, Zero managed to escape and is now confronting the Captain on Deck 14 for a serious discussion. To complicate things even further, the plague virus has been detected within the transporter buffers of the Discovery and randomly infects those who use the transporters; at least two officers have been confirmed to have the plague.

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April Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

The Discovery-C has been dispatched on a mission to search for the missing USS Achilles. The Achilles was on a research mission to Vendra 3 to study a plague outbreak and disappeared during the mission.  Commander Mitchell re-assumed his former post as Chief Tactical Officer, and has been working closely with Lt Rogg to modify a shuttle to survive in the dense atmosphere of Vendra 3.

Meanwhile, the Discovery has also taken aboard a JAG officer, and his special cargo. His special cargo is the comatose serial killer know to the Discovery crew as Zero. Zero had been left on a dead world by the crew of the Discovery years ago after his last attempt on the crew, especially the Captain. During the time the Discovery had been trapped in a Dyson Sphere, Zero had been found by the USS Valiant. Now tests have found Zero’s DNA to have a possible cure for the plague being studied by the Achilles.

The ship is to find the missing Achilles, while convincing Zero if he awakens, to help them in curing the plague.

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March Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

Back at DS-285 for resupply, the crew of the USS Discovery gets some much needed down-time while the crew of the USS Valiant finds a stasis pod on Goma VI, a desolate moon off the main trade routes. The pod, containing an escaped prisoner known only as Zero, is brought on board and investigation leads to a shocking discovery. The pod was not only deliberately left on a dead moon by Captain Tyr Waltas of the USS Discovery but measures were taken to prevent its accidental discovery. The prisoner, who is catatonic, undergoes a medical evaluation. During that evaluation its determined that the prisoner, a shapeshifter, can adapt and change at the cellular level. 

February Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

With the senior officers back on board, the Discovery, backed by the other combat-worthy ships imprisoned in the sphere, engaged Trelane’s fleet of D-7s. At the same time, the source of Trelane’s power was determined and an away team dispatched with instructions to determine whether it was possible to teleport of all of the captured ships out of the sphere and to set a timed explosive to eliminate the device.

It became clear quickly that, while Trelane had superior numbers, he also had problems maintaining and maneuvering his ships in the field. While Trelane’s ships come under fire, the away team beams over to the device. The Asst. Chief Engineer, having figured out the controls, beamed the away team back to the Discovery and then beamed all of the captured ships outside of the sphere. Decoys are setup to cover their escape and Starfleet is contacted regarding a massive relief effort. With the arrival of the relief ships, Discovery was freed to return to DS-285. There has been no sign of Trelane and he is presumed trapped in the sphere.

January Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

USS ChallengerDiscovery remains trapped within the Dyson Sphere. With Eriksen, the former Captain of the USS Melbourne, now in custody in Discovery’s brig, pending court martial, the crew of the Discovery begins to run food and medical supplies to other ships prioritized by greatest need. Meetings provide data accumulated over years by other crews and slowly, the crew begins to put together a picture of what’s going on.

December Plot Summary For The USS Discovery-C

USS ChallengerThe month of December found Discovery recovering from being pulled into a Dyson Sphere and an attack on a Borg sphere. Discovery crushed the sphere and its one remaining survivor requested asylum.

Shortly after the battle Captain Waltas was dealing with the USS Melbourne whose Captain, Eriksen, had cracked under the pressure of being trapped inside the sphere for the last year and a half. While on the Melbourne Eriksen first tried to convince Waltas to merge the crew of the Melbourne  with the crew on Discovery, with Eriksen taking command of course.

Discovery-C Plot Summary For November

USS ChallengerWith the decommissioning of the U.S.S. Discovery- B, the crew has  transferred to their new ship, the U.S.S. Discovery-C.  The fitting out process begun by Commander Rode Mitchell during the ship’s trip out to DS-285, was quickly completed by the newly transferred crew. Captain Tyr Waltas then took the ship and crew out for a shakedown cruise. But during a full power test of the new ship’s science package, a strange matter steam was detected. The decision was made to follow this stream to it’s source, resulting in the detection of a Dyson’s Sphere.

Discovery plot summary for October

Ronin Class ShipReturning from shore leave and the wedding of Captain Waltas and Commander Redstone, the crew was informed of bad news just after leaving the Briar Patch. Upon return, they were alerted to a familiar ghost from their past-a rogue bomber that had planted explosive devices throughout the ship. While the USS Achilles arrived to evacuate the Discovery, the senior staff set out to track down the bomber and save the ship. Unfortunately, one of the devices detonated, cripping Discovery and nearly killing Lieutenant Rogg. The bomber was finally contained, but the report could not be denied-the Ronin-class had some definite design flaws and vulnerable areas. Admiral T’Reyn ordered Discovery-B’s decommissioning and Captain Waltas and his crew returned to DS-285 facing an uncertain future. Arriving back at the station, the crew was to be taken to the new ship bearing her name, but had no illusions considering the loss of the Discovery-B and the prejudice of the Admiral that had ordered it. As it had so many times in the past, fate intervened, and another familiar face made themselves known. Admiral Samuelson pulled some strings, and the Achilles rose over DS-285’s bulk to reveal the shipyard beyond-and a new Sovereign-class ship bearing the name USS DISCOVERY within. The crew eagerly took possession of the new “Lady” and are currently on a shakedown cruise. The crew is also holding a Halloween party to blow off some steam and prepare for the next mission.

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Discovery-B Plot Summary for September

Ronin Class ShipLife was good on Ba’ku. Captain Tyr Waltas and his first officer (pro tempore) Eden Redstone were finally wed in a romantic ceremony and subsequently serenaded, wined and dined by their celebrating crew.   The crew enjoyed a luxurious end of shore leave and the captain and his new first officer, for the moment serving in the place of Commander Rode Mitchell who was on a temporary leave of absence, relished their honeymoon. The crew returned to the Discovery to find that Lt. Commander Eskyys had gone on temporary leave as well, leaving the newly-promoted Lieutenant Inarr Rogg to rally the ship’s engineers.

Discovery plot summary for August

Ronin Class ShipThe crew of the USS Discovery-B is enjoying shore leave on Captain Waltas’ home world of Ba’ku. Captain Waltas and Commander Redstone finally cemented their relationship by getting married. The majority of the crew is joining them in celebrating. The rest are investigating historical remains in the mountains.

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